Alexis – Blonde girl takes off her nylon socks

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One Saturday morning after coming in exhausted from being ordered to rake the leaves, Alexis told me to come in the bedroom and kneel down. She told me from now on I was to suck her nylon toes when she returned home from work every evening. Then she shoved her panty hosed toes in my mouth and made me suck them clean while I knelt naked before her bed and gazed into her eyes submissively. She had a haughty look about her and she laughed at my hard-on and said, “Taste good?,” tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and giggling.
Her warm, hot feet were quite pungent and the taste was a bit bitter, but the humiliation of being lorded over by this strict mistress was quite intoxicating. I would do anything to kiss and lick her feet and she knew that and held that over me.
She inserted her foot into my mouth as far as she could, tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and laughed at me in a teasing, provocative way.
“Warm my feet with your big mouth until I say to stop.”
Alexis proceeded to take a nice nap on the bed while using my mouth as her foot warmer. At some point she slid her other foot towards my waiting mouth and I blew hot, warm air on that one as well.
She then allowed me to slip off her nylons and suck and lick every portion of her beautiful bare feet and suck her toes.She even rolled over on her stomach so that I had full access to the soles of her feet, and a wonderful view off her tight jeans which showed off her beautiful butt in a provocative way. She wore a nice peach colored top with no bra and I stole peeks at her perky nipples poking through. Her breasts were nice and full and would jiggle when she moved.
“Well, I am going to call Noelle and get a report on how your week of training went with her.”
“If I do not receive a good report from her I may punish you.” I could only hope that Miss Noelle would not tell about me getting caught sniffing her dirty panties in the bathroom and how she made me hand wash ALL of her panties the entire week, because I knew Alexis would delight in making me do that. She already has me hand wash her used pantyhose and hand them up in the bathroom to dry. Alexis is my foot queen and I love being her foot slave.

Hot Agathe taking off her nylon socks

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“So YOU are the little foot slut all my girlfriends told me about, huh?”

“Yes ma’am, Miss Agathe, ” I said softly and submissively looking down at her feet as I knelt before her.

“Begin by planting a sweet little kiss on my ass, and hold your lips there until I say to stop,” she commanded, as she pointed to the spot I was to kiss.

I gazed at the perfect curves off her butt cheeks, highlighted by the black skin tight leggings she wore.

“Okay, now crawl to the corner and kneel until I say.” She flickered a small leather riding crop from her throne on the bed.

While I was there she reclined on the bed and relaxed. I knelt for quite a long time, facing the corner until my knees were sore and I was quivering a bit from an anticipated punishment from this strict foot mistress.

“Crawl to the foot of the bed and SUCK my toes.” She was lounging on her stomach, reading a book, and the pretty profile of her face and curly dark hair was stunning.

I could not believe that I was actually allowed to suck the toes of this foot princess. As I did I gazed at her long slender soles, whose soft flesh shimmered in the light of the room. I could see the soft skin of her slender heel, and the black strap of her leggings just below and tucked into her arch.

Suddenly, she sat up on the bed and tucked on leg over the other, raising her one foot above my head as I knelt at the foot of the bed. Her long toes were so sexy and perfect. She dangled her foot just out of my reach. I could not keep my eyes off her bare foot. She laughed, amused at my hypnotic gaze and continued to move her foot close to my face, but just out of reach of my mouth.

“Please Miss Agathe, may I ….”

She knowingly threw a bottle of skin oil and ordered me to pay homage to her bare feet and relieve my aching member as she watched, giggled, and foot teased me to the ultimate finale.

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Alexia takes off her nylon socks

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Alexia sizes you up with her bedroom eyes. She has heard you have a foot fetish from her girlfriends, so she dangles her tantalizing feet and notes your astounded reaction. Will you succumb to your desire to fondle and kiss her feet? Would she have a good laugh about that with her girlfriends, who may make you do the same to them? Find out!

nylon socks

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Jade takes off her nylon socks

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Do you love blonde girls? This is Jade, our latest model at Feet&Jeans. She will take off her nylons socks and let you see her nice shaped feet and that red pedicure. Enjoy!

nylon socks

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Kriss takes off her nylons socks on the bed

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She loves to tease with her sexy feet so she takes off her nylon socks and shows those perfect shaped soles

nylon socks on bed

Young model showing her meaty soles

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Lexi is our newest model at Feet&Jeans and she just loves to show off her big meaty soles. She’s sure she will have lots of fans between foot guys…and we agree!


Hot Alanis in grey nylons

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Enjoy this photoset of hot Alanis wearing sexy grey nylons in a huge 4000 pixels resolution! A sexy girl with a great attitude and feet to die for…what can you ask for more?


Babe showing her hot shaped soles

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Shayla is back to make us all dream with her gorgeous smile and beautiful strong feet covered in sheer nude pantyhose. Enjoy!


Cute brunette with big soles

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Cute Lana comes back after a long time to let her fans enjoy her beautiful big soles in grey nylon socks. Do you love it when a cutie takes off her nylons after a long walk, just for you?


Brunette in grey nylon socks

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Cute Eliana is resting on the bed wearing her favorite jeans and grey nylon socks. Enjoy her meaty arched soles and french pedicured toenails as she takes off the nylon socks!


Kaitlyn’s feet in sheer nylon socks

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Tatiana’s big soles in black sheer nylons

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Click on Tatiana image to see it in FULL size!