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21 May 2015 - 14:37Amazing Hera in black nylons and barefoot

I love when Hera is relaxed. She sits on the bed almost undressed. Her beautiful legs are more gorgeous in black nylons. She wears black pantyhose and a black sexy bra. The white chemise seems to be put on only to increase the beauty of her body, to make her legs mysterious and sexy. Like a feline, she moves slowly on the white sheet, and the contrast between her feet and the bed makes me horny. She lies on the bed letting her soles to be kissed and licked. She rubs her red nailed toes against my face and I can smell the sweet perfume of her feet.


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28 April 2015 - 14:18Beautiful Nerissa in black pantyhose and short jeans

From the very first moment I met Nerissa I noticed her long beautiful legs. She seemed as shy and delicate as a cat.Entering the room she looks at me and she moves slowly to the white bed. Her long legs seem even longer dressed with the black sexy pantyhose. She rolls over showing her beautiful legs coming from the short jeans.
Her red lips whisper to me:
– Come and touch my feet!
She crossed her legs waiting for me to worship her as my leg queen Nerissa.

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29 March 2014 - 9:13Erica-Cute girl in black pantyhose

The beautiful 21 year old Erica caught my attention when I first set eyes on her at the cafe, dangling her patent leather flats with that enigmatic smile of dominance, like a natural Mistress Domme – we had no choice but to invite her back for a photo shoot! As she lay on the sofa displaying her sexy long black pantyhose legs – that same smile of dominance like the Mona Lisa pierced my eyes making my camera shake!

Her long legs with her dainty size 6 feet was breathtaking, the soles of her feet with the perfect curves from the arches to the tip of her toes perfectly proportioned and tapered from the big toes down to the pinkies :) The fresh smell of leather with a hint of sweet pantyhose dawned on me as I came closer to her magnificent soles, making me want to drop the camera and worship her feet like they deserved 😛

Erica’s unique beautiful features displaying her black pantyhose soles will have you hooked, the Mona Lisa of our foot fetish models!

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27 February 2014 - 14:27Erica-black pantyhose on sofa

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29 May 2013 - 14:27Janka black pantyhose clip

Cute Janke showing her legs and feet in black panythose.

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6 May 2013 - 11:38Kate-Beautiful girl in black patterned nylons and barefoot

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31 March 2013 - 14:58Hot Delya in black pantyhose

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