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28 April 2015 - 14:18Beautiful Nerissa in black pantyhose and short jeans

From the very first moment I met Nerissa I noticed her long beautiful legs. She seemed as shy and delicate as a cat.
Entering the room she looks at me and she moves slowly to the white bed. Her long legs seem even longer dressed with the black sexy pantyhose. She rolls over showing her beautiful legs coming from the short jeans. Her red lips whisper to me:
? Come and touch my feet!
She crossed her legs waiting for me to worship her as my leg queen Nerissa.

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14 April 2015 - 7:01Shyla-Beautiful blonde in pantyhose – VIDEO

Shyla uses to wear leggings in order to emphasise her beautiful legs.I want her to wear jeans because I love how her body looks in it.
– I waited for her to come back from work.
– I’m so exhausted! I can hardly feel my legs.
– Lay down on the bad and rest your feet! I’ll take care of it!
She sits on the bad moving her sexy feet, trying to relax. Her amazing toes with red nails under the beige pantyhose are moving gently touching each other. I can’t resist just watching because I’m too excited and I begin to touch her feet.

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1 April 2015 - 14:52Beautiful Nerissa showing her soles

Brunette, tall and slim, Nerrisa is the girl that every man would have dreamed of. Most of all I like her legs, her beautiful long legs. She knows how to walk, like a feline, calm and sensual. She sits on the black sofa raising her legs on the table. Nerrisa loves playing, moving back and forth, crossing her long legs dressed in blue stretched jeans. I love her sitting on the black sofa, showing me her beautiful soles.

Her feet are delicate, soft and slender; her toes are continuously touching each other and I imagine myself kissing them for hours without getting enough of them. Nerissa dressed in her blue jeans leggings is a goddess and I worship her long slender toes with her nude polished toenails.

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9 March 2015 - 1:46Sexy brunette Arlene with high heels

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15 February 2015 - 6:23Hot brunette Hera with knee highs

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7 February 2015 - 14:46Beautiful young girl Nerissa barefoot

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2 February 2015 - 13:34Young cutie with wide soles

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