Natasha in RHT pantyhose

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With those piercing green eyes Natasha is the kind of girl that would eat you alive, looking dominant and oozing with sexy appeal! Taking off her sexy platform heels she reveals some unique looking pantyhose with her perfectly painted pedicure. Soles and toenails in perfect proportion – she will definitely please in every department!

Beautiful Leslie in tan RHT pantyhose

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Leslie had on sheer nylons and had one leg crossed over the other. I knelt before her magnificent presence.

She stuck the front of her spiked heel into my mouth and said “SUCK IT, you little bitch!” I did so. “Tongue clean the bottoms of my heels.” Of course I complied with everything she said. “Suck the spike like it’s a cock, bitch-boy!”

She re-crossed her leg so it was on the opposite side and I had to lay on the floor with my head raised high enough to reach. It was not comfortable, but she didn’t care about that.

After a while, she had me kneel and kiss her nylon covered thighs just below the hem line while she held a handful of my hair. “Now remove my shoes and kiss them.” When I did the most wonderful scent of nylon and shoe leather wafted into my nostrils and the back of my head tingled with excitement. She flexed her lovely toes before my eyes and noted my reaction.

I dutifully sucked her shoe and without thinking I stuck my nose and tongue into the inner sole for a taste. She smacked me hard on the ear and it knocked me so hard I was seeing stars for awhile and almost passed out. My ear rang from the dizzying blow, which had caught me quite by surprise, but I remained on my knees, quivering in fear and trepidation of what was to come next.

“Look you little bitch,” she scolded, “Did I tell you to lick my shoe soles? Now they are all wet. Blow them dry!”

I did, while managing to inhale her intoxicating foot scent as much as possible.

Erika-Beautiful blonde in sheer tan pantyhose

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Erika will tease and torment you with her sexy, shiny black platform high heels as you lay on the floor gazing at her beauty!
Her highly arched feet are clearly visible, even with her heels on, and the beautiful heels accentuate her lovely nylon feet, her toes are encased in reinforced pantyhose.
You will long for the scent of her feet, mixed with the leather and nylons, warm and pungent, awaiting your mouth and tongue for a massage. This adorable blonde deserves all of your attention to her tired feet!

Beautiful Nathalie in RHT pantyhose

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I was driving Miss Nathalie around and doing her errands all day because I adore her and I am completely smitten with her sexy feet. At every point that we stopped in traffic she would present her pretty bare foot to my face for kisses. The rest of the time she laid her nyloned foot on her “foot pillow” on the dashboard of the car.
At one point she said her soles were a little dry, so I had to slide off her nylons and massage skin lotion onto her legs and feet until she was satisfied. I accidentally applied too much lotion and had to lick the excess off of her foot in a public parking lot. She made sure that people saw me adoring her bare feet to increase my humiliation. I even had to re-apply her toe-nail polish while she smoked a cigarette and watched and supervised my actions on a public park bench. She unabashedly would tell any onlookers that I had a foot fetish. If they were female she would tell them “he’s my foot wimp.” She said in her baby doll voice, “Suck my toes, you KNOW you want to.” “Lick the soles, baby, you can’t help but do it when I ask”, she said seductively, flipping her head coyly. Now we were back at her apartment and she was making me kneel and look at her feet.
“You are such a FREAK. Stare at my feet and jerk off for me, while I text my girlfriends.” I wanted to kiss her highly arched feet so bad, but she enjoyed teasing and denying me that privilege for quite some time.
I was mesmerized by her beautiful blonde face, sexy body and highly arched feet. Her long toes curled and pointed, as I stared. A couple of times I attempted to touch or taste her feet.
“You need some more oil for that woody honey?”
“Pull my nylons off with your teeth and lick between my toes as if it were my pussy lips, show me what you will do for me.”
She pulled them away. Not until you cum for me baby. The soles of her feet had nice wrinkles and I wanted to kiss them so badly. She spread her toes and squeezed my nose. “You like that, my little foot wimp. Sniff them.” She pulled my head back and forth with her muscular toes, laughing hysterically at how I complied with her every whim and wish. She teased me on and on, until I started convulsing and spurted all over her floor at the foot of her bed. “Did I tell you that you were ALLOWED to cum? Now you will LICK it off my shoe.”
She picked up her whip and looked at me menacingly. She got a very dominant look in her face, and she could be very stern.
She slipped on her heel, and then ground the soles of her black high heeled pump into the goo and lifted it to my mouth. Some of it came up in a long pearly strand.
“LICK it off.” I obeyed, as I knew she could get very dominant and she knew how to whip my bare butt hard.
It is not easy being her foot slave, as she is very demanding and likes to tease and deny me.

