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23 January 2012 - 10:06Lea- Sexy Brunette with big arched soles

Lea had me tongue shine her sexy black heels while she sat like a queen on the bar stool. She would swing her heels to make it more difficult and giggle at my attempts to follow her orders. My girlfriend had lent me out to her for the evening, with the understanding that I was to serve as Lea’s foot slave.
It seemed as if all of her girlfriends wanted to use me, and that they were becoming more and more demanding and dominant. I never realized that having a subive foot fetish would allow me access to beautiful women and their shapely feet.
“Make sure all the little silver studs are nice and shiny,” Lea said disdainfully, as she tugged my leash and placed her heel on my chest. I peeked at her face and she had a confident, conceited look about her.
After a little while, I attempted to lick her bare feet from between the black straps which encased her sexy bare foot, and she pulled my head back with a handful of my hair and said, “Clean the bottoms of each of my shoes and do NOT let your tongue touch my feet until I say SO.”
“If I have to slap you for being so insolent, your girlfriend will get a text message from me.” The last time that had happened my girlfriend gave perion to use a hairbrush on my bare buttocks until they were nice and pink. Even my own girlfriend had never made me clean the dirt off the bottoms of her shoes with just my tongue, so this was a new low for me.

My tongue and mouth got dirty and dry and Lea had me sip from a doggy bowl placed on the floor to clean them before I was allowed to remove her shoes. Apparently Lea knew exactly how to humiliate!
When I was finally allowed to, I sucked her shiny orange toe nails with enthusiasm and probed between her toes with my tongue. She repeatedly trapped my tongue between her toes for her amusement and squeezed it and laughed at my humiliation.
“Now SUCK the big toe!” I soaked the callous on her big toe with my mouth and sucked as well as I could to please this demanding foot queen.
“After you finish sucking ALL of my toes, I want my soles and heels licked and polished with your tongue!” I could not wait, as I had been gazing at the pink and white soles of Lea’s highly arched feet and I was longing to finally be allowed to do just that.
“AND,” she added with a glimmer in her beautiful eyes, “You will get NO relief…I’m taking you back in your state of arousal so your girlfriend can see how bad I have provoked you and we can be further entertained at your attraction to our feet!” And then Lea laughed wickedly as she pushed her toes into my mouth and picked up her hairbrush.

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17 October 2011 - 13:34Beautiful Alanna in sexy open toe sandals

Your girlfriend, Alanna has been waiting for you. She knows that you love the taste of her feet after she has been walking in her leather sandals. She is willing to take advantage of your foot fetish to make you kneel down and adore her feet, while she gets the pleasure of a nice mouth massage on her soft, bare soles.

You cannot wait, as she indulges your foot fetish by flexing her arches before your eyes, and then teasingly drawing her foot back, just out of reach. She playfully foot slaps your face and then plops her entire foot as far into your willing mouth as far as she can, while laughing at your throbbing reaction to her teasing way.

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10 October 2011 - 14:43Hot brunette with big sexy soles

I was mesmerized as she coyly seduced me with her high arches and long, sexy toes. Flexing her feet and then curling them up on the leather seat, so I could admire her buttocks, she seductively slid back to relax as I knelt at attention before Princess Carla, awaiting her command.

Slowly she raised her feet above my head, teasingly just out of reach, so that I had to strain to adore them. Then she flipped her long black hair back with her hands and gave me that superior look.

“Suck my toes and lick slowly from my heels to my toes. And I want you to gently bite my heels, like I have trained you to do,” said Princess Carla in her haughty, domineering way, as she displayed her one foot before my face. I gazed at her long, curved arches and almost drooled at the thought of actually being allowed to be near her royal feet. Not many servants in the palace got to even go into her chambers and here I was, her personal servant, a position many would love to have.

I reached over, picked her sexy size 9 foot up in my trembling hands, as I was so excited by her superior ways. I obediently moved my tongue along the bottoms of her soft, feminine soles, tracing the creases and wrinkles, slowing licking the warm scents and taste. I used my mouth to soften the callouses and dry areas of her soles, as she relaxed and seductively gazed at my efforts.

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18 September 2011 - 16:23Hot brunette with sexy long soles

Sidney ordered me to get down on the floor and kiss the tops of her feet. Being aroused already, I went ahead and did it. After planting kisses all over the tops of her feet, she lifted them up so that I was looking up at her soles. They had been barefoot in her heels, then around the house, and then outdoors, for about an hour now, and they were dirtier than I had ever remembered them being. Before I had time to admire them any further, she stepped her dirty foot right onto my face and told me to lick it clean, just like in the foot fetish video we had watched. I couldn’t say no, stuck my tongue out, and went to work.

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6 September 2011 - 0:46Sexy Sidney rubbing her big shaped feet

Your heart begins to pound from the moment you lay eyes on Sydney. From her haughty demeanor to her long sexy legs and highly arched feet she is a goddess worthy of devotion. You savor the delicious taste of her lightly flavored feet, the soft flesh, the rolling arches and the curves of the balls of her feet and the succulent toes. Her big toe is soft and pink, and the four little ones curve to form a perfect, flawless shape that you find to be ultimately erotic.

The butterfly tattoo on the top of her foot draws attention to her perfectly arched feet, along with her beautiful ankles. She extends her foot outward, expecting your kisses and licks, the creases of her soles fold and the balls of her feet have that line down the middle, which forms two perfect, plump, pink balls.

She issues a command, “Lick them until I tell you to stop….NOW!”

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19 August 2011 - 2:31Sidney showing her slender soles

Sidney’s soles aroused and captivated my eyes as she teased me beyond belief. My nose was fresh with the sweet scent of her feet. I had to kneel before her and beg for the opportunity to tongue bathe her sexy, slender soles. She tossed her hair back insolently and said “No, bad doggy!”

I found myself so aroused at her condescending, dominant attitude. I was so willing to debase myself for the chance to smell and lick her feet. She flexed her highly arched soles and wiggled her toes in my face as I begged her over and over for her permission.

She laughed and pointed at my arousal, and continued to tease me again and again. I was her obedient puppy dog in the end…lapping up her warm foot scent as she enjoyed my warm, wet sloppy tongue salivating all over her sexy feet.

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27 June 2011 - 14:57Beautiful Noelle takes off her open toe sandals

Your new girlfriend Noelle is amused at how much you love to lick her feet. It seems as if every time she comes over your apartment she gets her feet nice and moist with her distinct foot smell. When mixed with the leather soles of her sandals, you get a boner in your pants, but she makes you pleasure her toes and soles with your mouth as she giggles in delight at your obvious submissiveness to her.
“You’ll just have to wait until after dinner for any relief,” she laughs. “and if my feet get dirty, you’ll just have to clean them again won’t you?” You nod yes in agreement as she shoves her five toes in your mouth and moves your head up in down with her foot.

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