Aurora-Sexy tall girl with big feet

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My neighbour is a tall very sexy redhead. What I love about her is the fact that she wears jeans and sexy shoes. I have complimented her a few times and she seemed to be flattered. Yesterday she rang on my door bell, anxious to show me her new red high heels shoes.
– Oh, my God, Aurora, you’re so sexy with these red shoes on! I said.
– I was sure you’re going to love these winkle pikers! The golden spikes and the platform are extremely sexy. Just watch! And she took off her shoes in order for me to see well.
I couldn’t help myself and I took one of the shoes and I started to sniff it.
– It’s ok! She said! And she lifted her feet on the sofa so that I could see closer her big feet and her blue polished toenails. She pressed her big meaty toe under my nose and then she pushed it into my mouth:
– Suck it! I know you love it, she ordered.
I was under her spell, sucking her sweet toes and licking her large soles. She made me cum and then she said:
– You must worship my feet and obey my commands if you want something like this to happen again!
I promised her that I would be her own slave.

Hot redhead Elva with black toenails

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As Elva sits on her chair she discovers her beautiful legs revealed by the blue long dress. Her silky leg skin wants to be touched. I watch her moving her sexy feet on the chair and I’m so into touching them. She moves slowly on the table as I asked her to show me her sexy toes. Her amazing meaty soles make me crazy. They are more beautiful than her big blue eyes.

Elva’s enchanting polished black toe nails are so beautifully contrasting up on the white table. Wicked as a fox, she feels that I long for her feet and she teases me moving softly her legs from chair to table.


Sexy redhead Arielle in grey pantyhose

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Arielle is a nice girl with red hair and a gorgeous body. Most of all I am attracted to her long legs. I admire her legs from short to shoes.
As she enters the room she sits on a comfortable armchair showing her legs dressed in grey delicate pantyhose. She raises her sexy shoes knowing that I like high heels.

I ask her to take off her high heel shoes so that I can feel her silky toes. It’s an amazingly sweet sensation to put my face along her feet. Her polished black toenails are so sexy and I can see them under the
smooth pantyhose.

Sexy redhead Bethany with long toes

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Bethany might not be a natural red head but her hair is beside the point! This sexy 21 year old beauty is always excited to show off her sexy feet, from the look in her eyes you can tell she’s delighted that your salivating for them! Her size 37 feet might be of an average size but they are out sized by her marvellous sexy long toes with painted red nails to match her hair 🙂 For fans of long toes – she will certainly have them wrapped around your soul and you’ll be gasping for more!

Paula-Sexy redhead with big soles

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Paula is the sexy red haired student you always wanted to study with – perfect in every way! Yet we were so surprised when she removed her size 38 shoes to see the sexiest BIG soles with perfect shaped sexy long toes that you wouldn’t find even on a super model! The sexy Paula is a must for fans of large feet, even though they aren’t large – that is what’s so magical about her!