Glenda-Sexy brunette with big smooth soles

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Hi, you, foot lover! My name is Glenda and I am sure that you are going to love my big smooth soles. I don’t think we have met before. I know you’ve come here in order to make me feel special. As I said you don’t know me, but I am sure I know all your secret desires. You expect me to let you kiss my barefoot, aren’t you? I am going to put my feet on your lap, I’ll touch your lips with my big meaty toe and then I am going to let you suck it. It is going to feel great. I also know that you think that my legs dressed in stretches black jeans are very sexy. Don’t you wish for my long toes to slide along your dick? I’m sure you’d love it.

Ronna – Hot tall girl with smooth soles

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Hi, I am Ronna, and I’ve been expecting for a feet lover like you for a while. Now that you’re here I think you are aware that I am going to make you kiss my feet and clean my soles. For the beginning I want you to touch my sandals and kiss them all over. Don’t be shy, I am sure you like it. Don’t you find them sexy and appealing? Now that you’re getting excited I want you to take them off and give me a gentle feet massage. Can you feel my smooth soles, my big meaty toes? Don’t worry, I am going to make you come but first you must lick them so that your cock gets as hard as I love to feel it between my feet.

Cute blonde Danika with smooth soles

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Danika came home from work, she took off her skirt and she sat down in order to rest her tired legs. I immediately noticed that she was wearing some nude sandals, with a lot of strings around her feet. Coming from work, her feet were warm and a bit dirty. I offered myself to take off her shoes and she appeared to be pleased of such an idea. I got closer to her legs and I felt the sweet smell of her feet. Taking her sandals into my hands, she watched me sniffing them. Smiling, Danika put her both soles onto my face and then she asked me to clean them because she would surely feel better with my smooth tongue sliding along her feet.

Beautiful Nerissa with smooth soles

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Long tanned legs, a perfect body and a beautiful face are the key for success for a model, and she knows that she has more than that: her smooth soles are absolutely amazing. She has always known about my passion for feet and know she tries to make happy with every appearance. She has total control over me and she acts like a goddess, I being her loyal happy servant. All I want is to feel her soles over my face, and when she orders me to clean her soles, my tongue is happy to touch every pores on her great smooth skin. Being a goddess, she carefully watches me doing my job, ordering me to pay attention to her perfectly shaped legs. When she commands me to take off my pants I’m in heaven and I let her do whatever she wants with her feet on me, because I know she is in the mood for a great foot job.

Kate-Cute blonde with smooth soles

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Kate has the kind of secretary look that every business man dreams of, a beautiful cute face, dark blonde hair and perfect figure! But also with the added bonus of elegant smooth sexy soles that are made to be worshipped, slender sexy and better than licking ice cream!

Aria-Sexy redhead shows her smooth soles

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Erika – Sexy blonde with smooth soles

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I was quivering slightly and naked as Erika entered the room. She placed a whip on the dark oak table within her reach and said, “Your girlfriend Miss Alexis told me I could punish you if I see fit, but I have a feeling that you will comply with ALL of my wishes.”

With that said, she squeezed my face and looked into my eyes, her face only inches away.

“Yes, Mistress Erika,” I stammered, shivering in the chilly air.

“Now SUCK these high heels and polish them with your slutty tongue!”

I complied immediately, and doubled my efforts to appease this Domina.

The scent of leather, mixed with her bare feet made my head spin. I was dizzy with desire to please, and could not wait to actually get my slutty mouth on her bare feet.

When I finally was allowed to slip off her black shiny leather dominatrix heels, her smooth soles were salty and pungent from being cooped up in those sky scraper heels. I lavished her feet with my mouth, covering every part of her slippery soles with my sloppy tongue and I plunged my tongue repeatedly between her toes, using my tongue to slide submissively in and out like a total slut, alternating between her toes. I placed soft little bites with my teeth on her heels and the balls of her feet. I wanted to show her all of my foot worship skills, and please her as well.

She reacted with astounding pleasure, as I watched her face for approval. I knew I had better please her well, and I could tell that she was fully capable of using the whip on my bare buttocks. I also knew that I would enjoy being punished by Mistress Erika, in accordance with the wishes of my girlfriend, Miss Alexis, whom I was willing to do anything for. I wanted her to give Miss Alexis a positive report.

She must have read my mind when she commented disdainfully, “You are SUCH a SLUT! Look at you! Miss Alexis has trained you quite well. NOW suck my foot!”

With that she plunged her foot as far into my mouth as she could, picked up her whip off the table and flicked it around playfully. She looked quite stern, with her soft blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her foot was buried in my mouth, all the way to the arch. She moved my head around with her foot and laughed. My face burned with shame and I could feel it turn crimson in color. “SUCK IT you FOOT-SLUT!”

I gazed into her dominant eyes submissively, knowing full well she was looking for an opportunity to use her menacing leather whip on my bare buttocks, as I sucked her entire foot like a total wimp.

Even though I knew she may punish me, it was worth it, just to be allowed the opportunity to serve this dominant foot queen. Her feet were so soft and pedicured that I was willing to do anything for her! I already it knew she was going to make it hurt and I quivered even more at the very thought!

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Alexia – Beautiful model shows her smooth soles

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smooth soles

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