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26 September 2011 - 13:30Beautiful brunette shows her french pedicured toes

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“Smell my feet, you little pervert. I want them to be the ONLY thing you smell,” Noelle said condescendingly. “AND don’t touch my feet with your hands!”
I only moaned in return. I don’t know how long she kept me on the floor with her feet covering my face, but I couldn’t get enough. The soft texture of the nylons mixed with her sweat continued to make me ache. I desperately wanted to touch her highly arched feet but I didn’t want to disobey the young goddess dominating me.
After what seemed like a good hour, she had enough of me being her footstool.
“You’ve been such a good little foot boy,” she teased me as she talked. “I think you have earned the right to worship my feet with only your tongue now.”

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13 September 2011 - 15:36Beautiful brunette shows her french pedicured toes

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Salma had been a girlfriend of mine, a real beauty, and she was very dominant. Salma was so dominant, in fact, that at first I was hesitant to open up about any of my fetishes at all, because I knew she would use them against me, and it kind of scared me how much control I might put into her hands by giving her such power over me. Eventually, though, during some hot sex, I caved and started sucking on her toes. When I came to that I opened my eyes and looked up at her, and she was staring down at me, knowingly, with a wicked smile. I was both frightened and turned on enough to go for another round…

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