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17 February 2015 - 14:21Beautiful girl in nude pantyhose

Perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair, more than perfect long beautiful legs…that’s how I can describe this gorgeous brunette. She is so classy but sexy in the same time and her sexy feet are so attracting to me. As I see her standing there in her nude pantyhose I’m trying to resist the desire of kissing her soles. But she wants it and she offers herself putting her legs near my face. I feel the silky soft pantyhose and I’m horny smelling the flavor of her smooth soles. It’s more than pleasure sucking her long slender soles and her toenails.

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5 February 2015 - 14:41Hot brunette Celine with big soles

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1 December 2014 - 6:35Beautiful redhead Athena with sexy big feet

Athena is a long legged red hot haired girl with dreamy eyes just waiting for you to worship her large sexy feet! Glancing down to her flip flops you can tell that her feet are moist full of erotic aromas displaying a brilliant sexy foot and big toe print on the sandals. Long toes with sexy polished toenails are displayed on the sofa before she lets you have a taste of her long slender soles!

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1 October 2014 - 13:26New model Arielle – Hot redhead with big meaty soles

Arielle – this hot red headed milf will surely have make you hot with desire! That hot sexy face with a toned tanned sexy body was just oozing with sex appeal, sitting at lounge her long legs revealed matured meaty pads of feet excellence! Meaty soles that have matured and filled out, with plump meaty long toes that are waiting to be savoured!

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3 September 2014 - 7:44Cute Tess showing her arched feet

The slender tall and cute Tess looks so appealing in her jeans and barefeet smiling at you innocently, but looking down at her feet we see arched sculptures of magnificence! Tapered long toes with perfect toenails and not to mention soles together with the high arches making them a work of art!

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17 August 2014 - 13:36Amazing Selena kicking off her shoes

Selena has the looks of a supermodel and to top it up, the soles of a Goddess! Any sole fan simply most have these video’s in their collection without a doubt one of the finest and sexiest soles elegantly and slowly teasing you to sheer bliss!

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4 August 2014 - 0:55Hot brunette Isis with sexy rough soles

Isis not only sounds Egyptian but she looks like an Egyptian princess with those piercing exotic looks, immediately without even looking at her feet – you know its sexy as hell! With her ripped jeans glancing down to her long toes you’ll see her sexy radiant bright white polish hypnotizing you! Coming to her soles, you’ll see them rough and sexy and ready for action – to grind and trample you beneath them and she knows you want it!

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