Beautiful Krista teasing with her pink pedicure

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Krista has been walking around on a hot, humid day with her beautiful high heels. Now she has laid back on her leather couch and slipped them off her bare feet for you to give her a mouth massage. You are expected to slowly lick every area of her soles slowly, sucking the sweat from her soft heels. Then she expects a nice tongue massage between her hot, moist toes. She will watch, amused at your dedication and periodically squeeze your tongue between her powerful toes. Afterwards, she will poke her toes into your waiting mouth, tossing her beautiful dark hair backwards with insolence, knowing your are now her little pet.

I crave the scent of her warm, pungent feet and she loves rubbing her feet all over my face. She poses her feet just out of reach of my face and then spreads those long pedicured blue toes of hers apart, arching her soles.

The beautiful sight of her high arches, nice wide soles and long toes makes me beg her to lick and smell her feet even more.

After awhile she uses one foot on top of my head to hold me in place as she thrust all five toes into my mouth.

“Suck them slowly and wash between my toes,” she said flippantly. She knows I will do anything for her, and she likes to have her feet adored in this way.

Due to the close proximity to Krista’s sexy feet and the and the humiliation of it all, I had a woody poking out of my crotch and my face was red. She made me give her my wallet and she took all of my money out and told me that was what it costs for a date with her feet. Then she laughed at my humiliation. I was so hard I could barely walk.

She also later told all her girlfriends about me sucking her toes and now they all tease me and use me as a foot slave and make me pay to adore their beautiful bare feet.

Sexy Alanna with her red polished toenails

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Alanna loves to tease foot lovers by dangling her black and tan heels, which expose plenty of toe cleavage and highlight the curves of her highly arched foot. After awhile, she slips off her heels, allowing you a view of her curved toes and the plump balls of her feet, as well as the supple white fleshy area of the soles of her arches, which are complimented by her soft, pink heels. She may even allow you to kiss her cute butt cheeks, after you have sucked her toes sufficiently and licked her feet clean!

Alanna – Beautiful brunette barefoot in tight jeans

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Alanna sat back down on the edge of the leather chair and kicked off her sandals. She extended her leg in the air and slowly inspected the soles of her highly arched feet which had some rough spots on the balls of her feet and a callous on her big toe. There were some dirt stains on her heels and the balls of her pretty feet from walking around outside, especially on the rough, dry areas of her soles.
Lying back on the couch, Alanna hung one foot off the side, hanging about six inches off the ground, and looked contemptuously at me.
“Kiss my foot,” she said out of the blue.
I looked at her and she had this girlish grin on her face. She giggled, started swinging her foot, and extending her toe in a point.
“Last chance, kiss my foot,” she said.
I got out of the other chair, and Alanna raised her leg, putting her pretty foot in front of my face. I reached out to grab it and she took it away, again letting it hang inches from the floor. I stood there foolishly, with my shorts quickly becoming a tent, as I grew to full length. I turned red with embarrassment as Alanna laughed at my humiliation.
“Beg,” she said, “Beg to kiss my foot.”

I had to do it. I needed to kiss her glorious foot. My whole body was consumed with that single desire.
“Alanna, may I please…” I began, but she extended her leg and put her foot on the tip of my rock member, pushing down. I moaned in pleasure as she said sternly:
“On your knees.”
I sank to my knees before her. How shameful I must have appeared. I looked into her eyes and she could see the pleading look written on my face. She knew I would do anything to kiss her stinky, dirty feet.
“Clean them, using your tongue,” she proclaimed in a scornful manner.
I meekly used my tongue, timidly washing the dirtiest portions of her foot and looked upward at her. She was smiling downward in a domineering way, pleased at how she had completely enslaved me so quickly.
I felt so humbled to be made into a dirty, disgusting foot washer. Then she forced her toes into my willing mouth, scraping the soles on my bottom teeth in a vulgar, intrusive manner. After that she rubbed her smelly soles all over my face, mixing her warm, salty foot smell, the leather scent from her sandals and my saliva all over my nose, mouth and cheeks, while looking at me with complete contempt, seeming to dare me to complain even a bit.
“You are now my nasty, repulsive foot slave,” she said in a snotty manner, slapping me cruelly with the bottom of her other foot on the cheek of my red face. The sound echoed in the room, increasing my humiliation.
Then she inspected the bottom of her soles and said, “You have done a terrible job of cleaning my feet, look how dirty they still are! I just may have to send you back to my mother for a punishment.”
“P…Please, Alanna,” I stammered, “I am in love with you and your feet, I love the taste and the smell and I want to please you any way I can. Please let me have some more time to clean them to your specifications. Miss Valarie will have me punished if you don’t find me acceptable. Please!!! She told me if I did not please you I would be paddled hard by her girlfriend who is a really mean dominatrix from the Ukraine and that she would invite her girlfriends to watch. Please let me be your foot slut, please! I will do whatever you please.” I was quivering, out of breath and my heart was pounding. Her mother, Valarie had made me into a completely submissive foot slave in just a short period.
Obviously pleased at my submissive compliance, she grabbed me by the ear, and pulled my face close to her face and softly smacked me with her palm on my cheek and said in a satisfied and sensuous way, “Get to work, I don’t have all day!”

