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28 January 2012 - 15:57Tall blonde teasing with her huge soles

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Beautiful Annika has been walking all the day long, and now her size nine feet are burning hot and she wants to relax. That’s why she often invites me over, her boyfriend and willing foot slave.
I am ready to do anything to please my gorgeous girlfriend. She likes to tie my hands behind my back, so the only way to massage Annika’s feet is to use my tongue.

First, I have to obediently suck the sweet pantyhose toes and soles of the hot blonde. I crave the scent of her warm, pungent feet and she loves rubbing her feet all over my face.
She poses her feet just out of reach of my face and then spreads those long pedicured blue toes of hers apart, arching her soles.
The beautiful sight of her high arches, nice wide soles and long toes makes me beg her to lick and smell her feet even more.
Finally, she allows me to remove her pantyhose, using only my teeth, and makes me suck her bare toes.
After awhile she uses one foot on top of my head to hold me in place as she thrust all five toes into my mouth.
“Suck them slowly and wash between my toes,” she said flippantly. She knows I will do anything for her, and she likes to have her feet adored in this way.
As she continues, I am made to lay on the floor and she positions her feet above my face and mouth. Soon I am intimately familiar with every soft wrinkle and crevice of her soft, succulent feet. I often peek at her beautiful face from below her bare feet and it seems she is pleased with my work.

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23 January 2012 - 10:06Lea- Sexy Brunette with big arched soles

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Lea had me tongue shine her sexy black heels while she sat like a queen on the bar stool. She would swing her heels to make it more difficult and giggle at my attempts to follow her orders. My girlfriend had lent me out to her for the evening, with the understanding that I was to serve as Lea’s foot slave.
It seemed as if all of her girlfriends wanted to use me, and that they were becoming more and more demanding and dominant. I never realized that having a subive foot fetish would allow me access to beautiful women and their shapely feet.
“Make sure all the little silver studs are nice and shiny,” Lea said disdainfully, as she tugged my leash and placed her heel on my chest. I peeked at her face and she had a confident, conceited look about her.
After a little while, I attempted to lick her bare feet from between the black straps which encased her sexy bare foot, and she pulled my head back with a handful of my hair and said, “Clean the bottoms of each of my shoes and do NOT let your tongue touch my feet until I say SO.”
“If I have to slap you for being so insolent, your girlfriend will get a text message from me.” The last time that had happened my girlfriend gave perion to use a hairbrush on my bare buttocks until they were nice and pink. Even my own girlfriend had never made me clean the dirt off the bottoms of her shoes with just my tongue, so this was a new low for me.

My tongue and mouth got dirty and dry and Lea had me sip from a doggy bowl placed on the floor to clean them before I was allowed to remove her shoes. Apparently Lea knew exactly how to humiliate!
When I was finally allowed to, I sucked her shiny orange toe nails with enthusiasm and probed between her toes with my tongue. She repeatedly trapped my tongue between her toes for her amusement and squeezed it and laughed at my humiliation.
“Now SUCK the big toe!” I soaked the callous on her big toe with my mouth and sucked as well as I could to please this demanding foot queen.
“After you finish sucking ALL of my toes, I want my soles and heels licked and polished with your tongue!” I could not wait, as I had been gazing at the pink and white soles of Lea’s highly arched feet and I was longing to finally be allowed to do just that.
“AND,” she added with a glimmer in her beautiful eyes, “You will get NO relief…I’m taking you back in your state of arousal so your girlfriend can see how bad I have provoked you and we can be further entertained at your attraction to our feet!” And then Lea laughed wickedly as she pushed her toes into my mouth and picked up her hairbrush.

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20 January 2012 - 9:54Sexy Nina in black pantyhose

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Nina grinned as she laid comfortably on her white leather couch. I entered the room naked, crawling on my hands and knees, with my girlfriend tugging on my collar and leash.
Nina rolled back in the couch and roared with laughter. “So this is your foot slave boyfriend!”
“I am going to have a ball with him.”
“Place him here on the carpet”, she said as she pointed.
My naked member jutted out and throbbed at the sight of her shapely legs encased in black nylons. I was throbbing & dripping on the floor. I was told by Nina that I was to look only at her feet.
My girlfriend said, “Kneel before her with your hands at your side, knees and feet together and toes pointed. If you move your hands, I will let Miss Nina punish you with this.” She displayed a small flogger from her purse, that she had made me buy her at the adult store. It did not hurt real bad, but the just the idea of being whipped by another woman was very humiliating.
Nina proceeded to rub the head of my member with her nylon toes until I would start to spasm, then she would cruelly stop, allowing no relief. She did this numerous times, and both women were roaring with laughter at my member, which was standing straight up and throbbing uncontrollably. I had to watch her sexy black nylon foot tease and deny me over and over. She would bring me to the brink and then stop and put her foot to my face for kisses until I calmed down a bit. Then Miss Nina would twirl her foot around as I watched, kneeling naked and vulnerable before her, and then flex and arch her foot. Often she presented her soles to my face for kisses and adoration, but moved them out of reach, so that I might fall out of my kneeling position and be punished.
Nina inquired about how long it had been since I had any release and my girlfriend said, “Several days…..I make him beg me for permission.” They laughed.
At that point I felt compelled to beg, “May I pp–please be allowed to…..”
“NO you may NOT!,” said my girlfriend, brandishing the small whip.
Nina laughed and twirled her foot, moving it away from my throbbing member, which was oozing.
She waited a bit and then used the lubrication to further stimulate and arouse me by rubbing me with her black nylon toes.
I didn’t know how much longer I could be stimulated, teased and then denied before I would accidentally release without their permission, and they were going to make me do that so they could punish me and laugh at my predicament.

