Tonia-Hot blonde with arched soles

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Hi! I am Tonia and I am very proud of my arched soles! As you can easily notice, I am very independent and with initiative, not expecting for the man to make the first step, on the contrary, I love to be the one who is leading in a relationship. That’s why I am going to be the one who is asking for a special treat like a foot massage, followed by a footjob. You must be sure that if you want to satisfy my needs I must ask you to do everything for me, even to kiss my feet or to suck my meaty toes. You should not be shy because I do not like it about a man.

Hot girl Lea with amazing arches

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Barefoot on the large white bed clothes, Lea is expecting me to come near her. She already knows all my preferences and that’s why she wears a short simple dress that emphasizes the beauty of her perfect body and the splendor of her slender tanned legs. First, I love to watch her teasing me, stretching her legs, touching herself, balancing her feet under my eyes full of desire. I come closer, sniffing her feet, touching Lea’s arched soles with my face, nose and lips. I don’t want to miss anything of this great sensual experience. The scent of her soles makes me so horny that I begin to suck her long toes, tasting every one of her beautiful red polished nails. I am still touching her perfect feet while she makes me come off between her amazing arched soles.

Hot girl Natasha with french pedicure

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Natasha is wearing a short white dress with sexy black accessories, perfectly matched with the black fashionable boots. I love to watch her slender long legs while she is walking around. Taking off her boots, her warm bare feet are expecting a special treat. I’m already down on the floor sniffing the amazing odor of her arched soles, while she lifts her legs on the chair, telling me to clean her feet. As I am very obedient, I start licking her smooth soles and Natasha watches me carefully, in order to give me new orders if I am not doing something right, as she pleases. In fact, I love it when she gets upset and punishes me by pressing her large feet on my face, sticking her toes into my mouth. The look and the taste of her perfect French pedicure toes make me so horny!

Lea teasing with her arched feet

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Lea sits near the window, relaxing her arched feet. Her jeans are perfectly stretched around her long legs. She smiles at me as I watch her moving slowly her astonishing toes with red polished nails. I’m very horny because she teases me arching her soles. I wander what would she say if I kiss her feet… I approach and I put my tongue on her toe, and because she groans, I dare to suck the big meaty toe. I’m so horny because I feel the sweet taste of the skin. As Lea moves slowly her legs under my kisses, the wrinkled feet are so exciting and I beg her to catch my manhood with her both feet because I’m so prepared to come.

Cute Tess showing her arched feet

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The slender tall and cute Tess looks so appealing in her jeans and barefeet smiling at you innocently, but looking down at her feet we see arched sculptures of magnificence! Tapered long toes with perfect toenails and not to mention soles together with the high arches making them a work of art!

Sexy Lea arching her feet

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The sexy Lea smiling that cheeky school girl grin, she knows exactly what’s going through your mind! Resting her sexy red polished toes on the sofa – she teases us with all angles of her delightful sexy soles. Perfect long toes readily spreading for you, like arms wide open calling your lustful desires and telling you to embrace them! Her soft smooth sexy soles are a sight to behold, with many different poses of soles and tops, you do not want to skip this set!

Emmy-Sexy blonde with arched soles

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Pearl-Sexy blonde with amazing arched soles

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Hot Sidney showing her arched soles

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Sidney had just brought me back from shoe shopping. “Lick my feet, they are really sore. And be sure and clean between my toes.” She laid back and relaxed on the couch as I went to work, greedily lapping at her exquisite soles, lapping from heel to toe.

“Now bite my heels gently with your teeth. When I am done with you, I am taking you back to the market. I want you to show your complete adoration for me and my feet. You are going to buy me a diamond toe ring.”

“Yes ma’am, Sidney”, I said, barely able to control my excitement. This was a dream come true, I had finally found a true foot goddess, who was willing to take advantage of my submissive foot fetish.

“And,” she said in a baby doll voice, “You will kneel before me, kiss my foot in the jewelry store, and place it on my toe, so all the women in the store will KNOW that you belong to me.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said, thinking this is a dream come true.
“I may even model the diamond toe ring on the website soon, so that ALL the footboys can jerk off to it,” she said in her haughty, domineering way.

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