Lea- Sexy Brunette with big arched soles

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Lea had me tongue shine her sexy black heels while she sat like a queen on the bar stool. She would swing her heels to make it more difficult and giggle at my attempts to follow her orders. My girlfriend had lent me out to her for the evening, with the understanding that I was to serve as Lea’s foot slave.
It seemed as if all of her girlfriends wanted to use me, and that they were becoming more and more demanding and dominant. I never realized that having a subive foot fetish would allow me access to beautiful women and their shapely feet.
“Make sure all the little silver studs are nice and shiny,” Lea said disdainfully, as she tugged my leash and placed her heel on my chest. I peeked at her face and she had a confident, conceited look about her.
After a little while, I attempted to lick her bare feet from between the black straps which encased her sexy bare foot, and she pulled my head back with a handful of my hair and said, “Clean the bottoms of each of my shoes and do NOT let your tongue touch my feet until I say SO.”
“If I have to slap you for being so insolent, your girlfriend will get a text message from me.” The last time that had happened my girlfriend gave perion to use a hairbrush on my bare buttocks until they were nice and pink. Even my own girlfriend had never made me clean the dirt off the bottoms of her shoes with just my tongue, so this was a new low for me.

My tongue and mouth got dirty and dry and Lea had me sip from a doggy bowl placed on the floor to clean them before I was allowed to remove her shoes. Apparently Lea knew exactly how to humiliate!
When I was finally allowed to, I sucked her shiny orange toe nails with enthusiasm and probed between her toes with my tongue. She repeatedly trapped my tongue between her toes for her amusement and squeezed it and laughed at my humiliation.
“Now SUCK the big toe!” I soaked the callous on her big toe with my mouth and sucked as well as I could to please this demanding foot queen.
“After you finish sucking ALL of my toes, I want my soles and heels licked and polished with your tongue!” I could not wait, as I had been gazing at the pink and white soles of Lea’s highly arched feet and I was longing to finally be allowed to do just that.
“AND,” she added with a glimmer in her beautiful eyes, “You will get NO relief…I’m taking you back in your state of arousal so your girlfriend can see how bad I have provoked you and we can be further entertained at your attraction to our feet!” And then Lea laughed wickedly as she pushed her toes into my mouth and picked up her hairbrush.

Beautiful Selena teasing with her amazing feet

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My girlfriend, Selena enjoys walking barefoot in high heels and then having me service her hot bare feet with a mouth massage.

Often she will have me lay under the glass table at her place and gaze at her amazingly soft soles before I am allowed to begin, just to tease and tantalize me. Her bare feet leave footprints on the glass top and she has me tongue clean the glass while she watches and giggles at my excited state of arousal.

“How bad do you want my feet?” she will ask in a superior way.

I have to beg over and over, just for the opportunity to make love to her beautiful feet.

“I may just have to ban you from my feet for a week or even more.”

“Please, Selena, please don’t do that,” I beg with no shame. “I really enjoy making out with your feet, they are so soft and pretty, and I love the smell and taste of them.”

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Amazing Selena comes back to tease you again

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“Don’t worry, this will be our little secret,” she said with a wink.

I had admitted to Selena that I had a thing for her feet. The whole time I was talking with Selena, I couldn’t take my eyes off her highly arched feet. I was just mesmerized by every curve of her perfect feet, and the thought of what she had just done to me in the hotel room only fueled my longing for them. I watched as her flip-flop gracefully slid off her foot and fell to the ground. I was brought out of my trance when I heard her say.

“Could you get that for me?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She flipped her head to move her pretty hair and said “Oh, and I won’t tell anyone what just happened here as long as you do what I say from now on.”

I blushed a deep red and replied obediently, “Yes ma’am, Selena.”

She gazed at me with her pretty eyes, laughed and said “Now you are my foot slave!”

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Tall Carola shows her long legs and feet on the bed

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It was Carola’s turn to have her way with me. I was a male stripper at a bachelorette party and the girls had quickly figured out I had a foot fetish because I got aroused at the sight of their bare feet.

They now had me restrained at the end of the bed upstairs so they could each take turns making me suck their toes and lick their soles. Carola was a tall beauty with nice long feet and an erotic but demanding demeanor.

