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3 February 2016 - 5:25Becky-Tall girl with big sexy feet

I love to be dominated by a powerful girl like Becky. She is a brunette Latina so tall and athletic that is going to make you obey, no matter what she asks you to do. When I saw her all dressed in black, with those red high heels on, I couldn’t think of anything else but kissing her feet. Her stretched black jeans were so sexy and they were contrasting with the elegant high heels she was wearing. Taking them off, I was happy to see the most beautiful toes: long and meaty, black polished. She watched me sucking her toes, moaning from time to time, encouraging me to go on. She was curving her soles, allowing me to fit my cock between them. My senses were so high and she intended to fully please me.

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29 January 2016 - 4:16Cute girl Geraldine wiggling her toes

Geraldine is a cute girl, with her almost adolescent looks. She is dressed casual: some long blues jeans and a checker-work shirt. Her jeans are stretched on her hips and ties, emphasizing her waspish waist. She is barefoot sitting on a small black table, looking provocative to me. She is wiggling her toes and that’s why I am very tempted to get closer and touch her feet. Her toes are so delicate and feminine and I want to feel them into my mouth: I’m sure they taste very good! I want her to put her soles on my face and I want to sniff the odor that they are spreading. I want her big meaty toe into my mouth and I want to feel the sweet taste of her soles.

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25 January 2016 - 12:26Sexy blonde Kera with long toes

Blonde, long hair, tall, slender, beautiful smile, Kera seems to be a character from a James Bond movie. Dressed in a perfect all black outfit that is flattering her sexy body, Kera is aware of her sex appeal. Although her tits are big and round, I am more attracted to her feet. She is wearing some gorgeous beige high heels which are making my imagination go wild. I am already seeing myself licking these heels and sniffing the worm odor inside them. Kera loves to be a little dominant but I love this about her. She uses to order me to clean her soles when she takes off her shoes, threatening me that she will not let me put my dick between her soles if her feet are not perfectly cleaned. I love to play the role of the obedient slave who worships her feet, and whose unique wish is to make his mistress happy.

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18 January 2016 - 11:37Hot brunette takes off her white socks

Isis, in her little black dress, this beautiful teacher is wearing her purple eyeglasses that are making her even sexier. Her body curves are perfectly highlighted and her slender legs seem even longer due to these black high heels shoes. The truth is that I love her shiny tan pantyhose and can’t help but kiss her feet and legs. I love to put my tongue on her stiletto and feel a great, unique sensation that makes my senses go wild and my heart beat faster. Taking off her shoes, she looks so delicate and feminine, like a graceful black panther. I’m getting anxious and I’m down on my knees feeling the smell of her feet and the taste of her delicate soles.

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11 January 2016 - 4:16Beautiful Karly with red painted toenails

So cute, delicate and feminine is Karly, one of the newest models from the agency. She knows how to highlight herself, how to pose and even to smile at the camera. Her blue eyes are so alive and sexy, communicating beyond words. Her smile with perfect white teeth makes everyone feel comfortable, and think that she is in love with. Today, at this photo shoot, she is wearing an extremely sexy dress that is exposing her sexy back. A lot of silky skin, especially because she is barefoot on the large bed. Her long slender legs are tanned and very exposed for the excited spectator who enjoys the beauty of Karly’s feet. Large dirty soles and long perfect toes, are a feet lover’s dream. Her blood red polished toenails are very sensual, increasing the beauty of her perfect feet.

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7 January 2016 - 5:21Sexy brunette Tora with cute feet

Tora is smiling at me because she came prepared for a special treat. She knows that I am crazy about her cute feet and today she is wearing some sexy yellow high heels shoes. Her shoes are shinning like the sun, calling me, telling me to come closer. She has a special power over me, she is my goddess and that’s why she is always ordering me what to do. I find this sexy and exciting because I play the role of a slave who is satisfying his mistress. Tora is wearing stretched blue jeans which are emphasizing her fine ankles. Her tanned skin is very soft and silky and although she orders me to lick her feet, the pleasure is all mine. She is continuously smiling, sexy and wicked, asking me to suck each little toe. Brunette and powerful, she is my Cleopatra. I am getting horny and Tora loves when she turns me on.

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4 January 2016 - 5:20Sexy blonde Madeline with big dirty feet

She is Madeline, a beautiful blonde who is wearing a short, stretched, black dress. Although her dress is very simple, she looks comfortable and sexy in the same time. I am attracted to her and, most of all, I can’t take my eyes off her gorgeous feet. She loves to walk around the house barefoot and this is the reason why, most of the time, her big feet are dirty. In a sexy and appealing way, of course! Now, sitting on the chair, swinging her long legs, exposing her large soles, I feel excited and wanting to kiss her feet. Her sexy tattoo on the back of her ankle is also extremely appealing. I’m so horny and I want her to punish me by ordering me to clean her feet with my tongue.

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