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A foot fetish blog dedicated to beautiful girls showing their feet. Foot photos, bare soles, foot worship, footjobs, wrinkled soles, nyloned feet- everything is here for you!

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7 February 2016 - 6:19Brunette Celine with wrinkled soles

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Brunette Celine with wrinkled soles is obviously my first choice when talking about the beauty of a woman’s feet. Yes, I also have in mind the fact that she looks a lot like Cleopatra and the fact that she behaves like an Egyptian queen. Her long black hair and her big black eyes are some extra advantages, of course, but her long slender legs, dressed in shinning electric blue leggings are my favorite part of her great body. As she stretches her right leg, I can have a perfect view of her soles: a work of art. A combination of tanned and white skin emphasizing the wrinkles on her soles are making me very anxious to touch her. Her meaty toes with white polished nails are sensual and delicate, expecting my passionate kisses.

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1 June 2015 - 15:17Hot brunette Celine with long toes

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We were just talking sitting at a table, drinking a coffee when I saw her legs. Brunette, sexy and delicate, Celine was dressed in a perfect white modern blouse and short jeans that emphasised the beauty of her long tanned legs. My eyes looked down interested to see the feet. I was so pleased to see two gorgeous feet in purple sandals. The straps of the sandals made the feet look even sexier. I saw delicate long toes with white polished nails and I bowed to touch them. She raised her legs and she got off her sexy shoes. I took them and I smelled the great taste of her feet. As she watched me touching her sandals, she sat on the table and she raised her legs on the chair, in front of me. I was so pleased because she offered me her long toes and I started to suck them. Kissing and licking these amazing soles was an more than exiting and sexy experience!

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13 May 2015 - 15:05Sexy brunette barefoot in short jeans

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I don’t know how Celine does it but she makes me horny every time I see her dressed in short tight jeans. Her long legs are amazing, with beautiful, soft and silky skin. I love to put my tongue along these gorgeous legs. Her feet are just perfect and get wet just by smelling the tanned skin. She gives me her long toes beautifully white polished to be kissed. I’m crazy sucking her big meaty toe! She loves to rub her long legs onto my face and then she gives me her toes again and again.

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5 February 2015 - 14:41Hot brunette Celine with big soles

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Celine came at my place because she forgot home her umbrella and outside started to rain. I was on her way she said. I invited her in and I was preparing a coffee when I noticed her beige high heels shoes. I thought the shoes were very sexy and her lickable legs were tanned and silky. She started to play with her shoes, dangling it up and down, and then she took it off. Because I was excited watching, I forgot about the coffee and I took the shoes smelling them, feeling the warmth of Celine’s feet. She put her legs on the table ordering me to sniff her feet. I obeyed and I sniffed the sweet odor…she pushed her toes into my mouth and I got so pleased. When she ordered me to clean her wrinkled soles, my tongue was on her feet. I was so grateful!

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11 January 2015 - 14:03Sexy brunette Celine with long toes

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Being a hot summer, Celine dresses in aerial, fine dresses and she wears sandals and flip-flops. These kinds of outfits emphasize her beautiful tanned long legs.
Today she came to my place wearing these sandals with black and golden stripes. Her arched soles are almost naked, the scent of her feet is so vivid and present all aver the room. She plays with her legs dangling up and down, crossing and rubbing each other. I’m anxious to sniff her sandal and that’s why I beg her to take it off. I still feel the warmth of her sexy soles! My tongue plays slowly on the sandal while Celine raises her long feet in front of me making me hot. She spreads her long toes on my lips and I suck her orange polished toenails. I’m so pleased when she offers me exactly what I want!

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16 November 2014 - 14:14Sexy brunette Celine with long toes

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Celine is the sexy brunette you always dreamed about, tall, dark with large feet and long toes – but behold its a reality! Crossing her sexy long legs you cannot take your eyes away from her sexy strappy platform heels revealing LONG toes that are at least 2 inches in length! In this picture set – she not only removes the heels but displays her long toes spread out on the table! She is well aware that her sexy long toes drive you crazy!

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