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16 January 2012 - 15:35Hot Alexis teasing with her wide soles

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Sitting on the couch, my girlfriend Miss Alexis, teasingly dangled her black suede high heel; somewhat exposing the high arches of her feet.

“I want you over here at my feet,” she commanded, as she pointed to the floor. Obediently, I crawled to her. I never knew that my foot fetish could be used to make me so subservient.

“May I please be allowed to suck your feet, Miss Alexis, “I begged as I knelt before her.

“I really, really am addicted to the smell and taste of your sexy feet,” I admitted breathlessly. I could not believe that I had just revealed one of the secrets of my foot fetish to her. I felt as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders, yet I was very embarrassed and felt very submissive. I could feel my heart race and my face blush.

“Yes, you may,”, she said in a superior way, as she extended her one heel outward towards me. I slowly slid off the expensive high heels I had just purchased for her recently, obviously pleased at my desire to taste and smell the warmth of her delicious feet, especially after she had been wearing them for some time.

I could tell that she enjoyed having me pay attention to her, and she definitely had a confident attitude, as I adored her bare feet and toes.

“I am going to send you to a friend of mine at noemisworld.com. Mistress Erika is a dominant bitch, and she is going to further enhance your foot fetish and make you even more of a gentlemen for us women to enjoy.” She tossed her lovely mane of golden blonde hair and looked downward at me.

“I feel as if you need more training, and I will allow her to punish you as she sees fit.”

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14 January 2012 - 11:12Erika – Sexy blonde with smooth soles

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I was quivering slightly and naked as Erika entered the room. She placed a whip on the dark oak table within her reach and said, “Your girlfriend Miss Alexis told me I could punish you if I see fit, but I have a feeling that you will comply with ALL of my wishes.”

With that said, she squeezed my face and looked into my eyes, her face only inches away.

“Yes, Mistress Erika,” I stammered, shivering in the chilly air.

“Now SUCK these high heels and polish them with your slutty tongue!”

I complied immediately, and doubled my efforts to appease this Domina.

The scent of leather, mixed with her bare feet made my head spin. I was dizzy with desire to please, and could not wait to actually get my slutty mouth on her bare feet.

When I finally was allowed to slip off her black shiny leather dominatrix heels, her smooth soles were salty and pungent from being cooped up in those sky scraper heels. I lavished her feet with my mouth, covering every part of her slippery soles with my sloppy tongue and I plunged my tongue repeatedly between her toes, using my tongue to slide submissively in and out like a total slut, alternating between her toes. I placed soft little bites with my teeth on her heels and the balls of her feet. I wanted to show her all of my foot worship skills, and please her as well.

She reacted with astounding pleasure, as I watched her face for approval. I knew I had better please her well, and I could tell that she was fully capable of using the whip on my bare buttocks. I also knew that I would enjoy being punished by Mistress Erika, in accordance with the wishes of my girlfriend, Miss Alexis, whom I was willing to do anything for. I wanted her to give Miss Alexis a positive report.

She must have read my mind when she commented disdainfully, “You are SUCH a SLUT! Look at you! Miss Alexis has trained you quite well. NOW suck my foot!”

With that she plunged her foot as far into my mouth as she could, picked up her whip off the table and flicked it around playfully. She looked quite stern, with her soft blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her foot was buried in my mouth, all the way to the arch. She moved my head around with her foot and laughed. My face burned with shame and I could feel it turn crimson in color. “SUCK IT you FOOT-SLUT!”

I gazed into her dominant eyes submissively, knowing full well she was looking for an opportunity to use her menacing leather whip on my bare buttocks, as I sucked her entire foot like a total wimp.

Even though I knew she may punish me, it was worth it, just to be allowed the opportunity to serve this dominant foot queen. Her feet were so soft and pedicured that I was willing to do anything for her! I already it knew she was going to make it hurt and I quivered even more at the very thought!

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12 January 2012 - 6:23Silvia Sin secretary in Leggings

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Watch secretary Silvia massaging her own feet in transparent tights.

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8 January 2012 - 5:00Sexy Blonde take off her white socks

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Miss Nathalie sat down in the green chair and looked at me and pointed at her socks. “Take them off with only your teeth and lick all the warm moisture off my soles.”

Her socks clung to the arches and balls of her size 9 feet, highlighting the high arches and curves of her feet. I started licking and was almost done with the second foot, when she prodded my mouth open with her long toes and pushed her foot into my mouth.

“Wash them clean and polish my soles with your tongue!,” the blonde foot goddess said with a haughty attitude.

I obeyed, only to be admonished with a soft slap to my face with her hand.

“I want you to clean between my toes!” She gave me a condescending look and pointed at some dust which was mixed with some glitter from walking barefoot on the floor.

“I SAID lick them CLEAN, SLAVE!.”

I re-doubled my efforts, as she reached for the whip that Miss Noelle had left with her to keep me in line.

She looked as if she was going to enjoy punishing me, and had a slight sneer on her sexy lips, which told me she was quite dominant and might even brag to her girlfriends on making me submit to her feet.

“Look at my feet, while you clean them, SLAVE!”

I quivered at the thought of a punishment from this strong, domineering blonde. I knew that she would make my bare butt hurt with her superior attitude.


I knew that it would not be long before she decided to enhance my submissiveness to her and her sexy feet with the whip nearby.

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