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30 October 2015 - 15:17Flavia showing her amazing soles

Flavia is dressed with my favorite stretched blue jeans, talking about her day at home. Her warm smile and her relaxation are making me feel so cozy and well. I can’t help myself from noticing her barefoot. Although she has no intention of teasing me, she touches her soles with her toes, and I am favored to watch this incredible sensual show. As I come closer and closer to her feet, Flavia notices my erection and she encourages me to suck her big meaty toes. I am so happy to feel the sweet taste of her red polished toenails! My tongue is sliding gently all over her large soles and she is glad to see me so horny and pleased.

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23 October 2015 - 2:30Tall girl Flavia with amazing soles

Flavia is a tall sexy brunette, with green beautiful eyes. Although she has the look of an athlete because she is a volleyball player, she is very tender and calm. I love her long, slender legs dressed in grey stretched jeans. Although her clothes are very neutral, they emphasize the beauty of her perfect body. The black simple sandals are very feminine and the single sexy accessory she is wearing. I can easily see the perfect red polished toenails in her sandals and I can’t wait to kiss them. First, she offers me her shoes to smell and to taste, paying attention all my moves and reactions. I can still feel the warmth of her soles on the sandals, and sniffing them I am very pleased to feel the odor of her sweat. Enchanted, she also offers me up, on the table, her large feet. Oh, what a pleasure to lick and kiss these dirty soles!

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14 August 2015 - 0:05Sexy girl takes off her red high heels

A sexy girl who takes off her high heels has always been exciting for me. Her boyfriend jeans are also very hot: her legs can be easily guessed under the modern pants. The big, fertile breasts in a black bras are pumping the perfect white chemise, almost coming out, enchanting my eyes. The shining red shoes with a huge platform and stiletto heels are extremely appealing to me: I love to lick them and to suck the sexy spikes.
Joy is tenderly touching herself, her fingers cuddling the red high heels shoes. Then she takes them off and she offers me a spectacular show with her flexible bare feet. Seeing me so excited, she is smiling and encourages me to suck on her sweet meaty toes.

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26 June 2015 - 15:03Sexy Lea teasing with her shaped soles

I just love when Lea is relaxed, sitting on the couch, watching TV talk shows. Dressed casual, comfortable in sleeveless shirt and tight jeans, she enjoys herself but she enjoys me also because I watch her while she is playing with her feet, rubbing each other, touching her soft soles with the meaty toes.
As she watches TV, I kneel near her legs and I begin to sniff the sweet odor of her skin. She smiles and encourages me to go further. I suck her sweet big meaty toe and she giggles with pleasure. My tongue is all over her soft soles and I start nibbling her heels. I’m so excited and she feels my trousered cock when I put her feet on my lap. I’m hard and aroused and she rubs her soles on my pants wanting to feel more of me. Lea orders me to take my pants off and she spreads her toes touching my meat until I start pumping hot cum out.

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17 June 2015 - 1:01Hot blonde Madeline with beautiful feet

Madeline is blond and beautiful, delicate and sexy in the same time. She finds my secret pleasure as naughty and provocative. That’s why she loves to wear tights in order to highlight her sexy long legs. But, most of all, Madeline’ feet are so beautiful! I love her polished long toenails! Clean, perfect french like pedicure! I love to lick her long nails, to stick my tongue between her toes to feel the pleasant taste of her wonderful skin. When I suck her long toes I’m so whet! She never refuses me a footjob because she knows it is such a great pleasure for me!

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11 June 2015 - 15:00Hot Noelle rubbing her big feet

I met Noelle last week in the park. I noticed her immediately: tall, beautiful, long blond hair, long legs. She was wearing stretched jeans but my eyes were very pleased when I looked at her great feet. She was wearing black sandals with sexy strips and silver glitter. I found those sandals very sexy.
As we went to my place, she made herself comfortable and she took off her sandals. I took them and I sniffed because I was already aroused. The shoes were still warm and the footprint smelled so sweet. She watched me smiling, raising her large feet on the sofa: an invitation for me to sniff her meaty soles. I bowed and I found myself with her white toe nails on my lips. Just perfect! I thought! But it was not all. She pushed her toes into my mouth and she ordered me to clean them. It was unbelievable great! As I sucked her toes she ordered me to lick her soles because they needed to be cleaned, too. There were kicky moments for my special pleasure.

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3 June 2015 - 14:35Lea teasing with her arched feet

Lea sits near the window, relaxing her arched feet. Her jeans are perfectly stretched around her long legs. She smiles at me as I watch her moving slowly her astonishing toes with red polished nails. I’m very horny because she teases me arching her soles. I wander what would she say if I kiss her feet… I approach and I put my tongue on her toe, and because she groans, I dare to suck the big meaty toe. I’m so horny because I feel the sweet taste of the skin. As Lea moves slowly her legs under my kisses, the wrinkled feet are so exciting and I beg her to catch my manhood with her both feet because I’m so prepared to come.

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