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A foot fetish blog dedicated to beautiful girls showing their feet. Foot photos, bare soles, foot worship, footjobs, wrinkled soles, nyloned feet- everything is here for you!

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4 June 2011 - 9:33Alexia teasing with her meaty soles

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Miss Alexia just caught you staring at her dangling her sexy red high heels. You could not keep your eyes off her high arches which she teasingly exposed and then giggled at your reaction. You sank to your knees and begged to massage her meaty pink soles. “There is some dirt on them, first you must clean them off with your tongue,” she commands. You are so infatuated with her beauty that you devote all of your skills for several minutes to this demeaning task. “Now fetch a tub of warm bath water for my feet. I will relax and then you will polish my toes afterwards. Then you will have to massage my feet until I tell you that you may stop,” she says as she smiles and looks down at the throbbing boner in your pants, then she points and laughs at your wet spot.

meaty soles

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2 May 2011 - 15:25Beautiful Alexia takes off her nylons

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Miss Lidia is very haughty and dominant. You would love to kiss her firm, muscular butt and smell her feet and lick her nice high arches, but she has other ideas. She is going to keep you tied up at the foot of her bed until you beg for an opportunity to lavish her feet with your sloppy slave tongue. She wants to see how much money you brought for her. Will it be enough to satisfy her? “Take out your wallet now!” she demands. “Subscribe to my website now, or I won’t let you cum.”
Miss Alexia’s silky soft soles are on display for your viewing pleasure. She will tease and tantalize you with her perfect feet and high arches until you can no longer resist. You will beg to smell and kiss her feet and even long for a taste. She is in no hurry, and knows you will lick her feet clean until you are told to stop. Her indifference to your foot fetish will make your desire even worse. You will be pleading for relief as she tosses her sexy hair back and pays no attention, as she flexes her feet in your face.

sexy feet

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barefoot women

7 March 2011 - 16:55Alexia takes off her nylon socks

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Alexia sizes you up with her bedroom eyes. She has heard you have a foot fetish from her girlfriends, so she dangles her tantalizing feet and notes your astounded reaction. Will you succumb to your desire to fondle and kiss her feet? Would she have a good laugh about that with her girlfriends, who may make you do the same to them? Find out!

nylon socks

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8 February 2011 - 7:54Alexia – Beautiful model shows her smooth soles

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smooth soles

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