Shyla-Beautiful blonde in pantyhose – VIDEO

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Shyla uses to wear leggings in order to emphasise her beautiful legs.I want her to wear jeans because I love how her body looks in it.
– I waited for her to come back from work.
– I’m so exhausted! I can hardly feel my legs.
– Lay down on the bad and rest your feet! I’ll take care of it!
She sits on the bad moving her sexy feet, trying to relax. Her amazing toes with red nails under the beige pantyhose are moving gently touching each other. I can’t resist just watching because I’m too excited and I begin to touch her feet.

Beautiful brunette girl Nerissa barefoot on the bed

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Alone in the room, Nerissa is relaxed, with her bare feet on the large bed. I start to sniff her feet’s odor getting ready to kiss them. I’m so horny and hot and she puts her feet on my face moving them back and forth. The smell of her feet is so sweet and sensual almost enough to make me come off. She presses her feet on my face and then she puts her toes into my mouth, one by one, gently. I suck them as a slave because she is my master.

Erika-Beautiful blonde in sheer tan pantyhose

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Erika will tease and torment you with her sexy, shiny black platform high heels as you lay on the floor gazing at her beauty!
Her highly arched feet are clearly visible, even with her heels on, and the beautiful heels accentuate her lovely nylon feet, her toes are encased in reinforced pantyhose.
You will long for the scent of her feet, mixed with the leather and nylons, warm and pungent, awaiting your mouth and tongue for a massage. This adorable blonde deserves all of your attention to her tired feet!

Beautiful Nathalie in RHT pantyhose

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I was driving Miss Nathalie around and doing her errands all day because I adore her and I am completely smitten with her sexy feet. At every point that we stopped in traffic she would present her pretty bare foot to my face for kisses. The rest of the time she laid her nyloned foot on her “foot pillow” on the dashboard of the car.
At one point she said her soles were a little dry, so I had to slide off her nylons and massage skin lotion onto her legs and feet until she was satisfied. I accidentally applied too much lotion and had to lick the excess off of her foot in a public parking lot. She made sure that people saw me adoring her bare feet to increase my humiliation. I even had to re-apply her toe-nail polish while she smoked a cigarette and watched and supervised my actions on a public park bench. She unabashedly would tell any onlookers that I had a foot fetish. If they were female she would tell them “he’s my foot wimp.” She said in her baby doll voice, “Suck my toes, you KNOW you want to.” “Lick the soles, baby, you can’t help but do it when I ask”, she said seductively, flipping her head coyly. Now we were back at her apartment and she was making me kneel and look at her feet.
“You are such a FREAK. Stare at my feet and jerk off for me, while I text my girlfriends.” I wanted to kiss her highly arched feet so bad, but she enjoyed teasing and denying me that privilege for quite some time.
I was mesmerized by her beautiful blonde face, sexy body and highly arched feet. Her long toes curled and pointed, as I stared. A couple of times I attempted to touch or taste her feet.
“You need some more oil for that woody honey?”
“Pull my nylons off with your teeth and lick between my toes as if it were my pussy lips, show me what you will do for me.”
She pulled them away. Not until you cum for me baby. The soles of her feet had nice wrinkles and I wanted to kiss them so badly. She spread her toes and squeezed my nose. “You like that, my little foot wimp. Sniff them.” She pulled my head back and forth with her muscular toes, laughing hysterically at how I complied with her every whim and wish. She teased me on and on, until I started convulsing and spurted all over her floor at the foot of her bed. “Did I tell you that you were ALLOWED to cum? Now you will LICK it off my shoe.”
She picked up her whip and looked at me menacingly. She got a very dominant look in her face, and she could be very stern.
She slipped on her heel, and then ground the soles of her black high heeled pump into the goo and lifted it to my mouth. Some of it came up in a long pearly strand.
“LICK it off.” I obeyed, as I knew she could get very dominant and she knew how to whip my bare butt hard.
It is not easy being her foot slave, as she is very demanding and likes to tease and deny me.

