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30 October 2015 - 15:17Flavia showing her amazing soles

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Flavia is dressed with my favorite stretched blue jeans, talking about her day at home. Her warm smile and her relaxation are making me feel so cozy and well. I can’t help myself from noticing her barefoot. Although she has no intention of teasing me, she touches her soles with her toes, and I am favored to watch this incredible sensual show. As I come closer and closer to her feet, Flavia notices my erection and she encourages me to suck her big meaty toes. I am so happy to feel the sweet taste of her red polished toenails! My tongue is sliding gently all over her large soles and she is glad to see me so horny and pleased.

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11 August 2015 - 23:08Hot blonde Alena with meaty soles

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Hot blonde Alena with big meaty soles is so enthusiastic when it comes to my passion for her feet. She is wearing some fantastic sandals: beige leather, huge platform and yellow wood high heels. Her black stretched pants are emphasising the beauty of her feet. Her hair has the same shades and colours as the shoes and this makes her even sexier.
Alena makes me sniff her feet with the shoes on and my senses are absolutely delighted by the warm, sweet odor I can smell. My tongue is sliding on the beige leather but also on the hot skin. The hot blonde girl is very bossy when she orders me to clean her feet, but I am so docile and I lick every spot on her big wrinkled soles. Sucking her big meaty toes produces the climax of my pleasure.

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6 August 2015 - 7:35Hot Aliya showing her meaty big soles

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I love big soles! It excites me to watch how Aliya rubs her large meaty soles on each other. Sitting in front of me, she offers a really sexy show.
Up on the chair, her feet are like a present into my hands: my fingers are pressing gently on the soles, rubbing the warm meaty toes. Aliya loves my massage and she also likes to make me beg for more. She is teasing me putting her feet on the floor, wanting me to act like a puppy, down, in front of her. I crawl and I sniff her wrinkled soles, then Aliya lets me kiss her feet. I lie back, her left foot toes are into my mouth while her right foot is touching my face.
My dick is ready to burst and can I see a content smile on her read meaty lips. She orders me to take off my pants as I beg her to be good to me. Her large soles are arching around my cock rubbing, making me cum.

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24 November 2014 - 16:42Sexy Joy teasing with her meaty soles

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Always a joy to see Joy and this time on our sofa teasing with her thick meaty soles! Wearing her black sexy heels and long legs that go on for miles, she slowly dangles them off revealing the wrinkles and padded soles that drive you crazy! Not only are her tops with meaty long toes and deep nail beds ever so sexy wishing she wrapped them around you – but her large meaty soles will have you craving to be trampled and pressed to your face!

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1 October 2014 - 13:26New model Arielle – Hot redhead with big meaty soles

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Arielle – this hot red headed milf will surely have make you hot with desire! That hot sexy face with a toned tanned sexy body was just oozing with sex appeal, sitting at lounge her long legs revealed matured meaty pads of feet excellence! Meaty soles that have matured and filled out, with plump meaty long toes that are waiting to be savoured!

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16 September 2014 - 13:51Hot brunette with big meaty soles

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Hot brunettes don’t come better than this, here we have Aliya looking so pretty and innocently sexy! But don’t be fooled by her innocence, below the ankles we see soles of excellence. Meaty big and soft soles that you dream of pressing on your face – with her pretty face smiling at you, Aliya will give you dreams to remember!

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21 April 2014 - 0:13Aliya-Hot brunette teasing with her meaty soles

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Forget Kim Kardasian – Aliya is the twice as better version, simply stunning and beautiful exotic face you’ll lay your eyes on! Matched with her beautiful face her sexy leggings led up to some truly meaty sexy soles that you want to bury your face in! Soft, sexy “meatiful” soles and beautiful exotic features – are we awake or is this a dream?

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