Cute Lisbeth teasing with her big red toenails

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Just look at her! You suddenly fall in love with her feet. Cute Lisbeth is sitting on the sofa, she has just
entered the room, she is still wearing her sandals and she is smiling at me noticing how I am staring at
her legs. She smiles because she knows that I can’t wait to smell her flip flops, I want to kiss her dirty
soles, I want to clean every part of her feet. That’s why Lisbeth put her feet on the small table in front of
her waiting for me to act exactly as I feel. I want, first of all, to take off her sandals and smell the flavor
of her sweat. I adore the sweet taste of her dirty soles.

Hot Robin arching her sexy feet

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Yes, Robin looks exactly like Angelina Jolie! In my opinion she is even prettier, because I have the opportunity to kiss and touch her, besides the fact that she is younger and her skin is soft and perfumed.
Today she is posing for me because I want to keep some great pictures of her. Her perfect body is well dressed in this brown feminine dress that emphasizes her boobs, her waist and her legs. As she is sitting there, raising her legs, I am very attracted to her sexy feet. She arches her feet and I find them appealing, that’s why I stop taking pictures and begin to kiss her dirty soles, wanting to clean them, to feel every spot of her skin. She tastes great and I feel like I’m in heaven with her both large feet touching my hard dick.

Beautiful Karly with red painted toenails

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So cute, delicate and feminine is Karly, one of the newest models from the agency. She knows how to highlight herself, how to pose and even to smile at the camera. Her blue eyes are so alive and sexy, communicating beyond words. Her smile with perfect white teeth makes everyone feel comfortable, and think that she is in love with. Today, at this photo shoot, she is wearing an extremely sexy dress that is exposing her sexy back. A lot of silky skin, especially because she is barefoot on the large bed. Her long slender legs are tanned and very exposed for the excited spectator who enjoys the beauty of Karly’s feet. Large dirty soles and long perfect toes, are a feet lover’s dream. Her blood red polished toenails are very sensual, increasing the beauty of her perfect feet.

Sexy blonde Madeline with big dirty feet

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She is Madeline, a beautiful blonde who is wearing a short, stretched, black dress. Although her dress is very simple, she looks comfortable and sexy in the same time. I am attracted to her and, most of all, I can’t take my eyes off her gorgeous feet. She loves to walk around the house barefoot and this is the reason why, most of the time, her big feet are dirty. In a sexy and appealing way, of course! Now, sitting on the chair, swinging her long legs, exposing her large soles, I feel excited and wanting to kiss her feet. Her sexy tattoo on the back of her ankle is also extremely appealing. I’m so horny and I want her to punish me by ordering me to clean her feet with my tongue.

Beautiful Noelle with black toenails

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Noelle has an expressive face: big green eyes, a perfect skin and an adorable smile. She loves to dress in comfortable clothes such as a simple black T-shirt and modern black jeans. This jeans are ripped on her knees and some threads are disorderly hanging. I find this image quite sexy, especially that Noelle is wearing some interesting beige sandals with platforms and high heels. I want to touch these shoes, to feel the fine texture of the straps. This wonderful girl teases me exposing her feet on the table in front of her, and I have to come close and smell them. I love the scent of sweet sweat on her soles! She lets me touch and caress her big feet and I am about to lick every spot on her dirty soles, to suck every one of her sexy black polished toenails. She enjoys my treatment and she moans of pleasure from time to time.

Sexy Joy showing her dirty soles

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Relaxing afternoon, Joy is sitting on the balcony dressed casual in jeans and an easy blue shirt that allows me to see her big, round tits. Her barefoot are also relaxing on the small wooden table, her legs dressed in tight sexy jeans are outstretched and I can watch Joy showing me all her beauties.
We are just having an easy conversation and I can’t keep my eyes from her dirty soles. First I am touching her feet with my fingers, talking nonsense because I am already aroused imagining myself cleaning her wrinkled soles with my eager wet tongue.
Joy feels that I am anxious and she rubs her barefoot on my body encouraging me to kiss her unbelievable sexy soles. Rolling on the chair, she lets me see her round shaped ass and she offers me her hills to clean them. She cuddles as I lick her soles and she wants me to suck her every cute toe in order not to miss a spot of her dirty barefoot. Such an exciting, knockout experience!

Danna – dirty feet on bathroom

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Danna walked barefoot and her hot soles are very dirty, so she will go take a shower and clean those feet. Follow her and see what happends!

dirty feet

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Cute girl showing her meaty soles

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Darlene is our latest model at Feet&Jeans and she loves to show us her meaty soles and her clear toenails. And she has a great body and such a nice smile!


Barefoot girl shows soles outdoors

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We found a nice place somewhere in the forest and Audrey thought it would be fun to get in the trunk and kick off her shoes. Watch her slender long soles slightly dirty and her great french pedicure!


Kris showing her big natural soles

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Watch Kris in a hot photoset taking off her shoes and letting you enjoy her big natural soles. Her shaped size 8 soles and her pink pedicured toes will make you dream!


Hot blonde with red toenails

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Here’s a superb photo set from Ed Fox, featuring hot blonde Casey showing her dirty feet in an industrial setup. She’s hot from head to toe and she knows how to tease you with her dirty bare soles and red polished toenails and also her nice rounded ass. Enjoy these photos!


Dirty feet blonde in the car

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Another great series of Ed Fox, showing this hot blonde girl showing her dirty soles and masturbating in the car. Watch her dirty soles from behind while she pushes her hand deep inside her pussy!