Alexis – Blonde girl takes off her nylon socks

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One Saturday morning after coming in exhausted from being ordered to rake the leaves, Alexis told me to come in the bedroom and kneel down. She told me from now on I was to suck her nylon toes when she returned home from work every evening. Then she shoved her panty hosed toes in my mouth and made me suck them clean while I knelt naked before her bed and gazed into her eyes submissively. She had a haughty look about her and she laughed at my hard-on and said, “Taste good?,” tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and giggling.
Her warm, hot feet were quite pungent and the taste was a bit bitter, but the humiliation of being lorded over by this strict mistress was quite intoxicating. I would do anything to kiss and lick her feet and she knew that and held that over me.
She inserted her foot into my mouth as far as she could, tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and laughed at me in a teasing, provocative way.
“Warm my feet with your big mouth until I say to stop.”
Alexis proceeded to take a nice nap on the bed while using my mouth as her foot warmer. At some point she slid her other foot towards my waiting mouth and I blew hot, warm air on that one as well.
She then allowed me to slip off her nylons and suck and lick every portion of her beautiful bare feet and suck her toes.She even rolled over on her stomach so that I had full access to the soles of her feet, and a wonderful view off her tight jeans which showed off her beautiful butt in a provocative way. She wore a nice peach colored top with no bra and I stole peeks at her perky nipples poking through. Her breasts were nice and full and would jiggle when she moved.
“Well, I am going to call Noelle and get a report on how your week of training went with her.”
“If I do not receive a good report from her I may punish you.” I could only hope that Miss Noelle would not tell about me getting caught sniffing her dirty panties in the bathroom and how she made me hand wash ALL of her panties the entire week, because I knew Alexis would delight in making me do that. She already has me hand wash her used pantyhose and hand them up in the bathroom to dry. Alexis is my foot queen and I love being her foot slave.

Agathe – Hot brunette rubbing her big soles

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I had to take yoga class with Miss Agathe and several other women, and the whole time I was positioned behind Miss Agathe. I could not help gazing at the sexy balls of her size 9 feet when she was working out on her stomach on the mat. Several times during the class I noticed her looking sternly at me, as I had been sneaking peeks at other women in the class. I could not help but look, as they all had attractive feet and nice bodies.
When we got back to her apartment, she sat down and pointed to a spot on the floor just below her bed.
I knelt down, untied her gym shoes and removed her socks. I knew what to do.
“This should cure your little FOOT fetish. SUCK all the sweat from my feet! And IF I ever catch you looking at other women’s feet again I will paddle you even HARDER than I will tonight.”
I gulped and licked up every trace of perspiration from her hot, stinky, salty warm bare feet. Little did she know that I loved every minute of that and I was enjoying the taste, scent and smell of her warm bare feet.
Soon it showed that I was enjoying the moment when an erection sprang from my gym shorts.
Miss Agathe commanded, “Fetch the flyswatter.”
I did and knelt once again before her tall figure. I felt quite belittled by the mere presence of her tall, muscular figure, shapely body and legs, but most of all I adored her feet.
“Pull down those shorts, I wanna see your manhood, the one that makes you stare at women’s feet.”
I did, and she delivered several smacks with the flyswatter to the mushroom head of my throbbing hard-on, resulting in it becoming more swollen and purple in color.
“From now on, you are MY foot slave, and you will do whatever I say, or I will tell ALL of the women that you know at yoga class about you foot fetish. Is that understood?”
I nodded in total disbelief, but I remembered to say, “Yes ma’am,” as I saw her playing with the flyswatter out of the corner of my eye, waiting for an opportunity to use it once again.

