Sexy redhead Athena barefoot on the bed

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I have always considered stretched pants as very sexy. A woman’s legs look so slender and fit dressed in such tights. Athena’s legs are always sexy but dressed like this, in the smooth black leggings she seems to present a special exciting show just for me.
I’m watching her barefoot and I become anxious to kiss her soles. Athena smiles and orders:
– Come and clean my dirty soles! But be careful! Don’t you dare to miss a spot!
– My tongue is in your service, my lady Athena!
I’m licking her wrinkled soles not missing a single spot, up and down, swirling my tongue around.
– Don’t you think you should clean my nails, too? I love my pedicure to be perfect.
I do not have time to answer because her big meaty toe is already stuck into my mouth. Then, I suck every blue polished toenail so that my pleasure is indescribable.
– Take off your pants! She orders.
She puts her soles around my dick and then she rubs first gently and then harder, so that her curved bare feet make my hot cum out!