Beautiful Alexis in tan RHT nylons

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Alexis dangled her white high heel with confidence as she spoke to me on my knees, “I have decided to lend you out to my friend, whom you will address as Noelle, for about one week, maybe longer. During that time you will obey her and do all that she asks of you. She may reward you by allowing you to suck her feet and toes.”

“If for any reason she decides to punish you, she has my full permission to do so at her discretion, and if I do not receive a good report from her I may punish you further.”

With that, Alexis removed her high heel and placed it before my nose. “Sniff,’ she commanded. I sniffed deeply, inhaling the pungent aroma of her leather heels, mixed with the intoxicating scent of warm, moist nylons and her perfume. I attempted to gaze up her short pink skirt to catch a glimpse of her panties.

I was soon repelled by a hard, sharp slap to my face. “You need to be trained by Noelle! Keep your head below my knees and stare at my feet.”

She dangled her sexy white pump on her toes for several minutes as I watched, mesmerized. “Oh, there’s some dirt on the spike of my heel,” she said as she inspected it, acting surprised and amused. It was so sexy and coy the way she presented her spiked heel to my mouth.

“Lick it OFF NOW!” Alexis had always been somewhat dominant, but I had never seen her be this demanding of me, but I was enjoying being told to worship her feet and heels.

Soon she flexed her nylon encased foot before my face, arched her foot and wrinkled the soles of her silky feet, as she rubbed her foot scent all over my face and mouth.


She inserted her foot into my mouth as far as she could, tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and laughed at me in a teasing, provocative way.

“Warm my feet with your big mouth until I say to stop, or I will whip you hard!”

With that command, she proceeded to take a nice nap on the couch while using my mouth as her foot warmer. I knelt and obeyed, even though it hurt kneel to kneel and stay in that position for quite some time.

I felt humiliated but I was excited and aroused at the way she had just treated me and dominated me with her feet. I could not wait to meet Noelle.

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Beautiful Noelle in grey RHT nylons

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“Smell my feet, you little pervert. I want them to be the ONLY thing you smell,” Noelle said condescendingly. “AND don’t touch my feet with your hands!”

I only moaned in return. I don’t know how long she kept me on the floor with her feet covering my face, but I couldn’t get enough. The soft texture of the nylons mixed with her sweat continued to make me ache. I desperately wanted to touch her highly arched feet but I didn’t want to disobey the young goddess dominating me.

After what seemed like a good hour, she had enough of me being her footstool.

“You’ve been such a good little foot boy,” she teased me as she talked. “I think you have earned the right to worship my feet with only your tongue now.”

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Karla in tan RHT nylons

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tan RHT nylons

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Grace shoes her feet in RHT black nylons

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Sexy Grace graces our pages with her lovely arched feet covered on black RHT pantyhose. Enjoy!

black nylons

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Hot Amanda in sexy sheer pantyhose

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Amanda loves to dress in sexy pantyhose and this black sheer pair fits her perfectly! Enjoy her sexy feet and long legs through this fine black nylons!


Brunette in jeans and yellow pantyhose

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Marina is our latest addition to Feet&Jeans, a cute girl with beautiful shaped feet and a lover of pantyhose! She loves to wear them and see people watching her legs and feet! Enjoy!


Hot brunette in RHT grey nylons

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Hot brunette Kiara will delight us with her long legs and perfect shaped soles covered in this sexy RHT nylons. She kicks of her red shoes and makes you drool for her lickable soles!


Beautiful woman in black pantyhose

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Donatela is definetely a hot woman from head to toe and her long legs look fabulous in black pantyhose. Enjoy these videos of her perfect shaped soles in RHT pantyhose!