Hera-Hot brunette with knee highs – VIDEO

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Hera, as her name is saying, is a goddess, one of the legs. When I am around her I really feel like Zeus in Olympus. I know that she knows what I want even before I say anything. Her legs are long and thin, delicate, with high knees. She wears short jeans and she leaves her beautiful legs on the carpet in order for me to crawl to her. Hera looks at me as I suck her toes and she enjoys looking into my eyes. My tongue moves softly along her soles and she groans. My pleasure and stimulation is culminating as she rubes her nice smelling feet onto my face and she pushes her big toe into my mouth.

Princess teasing with her amazing soles

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Princess is wearing her “Daisy Duke” shorts and red high heels and her soft pink soles are hot and tired. “Will you give me a foot massage?” she asks in that sultry baby-doll voice that makes you turn to putty. You quickly start to do that and Princess says, “But first I want you to lick my feet clean. Will you do that for me?” You feel your entire face blush and turn pink. She knows, she has seen you staring at her pretty feet the entire time and now she is going to use you for her pleasure.

slender soles

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Dominant blonde make you submit to her big feet

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dominant feet

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Selena – sexy barefoot pics with red toenails

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Selena showing her big smelly feet with red toenails on the table

sexy soles

Beautiful tall girl showing soles

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Donatela has been rated as one of our best models, having some of the best feet people have seen. Watch her showing her feet after taking off those boots!


Blondie wiggling her long toes

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Watch blonde Annika kicking off her leopard shoes and wiggling her long tasty toes in front of your eyes and inviting you to lick her big shaped soles!


Brunette showing her long legs in grey nylons

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Cute Delya shows her beautiful long legs and her very attractive feet covered in grey nylons. Not to say how sexy her red pedicured toes look in this combination!


Brunette shows her cute wrinkled soles

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Enjoy hot brunette Kriss showing her cute wrinkled soles and red painted toenails while relaxing on her bed


Brunette with perfect soles and pink toenails

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Hot Greta will delight you with her perfect smooth soles and pink pedicured toenails after she will kick off her elegant pink shoes!


Selena showing her big arched soles

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One of the hottest models and the last addition to Feet&Jeans, Selena will make you tremble with her cold smile and her big shaped soles!


Hottie with very long french pedicured toenails

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Kaitlyn has perfectly done a french pedicure to her very long toenails because she knows a lot of guys crave for her feet. Watch her taking off her white socks and showing you those beauties!

Long french toenails

Shirley big wide soles

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This curly blonde is a hottie from head to toe! Watch her showing her wide soles and red painted toenails in this 73 pics photoset!