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27 November 2016 - 12:00Josephine-Beautiful girl with soft big soles

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I love the way Josephine looks in the morning light, just before going to work. Today, she is dressed in a pair of light blue ripped jeans and a simple large white shirt. After taking a shower she came out on the balcony to drink a cup of black coffee. I have noticed that her make-up is prefect and that she chose a pair of interesting sandals to wear today at work. I tell her that she smells great, her perfume is absolutely astonishing, and her skin is irresistible. She smiles at me obviously exposing her perfect feet in order to tease me even more. I start touching her soles, feeling the curves of her feet and the perfection of her meaty long toes. I’m sure this morning is going to be great!

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6 October 2016 - 1:28Edna-Sexy blonde with big soles

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Looking sexy and willing to satisfy my need for beautiful feet, Edna is expecting me on the balcony, sitting on that wooden chair, exposing her legs and the gorgeous feet. Her sandals instantly caught my attention because they are sexy, delicate and funny in the same time. I love to smell the scent of her Edna’s soles on the worm sandal, as soon as she takes them off. She is just looking at me, how I touch her high heels and I kiss them, getting more and more excited ready to kiss her large soles, and to feel her big meaty toes in my mouth. Her blue painted toenails are looking so interesting and appealing and that’s why she teases me moving her toes, playing with them, eager for my kisses.

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10 July 2016 - 5:58Ida-Tall brunette with big meaty soles

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Ida is a real goddess who doesn’t accept no for an answer. She is so imposing sitting there on the armchair as a queen sitting on her royal throne. Very confident and sexy, wearing stretched long jeans and flowery high heels, she orders me to take off her shoes and to give her a foot massage, knowing that she is going to feel better this way. I obey and I take her feet into my hands, not resisting and starting to smell her shoes, touching them gently and then, encouraged by her smile I start to lick the sexy heels. Having enough of her shoes, horny and wanting more, I move to the next level, taking her high heels off and kissing her big meaty soles. It feels absolutely amazing!

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24 May 2016 - 14:41Tayla-Beautiful girl with green pedicured toes

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Tayla came home from the park where she went with her friends to take a walk. She is relaxed and she is telling me how great it was, that she stopped near the lake and they enjoyed the warm spring sun. Indeed, the weather is so appropriate for flip flops, as the summer is near, and my eyes were caught by this pleasant detail. These black sandals are making her cute feet look sexy and appealing to me. That’s why I get closer to her, in order to feel the odor of her almost perfect feet. Tayla, sitting on the comfortable sofa, allows me to taste the sweet sweat of her soles. Then, she takes off her sandals and she makes me suck her long toes. Her green polishes toenails are so perfect and sexy and when she touches my cock with her feet I feel like I am about to cum.

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18 April 2016 - 13:28Brunette teacher Dena with glasses showing her sexy feet

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I have always had a propensity for teachers, especially for those who are wearing glasses. She is about to go to a club and she is wearing a black sexy blouse and black modern stretched jeans. But, most of all I am attracted to her sexy sandals with a high platform. She has long black hair and beautiful blue eyes, seeming shy and tender. She is expecting me to kiss her feet and that’s why she takes off her sandals, inviting me to feel the smell of her soles. I take one of her shoes and my senses are thrilled with pleasure, feeling the scent of her feet. I am anxious to taste the skin of her soles and that’s why I want to take both her feet into my hands, sliding my tongue along her feet. I am very excited and my dick is getting harder and harder, until it bursts covering her feet with my seminal fluid.

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25 March 2016 - 8:49Inga-Beautiful blonde with perfect shaped feet

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When she entered into the room, the first thing I noticed, was the way she was dressed: a perfect white lacy overall. Intriguing, indeed: an aerial fairy or a sexy goddess? Blonde and delicate, Inga didn’t seem to have in mine such questions. Her attitude was sexy, looking confident and powerful in spite of her almost fragile look. Her black striped sandals shed a lot of sex appeal and her red polished toenails were yelling at me to kneel and kiss them. I was looking astonished at her perfect curved soles, sniffing the scent of her shoes. Her warm skin made my blood pump faster through my veins. Kissing her perfect shaped feet was almost a dream: I felt like being in heaven with the most beautiful goddess allowing me to taste her sweet divine soles.

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13 March 2016 - 6:07Kera-Sexy girl with long toes

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Smiling, she was playing with me, laying on the large white bed. Young and cute, Kera was joking about my unstoppable will to kiss her feet. She was rolling on the bed, spreading her long legs and raising them up. Balancing her feet and rubbing her soles with her toes, she wanted to know how long I would resist not touching her. I was sure I was about to lose the game but I considered this situation as being extremely exciting. Her stretched blue jeans were very sexy as well, emphasizing the beauty of Kera’s legs and the sexiness of her booty. As I felt my dick very hard and firm, I started to lick her large soles. I reached the peak of my pleasure sucking her long toes.

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