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A foot fetish blog dedicated to beautiful girls showing their feet. Foot photos, bare soles, foot worship, footjobs, wrinkled soles, nyloned feet- everything is here for you!

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19 February 2017 - 14:33Sexy Amy barefoot in black lingerie

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Amy: beautiful young girl with a perfect body and gorgeous feet. She is aware of her beauty and that’s why she wants to expose her curves lying on the white sheets of the large bed. She is wearing a sexy black lingerie showing her barefoot in all its splendor. I want to get closer to Amy but she wants me to watch her playing with her feet, touching herself and exposing her large feet. I see her taking the white fluffy pillow with her feet, putting it between the bare feet. She moves slowly her soles onto the bed, making me horny and wanting to kiss her toes. She doesn’t mind this time, feeling that my cock is getting harder, expecting me to show it and to put it between her beautiful soles.

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14 November 2016 - 15:31Cute Amy with white socks

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Amy has just came home from a friend. I told her that I love her outfit: jeans and a black sexy undershirt. I find it very appealing, but most of all I am anxious to touch her feet. I am sure her soles have a great taste, especially after taking off her white sneakers. A pair of perfectly white socks are exposed in front of me and Amy wants me to give her a gentle massage, feeling her soles through the fine texture of the half-hose. After rubbing her soles, I take off her socks, feeling the warmth of her skin. I am getting more and more excited and Amy can easily see that I need a little help. That’s why she asks me to take off my pants in order for her o touch my hardened cock with her meaty feet. I am so grateful for such an amazing foot job she offered me.

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27 September 2016 - 14:06Amy-sexy lingerie on sofa

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I’m sure that every man who looks at these pictures with Amy sitting on the sofa wearing this exquisite white lingerie, exposing her perfect large feet, is going to dream about her for a long time from now on. She has this perfect body and she knows how to emphasize the beauty of her feminine shapes: cute face and meaty red lips, long naughty tits, flat stomach, firm buttocks, long and firm legs. Oh, and these elegant sexy high heels shoes are the exact pair I would choose for those beautiful feet. I would surely love to touch her shoes, to feel the texture of the leather on her feet. Then, I would smell her skin and I would kiss both Amy’s soles, sucking her long toes and her beautiful gray painted toenails.

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23 November 2015 - 14:18Hot girl Amy smoking barefoot

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After having sex, Amy uses to smoke a cigarette, relaxed and content, smiling at me. Sitting at the table, with her cigarette between her hot red lips, almost naked, wearing a sexy chemise, and a black bra, Amy continues to show me her bare feet. I am grateful enjoying the view! But, although we have just came out of the bedroom, I feel I am getting horny again, seeing Amy’s long legs, her beautiful soft skin and her wrinkled soles in front of me. She puts her feet on the table, playing with her long toes, teasing me, while the smoke comes out between her lips. She spreads her toes and she invites me to taste them. My mouth is hungry to suck them, my tongue is eager to feel the sweet flavor of her skin. She wants me to kneel in front of her and I obey because I know that happy moments are going to come again, for both of us.

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25 October 2015 - 15:10Cute girl Amy with long toes

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Coming home from the office, cute Amy is wearing a white shirt and simple long black pants. She alsowears intense black high heels. Her eyeglasses do not look geeky at all, but, on the contrary, they look very sexy. Being a secretary she has to be very posh, wearing classy clothes, at work. Tired, she puts away her eyeglasses and she gets off her shoes, trying to get some rest on the black couch. Seeing her barefoot I ask her if I can give her a foot massage, anxious to touch her worm feet in my hands. She is more than willing because her feet have been on those high heels shoes all day. That’s why she lays down closing her eyes letting her wrinkles soles to my artful fingers. She just smiles and thrills from time to time, when my tongue tastes gently her large feet.

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8 October 2015 - 12:46Cute girl Amy with high arches

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Young Amy is so cute and smiling! Although she is very delicate, almost fragile, she looks very sexy in her black stretched jeans that make her legs seem even longer. She knows exactly that I’m interested in her gorgeous feet and that’s why she’s barefoot on the bed, sprawling and exposing her soles. Her toes are so long and meaty, so good to be licked and sucked. Today, her black polished toenails are even more appealing than usual, so sexy! My tongue can’t get enough of it! My mouth is busy on the wrinkled soles and my cock is getting harder and harder. Amy catches my cock between her high arches and rubs it quickly, using also her long slender toes and her large soles. I’m so grateful for such a perfect foot job!

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31 August 2015 - 8:52Cute Amy wiggling her toes

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Black shoes with platform and sexy high heels is what I saw first when Amy entered the room. Walking around, all that I could pay attention to were her slender legs in starched modern blue jeans and her sexy feet. Yes, I must admit that her body is perfect but her feet made me her slave. Taking off the black shoes she makes me kiss her wrinkled soles tasting the warmth of the skin and the sweet aroma of sweat. Yes, I want to clean her toes, she doesn’t have to ask me twice. Her toes are long and meaty and Amy is wiggling them teasing me even more. The big meaty toe is perfect for sucking and she pushes it into my moth watching my erection grow bigger. She is pleased to see my hard cock and she gives me a feet job between her wide soles.

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