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14 April 2016 - 13:44Aurora-Tall girl with big feet

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I was anxious to meet Aurora, knowing that she is very beautiful and that she loves her feet to be kissed.Dressed like a little princess in her little black lacy dress she was expecting me, wearing some sexy beige high heels. She was expecting me to kneel and crawl in front of her, in order to touch her perfect legs. First I wanted to smell her shoes, feeling the warmth of her feet. Getting excited, I heard her ordering me to kiss her feet, and quickly, she said. She lifted her right leg and I could see a dirty sexy sole. I started to lick her sole and she was watching me, smiling, seeming to be very satisfied. I took care of both her feet, kissing, licking and caressing her soles and her beautiful toes.

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10 December 2015 - 5:56Aurora-Tall girl with big soles

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Looking very relaxed and comfortable, wearing those stretched blue jeans, Aurora was unbelievable sexy to me. Her make-up was perfect, emphasizing her eyes and her sensual lips. She is a tall redhead who loves to wear high heels and that’s the aspect that attracted me from the first time I saw her. On that Sunday afternoon she was wearing some beige sexy high heels that she offered me to smell. Taking them off, she was watching me happy to feel the scent of her feet on those great shoes. Since I was delighted sniffing, she ordered me to clean her soles, pressing her large feet onto my face. While she was rubbing her feet on my lips I was feeling very horny and I began to suck on her big meaty toes. She was very satisfied to see me excited.

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22 August 2015 - 7:41Tall girl Aurora takes off her white socks

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Coming from college, dressed in her casual jeans, Aurora is talking about today’s classes and about a workshop she has been involved in. She has just took off her shoes and her white socks spread a warm odor that I adore.
It is enough for me to want more. I come closer as her feet are up on the table in front of me. I take her feet into my hands and I am sniffing along delighted and closing my eyes in adoration. Aurora takes off her white socks and she gives them to me to feel it close to my body. Watching me doing this, she is smiling and she is teasing me touching my cock with her feet and toes.

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2 July 2015 - 4:04Aurora-Sexy tall girl with big feet

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My neighbour is a tall very sexy redhead. What I love about her is the fact that she wears jeans and sexy shoes. I have complimented her a few times and she seemed to be flattered. Yesterday she rang on my door bell, anxious to show me her new red high heels shoes.
– Oh, my God, Aurora, you’re so sexy with these red shoes on! I said.
– I was sure you’re going to love these winkle pikers! The golden spikes and the platform are extremely sexy. Just watch! And she took off her shoes in order for me to see well.
I couldn’t help myself and I took one of the shoes and I started to sniff it.
– It’s ok! She said! And she lifted her feet on the sofa so that I could see closer her big feet and her blue polished toenails. She pressed her big meaty toe under my nose and then she pushed it into my mouth:
– Suck it! I know you love it, she ordered.
I was under her spell, sucking her sweet toes and licking her large soles. She made me cum and then she said:
– You must worship my feet and obey my commands if you want something like this to happen again!
I promised her that I would be her own slave.

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