Isis-Sexy tattooed girl in blue jeans

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Isis. I know that I am special as you also are very special! I do not want to be just a Barbie and that’s why I love tattoos! My sexy body is covered with interesting, sexy and symbolic drawings. Off course, my attitude doesn’t seem very friendly but I love the men who obey my orders, who admit me as their mistress. My ripped jeans are also a way of expressing my personality, as a nonconformist. As you are a foot lover and you want me as your goddess, I am sure that you are going to love my high heels sandals. Don’t worry I am going to make you kiss my feet and lick my sexy dirty soles.

Isis-Hot tattooed girl barefoot

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Isis is not going to let any weak man around her. She is very strong and unique in her special way. She loves her tattoos and every one of them has its special meaning. She loves to wear black, not in order to create an interesting image but because she feels great in it. Obviously, looking at her someone would say that her purpose is to look hot. She would say that looking sexy comes after feeling great with herself. Her black leathers are a compliment to her slender legs and a preamble to her large feet. I love her wrinkled soles and the way she curves her feet in order to make me want her more. She doesn’t have to insist with her languorous moves because I’m already kissing her splendid bare feet.

Hot brunette Isis in black pantyhose

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Isis is more than sexy, she is interesting and intriguing. She is unique and original, with her tattoos and her attitude, she can make any man loose his mind over her. She is a dominant goddess who wants to make you crawl to her gorgeous feet. The tight-fitting little black dress is perfectly highlighting her body. Isis is wearing black pantyhose which are very appealing. Her red lips are ordering you to come and kiss her soles. Obviously, all you can do is obey and put your lips on the soft, silky feet. The sensation is incredible, your blood starts to run faster through your veins, your cock is not listening to you but to her from now on. Her wrinkled soles are touching your cock and the soft touch of the pantyhose is purely thrilling.

Hot brunette takes off her white socks

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Isis, in her little black dress, this beautiful teacher is wearing her purple eyeglasses that are making her even sexier. Her body curves are perfectly highlighted and her slender legs seem even longer due to these black high heels shoes. The truth is that I love her shiny tan pantyhose and can’t help but kiss her feet and legs. I love to put my tongue on her stiletto and feel a great, unique sensation that makes my senses go wild and my heart beat faster. Taking off her shoes, she looks so delicate and feminine, like a graceful black panther. I’m getting anxious and I’m down on my knees feeling the smell of her feet and the taste of her delicate soles.

Hot brunette Isis with sexy rough soles

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Isis not only sounds Egyptian but she looks like an Egyptian princess with those piercing exotic looks, immediately without even looking at her feet – you know its sexy as hell! With her ripped jeans glancing down to her long toes you’ll see her sexy radiant bright white polish hypnotizing you! Coming to her soles, you’ll see them rough and sexy and ready for action – to grind and trample you beneath them and she knows you want it!

Isis-Hot brunette with wrinkled soles

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Hot Isis teasing with her wrinkled soles

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Sexy Isis in black pantyhose

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This little female foot slut offered to massage my feet at the gym in the workout room.

“Well…, I acted like I was thinking it over, “Are you sure you REALLY want to?”

I noticed her gulp, “Yes.”

Then teasing once again, “I already told you I’m a bitch.” I just couldn’t resist, “Well maybe if you were to ask me nicely.”

I held my breath, awaiting the response I was sure was going to come. “Please, I…I’d like to massage your feet for you, ok?” was my little pet’s response.

“Hurry up then, I don’t have all day”, I said impatiently. This time she didn’t hesitate, she walked over to me. Unsure of what to do, she stood shyly in front of me, and removed my right shoe. As she began to rub my foot through my sweaty gym sock, I uncrossed my leg moving my foot over and down, until she had no choice but to kneel down in front of me.

I rewarded her, by parting my legs slightly giving her a glance at my pink lace thong. An almost inaudible groan escaped from her throat, which confirmed I was having the proper effect. I could also notice her little headlights poking out through her blouse.

I picked up my magazine and began to read, ignoring her as she continued to work on my foot, while she knelt bent over at my pretty bare foot on the hard gymnasium floor.

Sexy Isis showing her wrinkled soles

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I am a female foot slut with a submissive foot fetish. When I was at the gym I saw this girl named Miss Isis, who is a personal trainer at the gym walking around barefoot. She teaches my yoga class and her feet get slightly dirty. I thought that she had really pretty feet with her toes painted with a dark, dominant looking nail polish. But later on that day I saw her walking thru the hallways and when I looked down at her feet I noticed that the bottoms of her feet were so dirty they were completely dark, dark and pitch-black with foot dirt and for some reason my head started to spin. Then I realized why…….I found the dirty bare soles of her feet so beautiful that I was falling in love with them. I couldn’t believe I was actually in love with the dirty soles of another women’s feet and all I wanted to do was lick the beautiful dark, dirty black bare soles of her bare feet in front of everyone at the gym. Well a few minutes later I saw Miss Isis sitting on a bench in the middle of the ladies locker room with her feet propped up. So I walked up and knelt down in front of her and looked her in the eyes. Then in front of everyone in the locker room I stuck out my tongue and started licking her dirty soles as I said out loud “Oh, Miss Isis I’m hopelessly in love with your beautiful dark, dirty soles of your feet, PLEASE let me clean them with my tongue…! ” I kept licking the dirt from the beautiful soles of her feet. And even though all the women in the locker room were watching me by now that foot goddess Isis just sat there quietly smiling at me and let me finish licking all of the dirt from the bottoms of her bare feet until they were completely clean which took me almost 20 minutes. I had never been so in love in my life and soon after that Miss Isis gave me the dirty bare soles of her feet for me to lick everyday in the ladies locker room and now she brings me home after her workout and has me remove her boots and clean her sexy bare feet.
I pay her to be my personal trainer at the gym now, and she is really hard on me, since I am her slave. I know every crevice and wrinkle of her sexy soles and she uses me to her advantage. I am her total foot slut slave, and she has me wear extra slutty and revealing clothes.