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A foot fetish blog dedicated to beautiful girls showing their feet. Foot photos, bare soles, foot worship, footjobs, wrinkled soles, nyloned feet- everything is here for you!

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28 August 2016 - 8:27Patti-Cute model with small rough soles

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Patti is sitting on the large bed, barefoot, waiting for me to start cleaning her small rough soles. She is a cute model who loves to get a special treatment for her beautiful feet. I am aware that she is a little pretentious but, in the same time I feel challenged to offer her the greatest pleasure of her life. First, I give her a feet massage, then I touch every millimeter of her skin with my tongue, insisting on her rough soles. I am getting excited and I can feel that she is pleased also. My tongue insists on the little space between her cute toes with sexy black painted toenails. I start sucking on her meaty toes and she moans of pleasure, satisfied.

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12 July 2016 - 13:44Beautiful Dena with black toenails

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Blue eyed Dena is young, interesting and delicate. She loves dresses and now she is wearing a tight black dress. She looks very feminine and tetchy and she teases me by playing with her legs, sitting there, barefoot. Her whole body is absolutely amazing with curves and all the sexy shapes a woman needs. She is rubbing her legs on each other as an invitation for any foot and leg worshiper. Vixenish she invites me to come closer so that I can feel the sweet smell of her soles. It’s so appealing! I can’t stop myself from licking the worm soft skin of her soles. She moves slowly, pressing gently her feet onto my face, like a big petted cat. Her big black painted toenails are feeling great into my mouth and then, satisfied she’s rubbing my big dick with her soles.

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3 February 2016 - 5:25Becky-Tall girl with big sexy feet

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I love to be dominated by a powerful girl like Becky. She is a brunette Latina so tall and athletic that is going to make you obey, no matter what she asks you to do. When I saw her all dressed in black, with those red high heels on, I couldn’t think of anything else but kissing her feet. Her stretched black jeans were so sexy and they were contrasting with the elegant high heels she was wearing. Taking them off, I was happy to see the most beautiful toes: long and meaty, black polished. She watched me sucking her toes, moaning from time to time, encouraging me to go on. She was curving her soles, allowing me to fit my cock between them. My senses were so high and she intended to fully please me.

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24 December 2015 - 3:15Ellie-Tall girl with black toenail polish

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So sexy and sylph, Ellie has got the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. Her legs are so long, slender and fine, and that’s the main reason for me to worship her and to accomplish any of her needs. Now, Ellie is wearing a short, very sexy black dress, her boobies and her legs being perfectly highlighted. She is not wearing any pantyhose but some appealing black high heels sandals. Her smooth skin is glowing and her feet are even sexier on those black stripes sandals. I am anxious to smell her soles and that’s why she is offering me her legs in order to help her take off her shoes. I am so obedient and I kneel in front of her, putting her feet onto my lap, feeling so excited and horny. I know that she is going to make me clean her soles and I can’t wait to suck her perfect black polished toenails.

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8 October 2015 - 12:46Cute girl Amy with high arches

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Young Amy is so cute and smiling! Although she is very delicate, almost fragile, she looks very sexy in her black stretched jeans that make her legs seem even longer. She knows exactly that I’m interested in her gorgeous feet and that’s why she’s barefoot on the bed, sprawling and exposing her soles. Her toes are so long and meaty, so good to be licked and sucked. Today, her black polished toenails are even more appealing than usual, so sexy! My tongue can’t get enough of it! My mouth is busy on the wrinkled soles and my cock is getting harder and harder. Amy catches my cock between her high arches and rubs it quickly, using also her long slender toes and her large soles. I’m so grateful for such a perfect foot job!

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1 May 2015 - 15:04Hot redhead Elva with black toenails

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As Elva sits on her chair she discovers her beautiful legs revealed by the blue long dress. Her silky leg skin wants to be touched. I watch her moving her sexy feet on the chair and I’m so into touching them. She moves slowly on the table as I asked her to show me her sexy toes. Her amazing meaty soles make me crazy. They are more beautiful than her big blue eyes.

Elva’s enchanting polished black toe nails are so beautifully contrasting up on the white table. Wicked as a fox, she feels that I long for her feet and she teases me moving softly her legs from chair to table.


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