Eris-Sexy brunette in black pantyhose

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Eris is wearing a pair of black pantyhose under her black long jeans, and this is why I am looking at her legs, studying her soles. She is very sexy and I love her skin, her tattoos and her meaty lips. She knows that I am crazy about her feet and she makes me kiss them and caress her soles. I love the way her soles are smelling and I sniff them, very impressed and horny. My hands are all over her feet, my fingers are gently touching Erisโ€™s soles and my cock is getting harder and harder. I want her soles to touch my dick, I love to feel the soft, silky texture of the pantyhose on my skin.

Zyana-Hot redhead with big soles

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Zyana is a sexy redhead who acts like a real mistress who wants to be adored. What I love about her is the fact that she wants to be sexy all the time. Even if she is in the house only with me, she wears short dresses or appealing underwear. I adore watching her in her black pantyhose, walking around me. When she orders me to touch her feet, I kneel and my fingers are allover her long slender legs. It feels great: smooth and silky. My senses are awake and my dick is getting harder and harder. Zyana forces me to kiss her warm soles and I am more than grateful to feel the sweet flavor of her skin.

Hot brunette Isis in black pantyhose

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Isis is more than sexy, she is interesting and intriguing. She is unique and original, with her tattoos and her attitude, she can make any man loose his mind over her. She is a dominant goddess who wants to make you crawl to her gorgeous feet. The tight-fitting little black dress is perfectly highlighting her body. Isis is wearing black pantyhose which are very appealing. Her red lips are ordering you to come and kiss her soles. Obviously, all you can do is obey and put your lips on the soft, silky feet. The sensation is incredible, your blood starts to run faster through your veins, your cock is not listening to you but to her from now on. Her wrinkled soles are touching your cock and the soft touch of the pantyhose is purely thrilling.

Gorgeous Martina on black pantyhose

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Martina lies on the large bed, her black pantyhose contrasting wonderfully with the white sheets. She is wearing a short girlish dress that allows me to admire the full length of her wonderful slender legs. I can notice the red polished toenails under the fine pantyhose and I want to see and feel more. I get closer to the bed and Martina shows me her incredible smile, rolling on the bed, pointing her feet at me. I start to touch her legs and the smooth, silky pantyhose are caressing my fingers, my senses, and a great pleasure thrills me from head to toe. Martina pushes her soles closer to my face so that I can kiss her feet and I can lick the perfect toes. Iโ€™m incredibly horny feeling her wrinkled soles under the silky black pantyhose.

Amazing Hera in black nylons and barefoot

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I love when Hera is relaxed. She sits on the bed almost undressed. Her beautiful legs are more gorgeous in black nylons. She wears black pantyhose and a black sexy bra. The white chemise seems to be put on only to increase the beauty of her body, to make her legs mysterious and sexy. Like a feline, she moves slowly on the white sheet, and the contrast between her feet and the bed makes me horny. She lies on the bed letting her soles to be kissed and licked. She rubs her red nailed toes against my face and I can smell the sweet perfume of her feet.


Beautiful Nerissa in black pantyhose and short jeans

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From the very first moment I met Nerissa I noticed her long beautiful legs. She seemed as shy and delicate as a cat.Entering the room she looks at me and she moves slowly to the white bed. Her long legs seem even longer dressed with the black sexy pantyhose. She rolls over showing her beautiful legs coming from the short jeans.
Her red lips whisper to me:
– Come and touch my feet!
She crossed her legs waiting for me to worship her as my leg queen Nerissa.

Erica-Cute girl in black pantyhose

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The beautiful 21 year old Erica caught my attention when I first set eyes on her at the cafe, dangling her patent leather flats with that enigmatic smile of dominance, like a natural Mistress Domme – we had no choice but to invite her back for a photo shoot! As she lay on the sofa displaying her sexy long black pantyhose legs – that same smile of dominance like the Mona Lisa pierced my eyes making my camera shake!

