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29 June 2015 - 8:02Sexy Natasha flexing her soles

Natasha is a real vixen, so sexy it hurts! You simply can’t look at her without feeling your crotch arousing. At work, she is a careful nurse, but when she comes home she takes care just of you, she is your personal nurse: short white dress, long silky legs, perfectly shaped feet, impeccable french pedicure. I think it is enough to make you feel alive and itching for more.
Her gams are her most important medicines to make you feel excited. She behaves very bossy ordering you to lie down on the floor. First she examines you with her sexy look and then she rubs her feet along your body, touching every inch of you. She insists on your face, pressing your nose and your mouth, insisting with the toes between the lips. She makes you sniff her beautiful soles and suck her gorgeous toes.
When she notices that your face is red, and your pulse is very high, she moves her flexible feet around your dick and she rubs until you cum out. Her job is well done.

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24 June 2015 - 0:38Sexy Brunette Izabela with soft soles

Izabela is an elegant lady who seems to be indifferent to any man who tries to make a pass at her. She is very selective and strict when it comes to men. But a man who knows how to treat her barefoot is on the top of the list. She loves to rub her feet, to touch gently her toes and that’s why the touch of a man’s tongue on her wrinkled bare soles is a great pleasure. Izabela loves the man who knows how to suck her big meaty toe and to clean every single blood red polished toenail. She wears stretched black pants so that her long slender legs are even sexier. It is an incredible pleasant dream how she puts her flexible feet around a men’s cock giving him a wild footjob.

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21 June 2015 - 7:05Beautiful brunette Olympia with big soles

Brunettes with long straight hair are my favorite girls. Olympia is a delicate beautiful brunette who has something noble about her looks: she seems to be a princess from an old noble house, a countess or something like this, whose sexual habits are special and sophisticated. She loves her feet to be touched, licked, sucked…to be worshiped. Though so fine and elegant, she wears tight jeans on her perfect long legs but her feet are exposed and she rubs them slowly and sensual. She can make herself come just by caressing her feet on each other. But when the eligible man is around her, she can make his day because she loves to stick her toes into his mouth and then she would make him come hard.

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17 June 2015 - 1:01Hot blonde Madeline with beautiful feet

Madeline is blond and beautiful, delicate and sexy in the same time. She finds my secret pleasure as naughty and provocative. That’s why she loves to wear tights in order to highlight her sexy long legs. But, most of all, Madeline’ feet are so beautiful! I love her polished long toenails! Clean, perfect french like pedicure! I love to lick her long nails, to stick my tongue between her toes to feel the pleasant taste of her wonderful skin. When I suck her long toes I’m so whet! She never refuses me a footjob because she knows it is such a great pleasure for me!

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14 June 2015 - 13:48Sexy Diane teasing with her blue polished toenails

Diane polishes her toenails twice a week. She changes color just to make me happy and interested in her beautiful toes. Now, her toenails are polished in an electric blue and I’m so attracted to her toes. She wears sexy black tights and I see as very sexy her blue sandals. She is so powerful and sensual sitting on the sofa, watching me getting excited.
I’m so anxious to smell her sandals and when she takes them off I start to sniff them, feeling the warm scent of Diane’s hot toes. I can’t help myself and I lick the sole… it gives me vibes. Diane puts her feet on the table spreading her long meaty toes. I kneel and I stick my tongue between her toes. It’ a pleasure that I can’t describe. I start licking her big wrinkled sexy soles and then I suck her toes…just delightful!

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11 June 2015 - 15:00Hot Noelle rubbing her big feet

I met Noelle last week in the park. I noticed her immediately: tall, beautiful, long blond hair, long legs. She was wearing stretched jeans but my eyes were very pleased when I looked at her great feet. She was wearing black sandals with sexy strips and silver glitter. I found those sandals very sexy.
As we went to my place, she made herself comfortable and she took off her sandals. I took them and I sniffed because I was already aroused. The shoes were still warm and the footprint smelled so sweet. She watched me smiling, raising her large feet on the sofa: an invitation for me to sniff her meaty soles. I bowed and I found myself with her white toe nails on my lips. Just perfect! I thought! But it was not all. She pushed her toes into my mouth and she ordered me to clean them. It was unbelievable great! As I sucked her toes she ordered me to lick her soles because they needed to be cleaned, too. There were kicky moments for my special pleasure.

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8 June 2015 - 6:09Sexy brunette Hera with red toenails

My name is Hera. Yes, the same name as the goddess. I’m sure you will find out that is no exaggeration when I say that I’m a feet goddess and this is not only in my opinion. All the feet lovers I met told me that I have the greatest feet they saw in their life. Of course you are allowed to watch my naked legs; my soft skin is eager for you to taste it. Red toenails are your favorites, isn’t it? I painted my toenails especially for you. Don’t be shy if you want to sniff my feet! I want you to kiss my wrinkled soles! I’ll make you suck my meaty soles. And if you’re horny enough, my long toes will make you come.

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