“Suck them SLAVE, and then when I say you are done you are going to have to kiss my butt for as long as I say and where I say, is that understood?”

I nodded and said “Yes ma’am,” thinking to myself that this was not punishment, it was pleasure.

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Sexy Emily teasing with her sexy smooth soles

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Emily was the next female to have her way with me at the bachelorette party. The theme they had chosen for the party was to have a naked male slave-boy.

She sat on the ottoman, clutching my leash and made me remove her sandals with only my mouth and lick her sweet, smooth soles until she gave the next command.

“I want my heels licked clean, as there appears to be a bit of a dirt stain,” she said condescendingly as she pulled on the leash attached to the collar fastened around my neck, drawing me closer. I obediently crawled a bit closer on my hand and knees, completely naked.

I slavishly licked and sucked the dirt off her heel, until she crossed her leg on the ottoman and presented her other foot to my waiting face.

“Next,” she commanded, tugging slightly on the leash to draw my face to her foot.

“Begin,” she said haughtily, smirking at my obvious aroused state.

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Tall brunette showing her big wide soles

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“I think I deserve to have my bare feet kissed while you beg me to get a peek at my panties,” said Lily as she crossed her legs and presented her sexy bare foot to my face. Her short, short dress failed to reveal even a glimpse of her panties as she made that move.

“There is some dirt on my feet.” As she said this she lifted them up to look at the bottom of her soft soles and then stuck them out as if to show me. They were dirty on the bottom. There was an accumulation of dirt on the balls of her foot and a little bit on the heels. “I think that you should show me how much you adore me. I want you to use your tongue to lick my feet clean,” she said as she confidently flipped her pretty hair back with her hand.

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Beautiful Alanna in sexy open toe sandals

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Your girlfriend, Alanna has been waiting for you. She knows that you love the taste of her feet after she has been walking in her leather sandals. She is willing to take advantage of your foot fetish to make you kneel down and adore her feet, while she gets the pleasure of a nice mouth massage on her soft, bare soles.

You cannot wait, as she indulges your foot fetish by flexing her arches before your eyes, and then teasingly drawing her foot back, just out of reach. She playfully foot slaps your face and then plops her entire foot as far into your willing mouth as far as she can, while laughing at your throbbing reaction to her teasing way.

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Carola drives you crazy with her big hot feet

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Carola had been walking around her place in socks that are so tight that they clung to all of the curves of her highly arched feet, which were hot and moist from having just slipped off her sneakers.
I had been pleading with her to slip off her socks so that I could kiss her bare feet, but she told me to finish the chores she gave me to do, like cleaning the floors and vacuuming.
“My socks are dirty, so that means you have to do a better job on the floors, after all, you wouldn’t want my bare feet to get dirty WOULD you? You KNOW I would have you clean my feet with only your tongue, maybe EVEN while my girlfriend comes over to watch so she can have a good laugh!,” she said as she picked up her socked foot and examined the dirt stains on the soles.
I almost felt dizzy as she arched her foot, and then coyly pointed her size 8.5 feet at the mop bucket. “Get to work, NOW!”
I had been gazing intently at her cute feet, still encased in socks.
“Business before pleasure,” she teased in that seductive way that she knows makes me so highly aroused that I can barely even concentrate.
“After you are done working, I may even let you sniff my bare toes and suck them, for a little while, so you better do a good job for your rewards,” she said laughing, “I know you can’t WAIT to taste my feet, can you?”

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Hot brunette with big sexy soles

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I was mesmerized as she coyly seduced me with her high arches and long, sexy toes. Flexing her feet and then curling them up on the leather seat, so I could admire her buttocks, she seductively slid back to relax as I knelt at attention before Princess Carla, awaiting her command.

Slowly she raised her feet above my head, teasingly just out of reach, so that I had to strain to adore them. Then she flipped her long black hair back with her hands and gave me that superior look.

“Suck my toes and lick slowly from my heels to my toes. And I want you to gently bite my heels, like I have trained you to do,” said Princess Carla in her haughty, domineering way, as she displayed her one foot before my face. I gazed at her long, curved arches and almost drooled at the thought of actually being allowed to be near her royal feet. Not many servants in the palace got to even go into her chambers and here I was, her personal servant, a position many would love to have.

I reached over, picked her sexy size 9 foot up in my trembling hands, as I was so excited by her superior ways. I obediently moved my tongue along the bottoms of her soft, feminine soles, tracing the creases and wrinkles, slowing licking the warm scents and taste. I used my mouth to soften the callouses and dry areas of her soles, as she relaxed and seductively gazed at my efforts.

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