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3 December 2014 - 16:39Diane-sexy feet on table

This sexy brunette stares at the camera like she lusts for you, even before displaying her sexy feet you know they’re sexy! Showing off her beige platform heels you see her long polished toes poking out and enticing you. As she reveals her a glimpse of her sexy meaty soles you see the sweaty aroma drenched orange coloration – we know what you’re thinking, these soles simply have to be pressed to your face! Don’t miss Diane – we surely do miss her erotic smelling soles that could be smelt all across the studio!

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24 November 2014 - 16:42Sexy Joy teasing with her meaty soles

Always a joy to see Joy and this time on our sofa teasing with her thick meaty soles! Wearing her black sexy heels and long legs that go on for miles, she slowly dangles them off revealing the wrinkles and padded soles that drive you crazy! Not only are her tops with meaty long toes and deep nail beds ever so sexy wishing she wrapped them around you – but her large meaty soles will have you craving to be trampled and pressed to your face!

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3 November 2014 - 9:51Sexy Arielle in flat sandals

Dressed in a sexy tight sporting outfit, that alone will stir up your testosterone and looking down at her flat white matching sandals with sexy dark blue toes – will have you jumping out of your seat! The sexy sandals showing off her sexy thick meaty toes with deep nail beds in sexy dark blue will make you weak – Arielle is aware what effect her feet has on every living man!

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barefoot women

25 October 2014 - 9:46Hot Noelle with white painted toenails

Noelle is just an instant eroticism on first glance, the first thing you notice is her large feet wearing the strap toe-post sandals and the sexiest long meaty white painted toenails that you’ve seen! Not only does she have a beautiful kind, warm face – its even better with her perfect long toes! Some of the best tops you will see on our models – not to mention the sexiest soles with meaty long toe pads!

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13 October 2014 - 1:38Beautiful Martina with pink toenails

Its Martina again posing her tight sexy jeans laying on our bed – what more could we want? Her pink toenails and cute face are truly captivating, little meaty soles await you with toes that look like they can wiggle and tease expertly!

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22 September 2014 - 14:24Beautiful brunette Hera takes off her white socks

The beautiful Hera in her slim figure and casual attire looked so fresh and full of energy in her sexy tight jeans and white ankle socks dazzling before our eyes! Peeling her socks off slowly to show off beautiful pedicured long toes with long toenails ready to scratch you (in a sensual way) :)

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16 September 2014 - 13:51Hot brunette with big meaty soles

Hot brunettes don’t come better than this, here we have Aliya looking so pretty and innocently sexy! But don’t be fooled by her innocence, below the ankles we see soles of excellence. Meaty big and soft soles that you dream of pressing on your face – with her pretty face smiling at you, Aliya will give you dreams to remember!

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