Alanna – Beautiful brunette barefoot in tight jeans

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Alanna sat back down on the edge of the leather chair and kicked off her sandals. She extended her leg in the air and slowly inspected the soles of her highly arched feet which had some rough spots on the balls of her feet and a callous on her big toe. There were some dirt stains on her heels and the balls of her pretty feet from walking around outside, especially on the rough, dry areas of her soles.
Lying back on the couch, Alanna hung one foot off the side, hanging about six inches off the ground, and looked contemptuously at me.
“Kiss my foot,” she said out of the blue.
I looked at her and she had this girlish grin on her face. She giggled, started swinging her foot, and extending her toe in a point.
“Last chance, kiss my foot,” she said.
I got out of the other chair, and Alanna raised her leg, putting her pretty foot in front of my face. I reached out to grab it and she took it away, again letting it hang inches from the floor. I stood there foolishly, with my shorts quickly becoming a tent, as I grew to full length. I turned red with embarrassment as Alanna laughed at my humiliation.
“Beg,” she said, “Beg to kiss my foot.”

I had to do it. I needed to kiss her glorious foot. My whole body was consumed with that single desire.
“Alanna, may I please…” I began, but she extended her leg and put her foot on the tip of my rock member, pushing down. I moaned in pleasure as she said sternly:
“On your knees.”
I sank to my knees before her. How shameful I must have appeared. I looked into her eyes and she could see the pleading look written on my face. She knew I would do anything to kiss her stinky, dirty feet.
“Clean them, using your tongue,” she proclaimed in a scornful manner.
I meekly used my tongue, timidly washing the dirtiest portions of her foot and looked upward at her. She was smiling downward in a domineering way, pleased at how she had completely enslaved me so quickly.
I felt so humbled to be made into a dirty, disgusting foot washer. Then she forced her toes into my willing mouth, scraping the soles on my bottom teeth in a vulgar, intrusive manner. After that she rubbed her smelly soles all over my face, mixing her warm, salty foot smell, the leather scent from her sandals and my saliva all over my nose, mouth and cheeks, while looking at me with complete contempt, seeming to dare me to complain even a bit.
“You are now my nasty, repulsive foot slave,” she said in a snotty manner, slapping me cruelly with the bottom of her other foot on the cheek of my red face. The sound echoed in the room, increasing my humiliation.
Then she inspected the bottom of her soles and said, “You have done a terrible job of cleaning my feet, look how dirty they still are! I just may have to send you back to my mother for a punishment.”
“P…Please, Alanna,” I stammered, “I am in love with you and your feet, I love the taste and the smell and I want to please you any way I can. Please let me have some more time to clean them to your specifications. Miss Valarie will have me punished if you don’t find me acceptable. Please!!! She told me if I did not please you I would be paddled hard by her girlfriend who is a really mean dominatrix from the Ukraine and that she would invite her girlfriends to watch. Please let me be your foot slut, please! I will do whatever you please.” I was quivering, out of breath and my heart was pounding. Her mother, Valarie had made me into a completely submissive foot slave in just a short period.
Obviously pleased at my submissive compliance, she grabbed me by the ear, and pulled my face close to her face and softly smacked me with her palm on my cheek and said in a satisfied and sensuous way, “Get to work, I don’t have all day!”

Sexy Blonde take off her white socks

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Miss Nathalie sat down in the green chair and looked at me and pointed at her socks. “Take them off with only your teeth and lick all the warm moisture off my soles.”

Her socks clung to the arches and balls of her size 9 feet, highlighting the high arches and curves of her feet. I started licking and was almost done with the second foot, when she prodded my mouth open with her long toes and pushed her foot into my mouth.

“Wash them clean and polish my soles with your tongue!,” the blonde foot goddess said with a haughty attitude.

I obeyed, only to be admonished with a soft slap to my face with her hand.

“I want you to clean between my toes!” She gave me a condescending look and pointed at some dust which was mixed with some glitter from walking barefoot on the floor.

“I SAID lick them CLEAN, SLAVE!.”

I re-doubled my efforts, as she reached for the whip that Miss Noelle had left with her to keep me in line.

