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19 September 2015 - 0:14Natasha-sexy feet on bed

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A large white sheeted black bed is a perfect setting for a languorous vixen like Natasha. She loves to pose with sexy attitudes, exposing her long slender perfect legs. She is perfectly aware of her sex appeal and she teases me rubbing along her wide soles. Seeing her barefooted on the bed makes me instantly horny and I can’t concentrate on anything else but Natasha. She is smiling at me watching every reaction that I have. Getting me at her feet is her purpose and my pleasure but it is not very difficult for her to make me kneel and kiss her feet, because I am already sniffing her wide soles. Her big meaty toes are like special delicacies for my mouth, and I can’t get enough sucking and licking on them. I won’t stop until my dick gets so hard that Natasha wraps her soles round it, offering me a perfect feet job.

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11 September 2015 - 12:50Cami-Sexy girl with wide soles

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Sitting on the large bed, balancing her long tanned perfect legs, Cami is aware that she is a temptation to me. Her short jeans are incredible sexy as her legs and bare feet are beautifully highlighted. She acts so innocent and sexy in the same time, playing with her feet, rubbing her toes along the legs and feet, as casually. So, she is not surprised to see me stare at her wide soles, while rubbing my trousered cock. Carried away by these hot sensations, I find my tongue sliding along Cami’s bare feet. She moans of pleasure and presses her long toes on my lips. Sucking these meaty long toes creates me an unbelievable feeling and my hard cock is about to come off.

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31 August 2015 - 8:52Cute Amy wiggling her toes

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Black shoes with platform and sexy high heels is what I saw first when Amy entered the room. Walking around, all that I could pay attention to were her slender legs in starched modern blue jeans and her sexy feet. Yes, I must admit that her body is perfect but her feet made me her slave. Taking off the black shoes she makes me kiss her wrinkled soles tasting the warmth of the skin and the sweet aroma of sweat. Yes, I want to clean her toes, she doesn’t have to ask me twice. Her toes are long and meaty and Amy is wiggling them teasing me even more. The big meaty toe is perfect for sucking and she pushes it into my moth watching my erection grow bigger. She is pleased to see my hard cock and she gives me a feet job between her wide soles.

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24 August 2015 - 23:40Joy teasing with her wide soles

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Joy is a young girl with perfect curves: big breast, rounded back, meaty pulps and wide soles. She is so cute and sexy in the same time, girlish but appealing. Smiling at me she moves softly like a big tender cat who needs to be embraced and caressed. Her short stretched gray dress allows me to watch her beautiful legs and her bare feet. She is playing with her toes and her nude toenails are so sexy that I can’t wait to take them into my mouth to feel the sweet flavour of her warm skin. She is tendentiously rubbing her wide soles in front of me expecting me to lick them, knowing that I can’t resist her, adoring her as I always do.

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2 February 2015 - 13:34Young cutie with wide soles

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I met her last year on the park, when she was walking her little dog. So young, she was running, playing, laughing in her little short jeans, showing her beautiful slender legs and her beautiful big arched soles in her slippers. Since then I have considered her the sweetest girl I have ever met. First I was shy to tell her about my secret pleasure but she noticed that in our intimate moments I loved to play with her beautiful feet. One night she even caught me sucking her long toes. I was scared and blushed but she encouraged me to lick her large soles. She discovered new sensations and sexual thrills
Now she loves to play with me laughing and showing her barefoot. Sometimes I am the one who is pleasantly surprised when she rubs her meaty soles on my face. She orders me to suck her orange polished toenails and she even has orgasms giving me footjobs.

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8 March 2014 - 13:08Erica-Sexy girl with wide soles

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31 January 2014 - 1:55Erica-Cute girl with wide soles

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