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14 November 2015 - 0:40Ellie – Sexy brunette with big soles

I was interested to meet Ellie because she told me on the phone that she’ll come over to my apartment as soon as I was available because she needed a feet massage. She had my phone number from a common acquaintance, very pleased with the services that I offered. Seeing Ellie in her stretched jeans, with those incredible sensual beige high heels, wearing that sexy T-shirt that told me directly “I want you!” I was already nervous. She behaved very natural, knowing exactly what she wanted: she sat on the black sofa, stretching her legs towards me, ordering to take off her shoes. I understood that she is very dominant and that I had to do whatever she asked me to, in order for her to be satisfied. I started to massage her feet, pressing gently with my fingers, and soon I was ordered to clean her dirty soles with my tongue. From that moment I knew exactly that I had to obey, and her pleasure was going to become my satisfaction.

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30 October 2015 - 15:17Flavia showing her amazing soles

Flavia is dressed with my favorite stretched blue jeans, talking about her day at home. Her warm smile and her relaxation are making me feel so cozy and well. I can’t help myself from noticing her barefoot. Although she has no intention of teasing me, she touches her soles with her toes, and I am favored to watch this incredible sensual show. As I come closer and closer to her feet, Flavia notices my erection and she encourages me to suck her big meaty toes. I am so happy to feel the sweet taste of her red polished toenails! My tongue is sliding gently all over her large soles and she is glad to see me so horny and pleased.

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25 October 2015 - 15:10Cute girl Amy with long toes

Coming home from the office, cute Amy is wearing a white shirt and simple long black pants. She alsowears intense black high heels. Her eyeglasses do not look geeky at all, but, on the contrary, they look very sexy. Being a secretary she has to be very posh, wearing classy clothes, at work. Tired, she puts away her eyeglasses and she gets off her shoes, trying to get some rest on the black couch. Seeing her barefoot I ask her if I can give her a foot massage, anxious to touch her worm feet in my hands. She is more than willing because her feet have been on those high heels shoes all day. That’s why she lays down closing her eyes letting her wrinkles soles to my artful fingers. She just smiles and thrills from time to time, when my tongue tastes gently her large feet.

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23 October 2015 - 2:30Tall girl Flavia with amazing soles

Flavia is a tall sexy brunette, with green beautiful eyes. Although she has the look of an athlete because she is a volleyball player, she is very tender and calm. I love her long, slender legs dressed in grey stretched jeans. Although her clothes are very neutral, they emphasize the beauty of her perfect body. The black simple sandals are very feminine and the single sexy accessory she is wearing. I can easily see the perfect red polished toenails in her sandals and I can’t wait to kiss them. First, she offers me her shoes to smell and to taste, paying attention all my moves and reactions. I can still feel the warmth of her soles on the sandals, and sniffing them I am very pleased to feel the odor of her sweat. Enchanted, she also offers me up, on the table, her large feet. Oh, what a pleasure to lick and kiss these dirty soles!

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19 October 2015 - 1:15Gorgeous Martina on black pantyhose

Martina lies on the large bed, her black pantyhose contrasting wonderfully with the white sheets. She is wearing a short girlish dress that allows me to admire the full length of her wonderful slender legs. I can notice the red polished toenails under the fine pantyhose and I want to see and feel more. I get closer to the bed and Martina shows me her incredible smile, rolling on the bed, pointing her feet at me. I start to touch her legs and the smooth, silky pantyhose are caressing my fingers, my senses, and a great pleasure thrills me from head to toe. Martina pushes her soles closer to my face so that I can kiss her feet and I can lick the perfect toes. I’m incredibly horny feeling her wrinkled soles under the silky black pantyhose.

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6 October 2015 - 4:29Hot girl Natasha with french pedicure

Natasha is wearing a short white dress with sexy black accessories, perfectly matched with the black fashionable boots. I love to watch her slender long legs while she is walking around. Taking off her boots, her warm bare feet are expecting a special treat. I’m already down on the floor sniffing the amazing odor of her arched soles, while she lifts her legs on the chair, telling me to clean her feet. As I am very obedient, I start licking her smooth soles and Natasha watches me carefully, in order to give me new orders if I am not doing something right, as she pleases. In fact, I love it when she gets upset and punishes me by pressing her large feet on my face, sticking her toes into my mouth. The look and the taste of her perfect French pedicure toes make me so horny!

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27 September 2015 - 12:58Hot Karly kicks off her sandals

Looking into Karly’s beautiful blue eyes I’m always feeling good and calm, and her warm smile is a real medicine for me. I must accept that she has a total control over me, her special charm always succeeds in making me happy.
Seeing me upset, Karly smiles and gets dressed in her stretched jeans, putting on my favorite flip flops, some black leather sexy sandals that are emphasising her feet’s beauty. I love the smell of those flip flops, the warm leather wearing the scent of Karly’s sweat. I could sniff those sandals all day long because they suddenly make me happy. Karly’s rough soles are a special delight for me, and I love to play with my tongue along them, tasting the sweetness of her perfect long toes, also.

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