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7 February 2016 - 6:19Brunette Celine with wrinkled soles

Brunette Celine with wrinkled soles is obviously my first choice when talking about the beauty of a woman’s feet. Yes, I also have in mind the fact that she looks a lot like Cleopatra and the fact that she behaves like an Egyptian queen. Her long black hair and her big black eyes are some extra advantages, of course, but her long slender legs, dressed in shinning electric blue leggings are my favorite part of her great body. As she stretches her right leg, I can have a perfect view of her soles: a work of art. A combination of tanned and white skin emphasizing the wrinkles on her soles are making me very anxious to touch her. Her meaty toes with white polished nails are sensual and delicate, expecting my passionate kisses.

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18 December 2015 - 11:39Beautiful brunette Elora with sexy long toes

Elora looks like a brunette Barbie: tall, perfect shapes, beautiful face, smooth skin, long hair. Her face is very expressive and cute, her black long hair is very appealing and sexy, making her very feminine. Today she is wearing her favorite blue jeans and a delicate white blouse. I love to see her feet wearing a pair of beige simple sandals that are emphasizing the beauty of her long toes. Her pedicure is perfect, her blue toenails are making me so horny and full of desire. I am longing to suck every one of her toes and I’m willing to kiss her long, wrinkled soles. Sitting on the brown sofa, Elora is aware of my excitation and that’s why she is teasing me with her perfectly shaped feet.

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23 November 2015 - 14:18Hot girl Amy smoking barefoot

After having sex, Amy uses to smoke a cigarette, relaxed and content, smiling at me. Sitting at the table, with her cigarette between her hot red lips, almost naked, wearing a sexy chemise, and a black bra, Amy continues to show me her bare feet. I am grateful enjoying the view! But, although we have just came out of the bedroom, I feel I am getting horny again, seeing Amy’s long legs, her beautiful soft skin and her wrinkled soles in front of me. She puts her feet on the table, playing with her long toes, teasing me, while the smoke comes out between her lips. She spreads her toes and she invites me to taste them. My mouth is hungry to suck them, my tongue is eager to feel the sweet flavor of her skin. She wants me to kneel in front of her and I obey because I know that happy moments are going to come again, for both of us.

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8 September 2015 - 13:15Beautiful brunette Martina with wrinkled soles

“I want you to worship me! Kneel and kiss my gorgeous feet!” She said looking at me, high and mighty like a real goddess.
Hot like fire is Martina dressed in her red sexy dress, and with her astonishing red sandals. Brunette, with perfect curves and sexy hot red lips, she can say anything to me and I’m at her feet. But what feet! I can’t stop looking at those red stiletto sandals with sexy straps around the fine ankles. As she ordered me to stay at her feet, continuously kissing her feet and toes, I have to keep my nose on her feet, and I smell the odor of her refined shoes, combined with the flavour of the sexy wrinkled soles.
“You pay attention to my toes! I want them perfectly clean!” I am even more aroused hearing another command because my impulsion is to keep my mouth full of her great sweet sweaty soles.

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6 August 2015 - 7:35Hot Aliya showing her meaty big soles

I love big soles! It excites me to watch how Aliya rubs her large meaty soles on each other. Sitting in front of me, she offers a really sexy show.
Up on the chair, her feet are like a present into my hands: my fingers are pressing gently on the soles, rubbing the warm meaty toes. Aliya loves my massage and she also likes to make me beg for more. She is teasing me putting her feet on the floor, wanting me to act like a puppy, down, in front of her. I crawl and I sniff her wrinkled soles, then Aliya lets me kiss her feet. I lie back, her left foot toes are into my mouth while her right foot is touching my face.
My dick is ready to burst and can I see a content smile on her read meaty lips. She orders me to take off my pants as I beg her to be good to me. Her large soles are arching around my cock rubbing, making me cum.

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27 July 2015 - 16:45Hot Dorothy with big meaty soles

Dorothy is sitting on the black coach, so relaxed and cozy. Dressed casual in long flared jeans and a silk flowered skirt, her barefoot are sitting up on the comfortable sofa showing the wrinkled soles.
She is smiling while I am watching her rubbing her feet on each other. Her big meaty toes are so sexy and I’m already down on my knees sniffing the sweet odor of her feet. Dorothy spreads her toes so that I can stick my tongue between them. Rolling over, Dorothy offers me a special view: her sexy ass and her gorgeous sexy soles.
Sucking her big meaty toe is the greatest pleasure and soon I come to the climax as I stand up with my cock between her wrinkled soft soles.

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10 December 2014 - 14:36Sexy Amy’s wrinkled soles

Amy is such a playful cute young girl. Even if she is perfectly aware of her sexual power over every man, she loves to lough and giggle. She wears sexy yellow pants and beige high platform sandals. I find these shoes very sexy because I love to sniff them on Amy’s feet and then I love to lick it together with her perfect red polished toenails. When she takes off her sandals dangling them up and down, I’m excited so that she pushes her feet into my mouth in order to feel the whole sweet taste of her wrinkled soles. I stick my tongue between her perfect slender long toes and I clean them gently. Her toes are wet and ready for a fantastic toejob.

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