Her long legs with her dainty size 6 feet was breathtaking, the soles of her feet with the perfect curves from the arches to the tip of her toes perfectly proportioned and tapered from the big toes down to the pinkies ๐Ÿ™‚ The fresh smell of leather with a hint of sweet pantyhose dawned on me as I came closer to her magnificent soles, making me want to drop the camera and worship her feet like they deserved ๐Ÿ˜›

Erica’s unique beautiful features displaying her black pantyhose soles will have you hooked, the Mona Lisa of our foot fetish models!

Erica-black pantyhose on sofa

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Hot Delya in black pantyhose

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Gloria in black pantyhose

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Sexy Isis in black pantyhose

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This little female foot slut offered to massage my feet at the gym in the workout room.

“Well…, I acted like I was thinking it over, “Are you sure you REALLY want to?”

I noticed her gulp, “Yes.”

Then teasing once again, “I already told you I’m a bitch.” I just couldn’t resist, “Well maybe if you were to ask me nicely.”

I held my breath, awaiting the response I was sure was going to come. “Please, I…I’d like to massage your feet for you, ok?” was my little pet’s response.

“Hurry up then, I don’t have all day”, I said impatiently. This time she didn’t hesitate, she walked over to me. Unsure of what to do, she stood shyly in front of me, and removed my right shoe. As she began to rub my foot through my sweaty gym sock, I uncrossed my leg moving my foot over and down, until she had no choice but to kneel down in front of me.

I rewarded her, by parting my legs slightly giving her a glance at my pink lace thong. An almost inaudible groan escaped from her throat, which confirmed I was having the proper effect. I could also notice her little headlights poking out through her blouse.

I picked up my magazine and began to read, ignoring her as she continued to work on my foot, while she knelt bent over at my pretty bare foot on the hard gymnasium floor.

Sexy Nina in black pantyhose

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Nina grinned as she laid comfortably on her white leather couch. I entered the room naked, crawling on my hands and knees, with my girlfriend tugging on my collar and leash.
Nina rolled back in the couch and roared with laughter. “So this is your foot slave boyfriend!”
“I am going to have a ball with him.”
“Place him here on the carpet”, she said as she pointed.
My naked member jutted out and throbbed at the sight of her shapely legs encased in black nylons. I was throbbing & dripping on the floor. I was told by Nina that I was to look only at her feet.
My girlfriend said, “Kneel before her with your hands at your side, knees and feet together and toes pointed. If you move your hands, I will let Miss Nina punish you with this.” She displayed a small flogger from her purse, that she had made me buy her at the adult store. It did not hurt real bad, but the just the idea of being whipped by another woman was very humiliating.
Nina proceeded to rub the head of my member with her nylon toes until I would start to spasm, then she would cruelly stop, allowing no relief. She did this numerous times, and both women were roaring with laughter at my member, which was standing straight up and throbbing uncontrollably. I had to watch her sexy black nylon foot tease and deny me over and over. She would bring me to the brink and then stop and put her foot to my face for kisses until I calmed down a bit. Then Miss Nina would twirl her foot around as I watched, kneeling naked and vulnerable before her, and then flex and arch her foot. Often she presented her soles to my face for kisses and adoration, but moved them out of reach, so that I might fall out of my kneeling position and be punished.
Nina inquired about how long it had been since I had any release and my girlfriend said, “Several days…..I make him beg me for permission.” They laughed.
At that point I felt compelled to beg, “May I pp–please be allowed to…..”
“NO you may NOT!,” said my girlfriend, brandishing the small whip.
Nina laughed and twirled her foot, moving it away from my throbbing member, which was oozing.
She waited a bit and then used the lubrication to further stimulate and arouse me by rubbing me with her black nylon toes.
I didn’t know how much longer I could be stimulated, teased and then denied before I would accidentally release without their permission, and they were going to make me do that so they could punish me and laugh at my predicament.

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