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17 August 2014 - 13:36Amazing Selena kicking off her shoes

Selena has the looks of a supermodel and to top it up, the soles of a Goddess! Any sole fan simply most have these video’s in their collection without a doubt one of the finest and sexiest soles elegantly and slowly teasing you to sheer bliss!

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4 August 2014 - 0:55Hot brunette Isis with sexy rough soles

Isis not only sounds Egyptian but she looks like an Egyptian princess with those piercing exotic looks, immediately without even looking at her feet – you know its sexy as hell! With her ripped jeans glancing down to her long toes you’ll see her sexy radiant bright white polish hypnotizing you! Coming to her soles, you’ll see them rough and sexy and ready for action – to grind and trample you beneath them and she knows you want it!

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16 July 2014 - 9:14Beautiful brunette Martina with amazing soles

This dark haired brunette will have you mesmerized from both her beautiful face and amazingly beautiful soles! Resting on the couch with her long sexy legs stretched out, you’ll fall in love with Martina – looking so innocent yet amazingly sexy! Her beautiful feet and toes are also pedicured with a black sexy polish that compliments her hair, give yourself a treat and download these immediately!

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barefoot women

14 July 2014 - 7:13Tall girl teasing with her sexy feet

What do tall sexy girls have that most foot fetishist lust for?? The answer is BIG sexy feet with long toes and that’s clearly what we have here, not only do her long legs go on for miles in those tight sexy jeans but they reveal long elegant feet in sexy sandals with equally long dexterous toes that could grab you with ease!

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12 July 2014 - 14:05Cute girl kicking off her high heels

A cute girl kicking off her high spiked platform heels is not only what you’ll find in this collection, but cute feet and soles also and from the look of her expression she certainly wants them worshiped asap! Great angles showcasing her toes, soles and legs with a hint of dirtiness at the soles!

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7 July 2014 - 13:10Sexy Lea barefoot on the bed

What more can you ask for when you get sexy Lea barefoot on the bed?? Beautiful shaped long slender soles, long toes, fantastic tops and perfect red polished nails is what you will get! Another blast of a set featuring Leah with all the sexy angles of her soles and toes will have your testosterone levels blazing high, this photoset captures a foot fetishists wet dream – Lea is one of our top models!

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22 June 2014 - 5:56Hot redhead Amalia with ankle bracelet

What sheer beauty this read headed angel possesses, standing 5’8 tall with size 38 feet she is perfectly proportioned, leading down from her long sexy legs we see the perfect pair of feet wearing those sexy ankle bracelets to compliment them with! Red polished sexy long toe nails with a meaty big toe makes them ever more sexier, with her wrinkled soles to cause that rippling effect to your senses :)

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