She looked as if she was going to enjoy punishing me, and had a slight sneer on her sexy lips, which told me she was quite dominant and might even brag to her girlfriends on making me submit to her feet.

“Look at my feet, while you clean them, SLAVE!”

I quivered at the thought of a punishment from this strong, domineering blonde. I knew that she would make my bare butt hurt with her superior attitude.


I knew that it would not be long before she decided to enhance my submissiveness to her and her sexy feet with the whip nearby.

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Cindy transparent Leg- and Foottease

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Beautiful cindy with wonderful feet and legs in ultrasheer, transparent pantyhose.

[flv: 512 288]

Gina show her sexy feet

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Gina is going to give you a foot show today. She is slipping off her white sandals and exposing her hot moist soles for you to gaze upon. She just got a pedicure, so they are soft and sexy to the touch. Maybe she will even let you give her a foot rub and you will be able to work up the courage to kiss her foot. Then, if she enjoys that, you could slip your tongue between her toes and suck them.

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Beautiful Noelle takes off her open toe sandals

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Noelle is going to use your foot fetish for her amusement today. “Take off my sandals and smell my feet,” she commands, laughing at how quickly you fall to your knees to comply. Your hands quiver as you fumble with the straps of her sandals. She giggles and twists her foot to make it more difficult and to tease you.
Already your boner is prominent in your pants, and she makes it throb by softly rubbing her big toe up the shaft and then scratching her toenail down the shaft. She then begins squeezing your balls with her toes. You gasp with excitement, fighting to keep from making a mess in your shorts. Noelle laughs haughtily, and is quite amused at your reaction to her toe tease.
She lazily throws her sandal across the room and commands, “Fetch doggy!” You bring it back in your teeth and put it in her outstretched hand with your mouth. Red faced and panting like a real dog, she makes you do it over and over, while she laughs and points at your big boner poking out of your shorts and leaking on your leg.
At last, she allows you to clean the leather soles of her sexy white sandals with your tongue. She even makes you lick the dirt off the undersides and wash the footprints on the tops. It is so humiliating to have this young dominant blonde wipe her sandals clean with your tongue and laugh at your dirty black tongue.
“Now BEG!!!” She lifts her foot above your face and points her toes, scrunching the soles and teasing you.
“SNIFF” You obey. You will do anything the cruel blonde Russian goddess commands! “Drink water from your doggy bowl and clean your dirty tongue. Be a good doggy or I will smack your nose!”
“LICK!!” You clean the undersides of both of her smelly feet, rich with shoe leather and her pungent aroma mixed together.
Your penis is throbbing. You wonder how long she will tease you, until she makes you jerk off for her, like she did last time you saw her. She had laughed at the big puddle you made all over the floor at her feet last week. You were red faced with shame, but here you are again this week, willing to pay her for the privilege of adoring Noelle’s pretty bare feet once more.

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Hot Lea in sheer grey nylons

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Lea is only 21, but she knows how attracted I was to her size 7.5 foot. My resolve was tested by Lea. I had been made to watch her put on make-up, then I was made to crawl to the great room and watch her slip on pantyhose as she sat on her blue leather couch. “Kneel and keep your hands at your sides or I’ll whip you hard!” .
She then proceeded to rub my mushroom head with her nylon clad toes until my eyes must have rolled back into my head. Of course, I was NOT allowed to cum without Lea’s permission. She brought me to the brink several times with her powerful toes, using the pre-cum to titillate me even more. She made me beg her to be allowed to cum. She laughed at my predicament and made fun of me. I was quivering naked in her presence, afraid to disobey. She made me watch as she pulled the reinforced seam through the now purple slit in my penis head slowly. Her foot was so powerful and I was totally belittled and obedient to her sadistic whims.
She did eventually allow me to cum on her nylon foot, which she promptly slipped into her shoe and she then told me I would clean her foot off when she returned from the market.

sheer grey nylons

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