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24 August 2015 - 23:40Joy teasing with her wide soles

Joy is a young girl with perfect curves: big breast, rounded back, meaty pulps and wide soles. She is so cute and sexy in the same time, girlish but appealing. Smiling at me she moves softly like a big tender cat who needs to be embraced and caressed. Her short stretched gray dress allows me to watch her beautiful legs and her bare feet. She is playing with her toes and her nude toenails are so sexy that I can’t wait to take them into my mouth to feel the sweet flavour of her warm skin. She is tendentiously rubbing her wide soles in front of me expecting me to lick them, knowing that I can’t resist her, adoring her as I always do.

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2 February 2015 - 13:34Young cutie with wide soles

I met her last year on the park, when she was walking her little dog. So young, she was running, playing, laughing in her little short jeans, showing her beautiful slender legs and her beautiful big arched soles in her slippers. Since then I have considered her the sweetest girl I have ever met. First I was shy to tell her about my secret pleasure but she noticed that in our intimate moments I loved to play with her beautiful feet. One night she even caught me sucking her long toes. I was scared and blushed but she encouraged me to lick her large soles. She discovered new sensations and sexual thrills
Now she loves to play with me laughing and showing her barefoot. Sometimes I am the one who is pleasantly surprised when she rubs her meaty soles on my face. She orders me to suck her orange polished toenails and she even has orgasms giving me footjobs.

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8 March 2014 - 13:08Erica-Sexy girl with wide soles

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31 January 2014 - 1:55Erica-Cute girl with wide soles

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16 January 2012 - 15:35Hot Alexis teasing with her wide soles

Sitting on the couch, my girlfriend Miss Alexis, teasingly dangled her black suede high heel; somewhat exposing the high arches of her feet.

“I want you over here at my feet,” she commanded, as she pointed to the floor. Obediently, I crawled to her. I never knew that my foot fetish could be used to make me so subservient.

“May I please be allowed to suck your feet, Miss Alexis, “I begged as I knelt before her.

“I really, really am addicted to the smell and taste of your sexy feet,” I admitted breathlessly. I could not believe that I had just revealed one of the secrets of my foot fetish to her. I felt as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders, yet I was very embarrassed and felt very submissive. I could feel my heart race and my face blush.

“Yes, you may,”, she said in a superior way, as she extended her one heel outward towards me. I slowly slid off the expensive high heels I had just purchased for her recently, obviously pleased at my desire to taste and smell the warmth of her delicious feet, especially after she had been wearing them for some time.

I could tell that she enjoyed having me pay attention to her, and she definitely had a confident attitude, as I adored her bare feet and toes.

“I am going to send you to a friend of mine at noemisworld.com. Mistress Erika is a dominant bitch, and she is going to further enhance your foot fetish and make you even more of a gentlemen for us women to enjoy.” She tossed her lovely mane of golden blonde hair and looked downward at me.

“I feel as if you need more training, and I will allow her to punish you as she sees fit.”

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6 November 2011 - 12:14Sidney – Hot brunette showing her sexy ass and sexy feet

Sidney had me kneeling before her kissing her ass and begging to kiss her soft, sexy feet when she suddenly spoke.

“Do you want to smell them?” Sidney asked, with a seductive tone, looking down at me on the floor below her.

I nodded. Sidney spread her toes and pushed them down above my nose, to which I responded by pushing my nose into them and taking a deep breath in through my nose.

My eyes rolled back into my head in ecstasy.

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15 August 2011 - 13:36Beautiful girl showing her wide soles

Anne is young and has nice muscular feet with nice wrinkles on her soles. She is somewhat knowledgeable about foot lovers like you, as her last boyfriend had a foot fetish. She will use your foot fetish to get her way with you, and tease you until you are trembling and have a throbbing boner. She will train you to lick and suck her toes the way she likes to have it done. And you know already that you will be a willing servant to her, and her majestic feet.

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