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A foot fetish blog dedicated to beautiful girls showing their feet. Foot photos, bare soles, foot worship, footjobs, wrinkled soles, nyloned feet- everything is here for you!

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4 September 2016 - 7:42Sabine-Beautiful model with amazingly sexy feet

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Sabine is a beautiful model with amazingly sexy feet and a perfect body, who knows exactly how to tease. Today she came to the photo shoot dressed in blue jeans and a casual T-shirt that gives me an impressive sight to her sexy shoulders and to her appealing feet. I love the nude shade on her painted toenails, very natural and sexy in the same time. I also must admit that the flip-flops that she is wearing, simple and precious, are absolutely incredible: I can’t take my eyes of them. Those shiny flowers on her tanned skin create an incredible sexy look, so that I must beg her to let me taste a bit of her rough soles and some of her perfect, long elegant toes.

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2 April 2016 - 13:29Isis-Hot tattooed girl barefoot

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Isis is not going to let any weak man around her. She is very strong and unique in her special way. She loves her tattoos and every one of them has its special meaning. She loves to wear black, not in order to create an interesting image but because she feels great in it. Obviously, looking at her someone would say that her purpose is to look hot. She would say that looking sexy comes after feeling great with herself. Her black leathers are a compliment to her slender legs and a preamble to her large feet. I love her wrinkled soles and the way she curves her feet in order to make me want her more. She doesn’t have to insist with her languorous moves because I’m already kissing her splendid bare feet.

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14 August 2015 - 0:05Sexy girl takes off her red high heels

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A sexy girl who takes off her high heels has always been exciting for me. Her boyfriend jeans are also very hot: her legs can be easily guessed under the modern pants. The big, fertile breasts in a black bras are pumping the perfect white chemise, almost coming out, enchanting my eyes. The shining red shoes with a huge platform and stiletto heels are extremely appealing to me: I love to lick them and to suck the sexy spikes.
Joy is tenderly touching herself, her fingers cuddling the red high heels shoes. Then she takes them off and she offers me a spectacular show with her flexible bare feet. Seeing me so excited, she is smiling and encourages me to suck on her sweet meaty toes.

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8 June 2015 - 6:09Sexy brunette Hera with red toenails

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My name is Hera. Yes, the same name as the goddess. I’m sure you will find out that is no exaggeration when I say that I’m a feet goddess and this is not only in my opinion. All the feet lovers I met told me that I have the greatest feet they saw in their life. Of course you are allowed to watch my naked legs; my soft skin is eager for you to taste it. Red toenails are your favorites, isn’t it? I painted my toenails especially for you. Don’t be shy if you want to sniff my feet! I want you to kiss my wrinkled soles! I’ll make you suck my meaty soles. And if you’re horny enough, my long toes will make you come.

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19 January 2015 - 13:55Sexy redhead Samia with tattoo on her feet

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Samia is a typical goddess: beautiful and powerful! Only by looking, you feel that you should kneel and kiss her amazing feet. She dresses in short jeans with animal print on it, wearing long brown stretched high heels boots. I love these boots! She looks like a rough rider wearing them. I feel that she needs a whip to give me the lash from time to time, when I’m not that good licking her arched soles. She orders me to kiss her boots, to lick the high heel and I obey feeling her soft legs and her sweet smell.
Her boots are only for teasing…getting them off she is my barefoot master. I am aroused when she shows me the sexy tattoo on her feet. I love to lick it! As I suck her long toes she feels I’m so hard and she is giving me a divine foot job.

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8 September 2014 - 13:58Hera-Hot brunette with amazing feet

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This time we have Hera – but looking like a million dollars dressed like a princess! We were just star struck as she looked so sexy as if she was going to Cannes or the Oscar ceremonies. But the icing on the cake was when she revealed her amazing sexy feet, perfect meaty soles with long meaty toes perfectly pedicured with her signature long toenails that look so sexy it hurts!

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14 July 2014 - 7:13Tall girl teasing with her sexy feet

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What do tall sexy girls have that most foot fetishist lust for?? The answer is BIG sexy feet with long toes and that’s clearly what we have here, not only do her long legs go on for miles in those tight sexy jeans but they reveal long elegant feet in sexy sandals with equally long dexterous toes that could grab you with ease!

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