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3 February 2016 - 5:25Becky-Tall girl with big sexy feet

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I love to be dominated by a powerful girl like Becky. She is a brunette Latina so tall and athletic that is going to make you obey, no matter what she asks you to do. When I saw her all dressed in black, with those red high heels on, I couldn’t think of anything else but kissing her feet. Her stretched black jeans were so sexy and they were contrasting with the elegant high heels she was wearing. Taking them off, I was happy to see the most beautiful toes: long and meaty, black polished. She watched me sucking her toes, moaning from time to time, encouraging me to go on. She was curving her soles, allowing me to fit my cock between them. My senses were so high and she intended to fully please me.

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8 August 2011 - 17:19Dominant brunette with sexy big soles and red toenails

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I am such a wimp around foot teasers and Gloria knew she “owned” me from the moment she caught me gazing at her pretty size 9 feet. Gloria would have me come over to the room she was renting, pick up her laundry weekly and wash and dry it and deliver it back to her. Gloria was a quite a messy person as well and made me come over and clean her room just for the opportunity to smell, lick and kiss her feet.
She would often have me kneel naked in the corner with my ankles and wrists tied while she sat on the leather couch and teased me terribly, flaunting her brown suede sandals before my eyes. After quite awhile, I would do anything to please the dominant lady and she would release me and allow me to pleasure her naked feet with my tongue.

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20 June 2011 - 18:38Leggy brunette in black pantyhose

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“I view a man’s fetishes as a tool with which I can train him to conform to my expectations. As a dancer, my feet are always sweaty, tired, and smelly when I get home from work. That’s when a foot slave is most useful to me. My current slave was submissive and had a foot fetish when I first met him; however, he had a strong preference for squeaky clean, perfumed feet. I now make him smell and lick the stink off my nylon feet completely before he is allowed to do anything else. It was obvious that he was a spineless wimp with no ego and was willing to do anything to earn a place at my feet. He had potential. I knew that with a little training and conditioning, he could become an efficient slave to me,” Miss Donna said in the interview, as she smiled and flipped her lovely dark, silky hair back and caressed her leather riding crop. As she spoke her slave knelt meekly at her feet, looking submissively down at her feet with his slave collar around his neck awaiting the command to adore her feet. She pointed her black nylon size 8.5 foot in the air, looked at his quivering naked body at the end of her leash, laughed cruelly, and said one word: “BEG!”

black pantyhose

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4 June 2011 - 9:33Alexia teasing with her meaty soles

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Miss Alexia just caught you staring at her dangling her sexy red high heels. You could not keep your eyes off her high arches which she teasingly exposed and then giggled at your reaction. You sank to your knees and begged to massage her meaty pink soles. “There is some dirt on them, first you must clean them off with your tongue,” she commands. You are so infatuated with her beauty that you devote all of your skills for several minutes to this demeaning task. “Now fetch a tub of warm bath water for my feet. I will relax and then you will polish my toes afterwards. Then you will have to massage my feet until I tell you that you may stop,” she says as she smiles and looks down at the throbbing boner in your pants, then she points and laughs at your wet spot.

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12 April 2011 - 12:36Donna and Clara footshow

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Miss Donna and Miss Clara invited you over to kneel at the foot of the bed and clean their feet with your tongue while they relax and look at videos on their laptop. You will have to suck their toes and apply new toenail polish and blow them dry with your mouth while massaging their soles with your hands. Afterwards, they will require a nice, long massage with warm lotion. Will you be allowed to have any release? Maybe, if you do a good job.


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16 February 2011 - 11:31Dominant blonde make you submit to her big feet

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dominant feet

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