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14 December 2015 - 12:28Becky-Sexy redhead with big soles

Becky is very tall and slender, athletic but sexy in the same time. There is something imperial about her that makes the men shiver in front of her. Although she is perfectly aware of the fact that she creates rumors wherever she goes, she continues to smile superior like a queen. Her whole looks inspires power and self-confidence. I love all these details about her and most of all I love when she plays with me acting like a goddess whose obedient servant I am. Her sexy feminine white dresses are only secondary accessories beyond the beauty of her incredible sexy blue sandals. These high heels leather sandals are very delicate and they look almost lacy. It is an incredible feeling touching and kissing them. As a goddess she always makes me kneel and kiss her big soles, venerating the beauty of her barefoot, and of her natural perfect toenails.

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14 November 2015 - 0:40Ellie – Sexy brunette with big soles

I was interested to meet Ellie because she told me on the phone that she’ll come over to my apartment as soon as I was available because she needed a feet massage. She had my phone number from a common acquaintance, very pleased with the services that I offered. Seeing Ellie in her stretched jeans, with those incredible sensual beige high heels, wearing that sexy T-shirt that told me directly “I want you!” I was already nervous. She behaved very natural, knowing exactly what she wanted: she sat on the black sofa, stretching her legs towards me, ordering to take off her shoes. I understood that she is very dominant and that I had to do whatever she asked me to, in order for her to be satisfied. I started to massage her feet, pressing gently with my fingers, and soon I was ordered to clean her dirty soles with my tongue. From that moment I knew exactly that I had to obey, and her pleasure was going to become my satisfaction.

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8 November 2015 - 2:02Sexy blonde Madeline with big arched soles

Madeline, blonde and sexy, dressed in an immaculate white chemise, is expecting a feet massage, and knowing that I am an expert in this domain, is already barefoot. Her jeans are very sexy, exposing her long legs, and especially, her tanned knees. Very sensual, she is balancing her legs, anxious for me to do my job. She stretches her legs and she orders me to hurry because her need for a massage is very intense. Because I am watching her, following all her moves, I am very excited and I am trying not to show my real emotions. “Just kneel and touch my feet! I want you to give me a great foot massage!” She offers me her great feet and I begin to press every little part of her big soles with my dexterous fingers. Obviously, I ended licking her arched soles, and sucking her big meaty toes.

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2 July 2015 - 4:04Aurora-Sexy tall girl with big feet

My neighbour is a tall very sexy redhead. What I love about her is the fact that she wears jeans and sexy shoes. I have complimented her a few times and she seemed to be flattered. Yesterday she rang on my door bell, anxious to show me her new red high heels shoes.
– Oh, my God, Aurora, you’re so sexy with these red shoes on! I said.
– I was sure you’re going to love these winkle pikers! The golden spikes and the platform are extremely sexy. Just watch! And she took off her shoes in order for me to see well.
I couldn’t help myself and I took one of the shoes and I started to sniff it.
– It’s ok! She said! And she lifted her feet on the sofa so that I could see closer her big feet and her blue polished toenails. She pressed her big meaty toe under my nose and then she pushed it into my mouth:
– Suck it! I know you love it, she ordered.
I was under her spell, sucking her sweet toes and licking her large soles. She made me cum and then she said:
– You must worship my feet and obey my commands if you want something like this to happen again!
I promised her that I would be her own slave.

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29 June 2015 - 8:02Sexy Natasha flexing her soles

Natasha is a real vixen, so sexy it hurts! You simply can’t look at her without feeling your crotch arousing. At work, she is a careful nurse, but when she comes home she takes care just of you, she is your personal nurse: short white dress, long silky legs, perfectly shaped feet, impeccable french pedicure. I think it is enough to make you feel alive and itching for more.
Her gams are her most important medicines to make you feel excited. She behaves very bossy ordering you to lie down on the floor. First she examines you with her sexy look and then she rubs her feet along your body, touching every inch of you. She insists on your face, pressing your nose and your mouth, insisting with the toes between the lips. She makes you sniff her beautiful soles and suck her gorgeous toes.
When she notices that your face is red, and your pulse is very high, she moves her flexible feet around your dick and she rubs until you cum out. Her job is well done.

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21 June 2015 - 7:05Beautiful brunette Olympia with big soles

Brunettes with long straight hair are my favorite girls. Olympia is a delicate beautiful brunette who has something noble about her looks: she seems to be a princess from an old noble house, a countess or something like this, whose sexual habits are special and sophisticated. She loves her feet to be touched, licked, sucked…to be worshiped. Though so fine and elegant, she wears tight jeans on her perfect long legs but her feet are exposed and she rubs them slowly and sensual. She can make herself come just by caressing her feet on each other. But when the eligible man is around her, she can make his day because she loves to stick her toes into his mouth and then she would make him come hard.

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17 February 2015 - 14:21Beautiful girl in nude pantyhose

Perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair, more than perfect long beautiful legs…that’s how I can describe this gorgeous brunette. She is so classy but sexy in the same time and her sexy feet are so attracting to me. As I see her standing there in her nude pantyhose I’m trying to resist the desire of kissing her soles. But she wants it and she offers herself putting her legs near my face. I feel the silky soft pantyhose and I’m horny smelling the flavor of her smooth soles. It’s more than pleasure sucking her long slender soles and her toenails.

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