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27 June 2016 - 0:02Tora-Cute brunette with sexy legs and feet

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As I entered into the bedroom, I saw Tora sitting relaxed on the bed. I was absolutely hypnotized by her looks: she was wearing long green stockings and green knickers, the same nuance. I found that picture as very sexy and appealing. Tora was sure that her long legs were highlighted by this astonishing combination. Seeing my big eyes rolling all over her body, she started to smile and she moved slowly, tendentiously, raising her legs and rubbing them apart. I was looking, delighted as if I was at a sexy private show. My pleasure was even bigger as Tora was offering her sexy long legs only for me. When she finally took off her socks, I kneeled and started to lick her perfect soles. She was continuously smiling, making my pleasure even bigger.

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21 June 2016 - 14:12Tayla-Beautiful girl with amazing feet

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Tayla is the kind of girl that every boy would love: cute, curly hair, sweet face, and a gorgeous body. You could almost think that this girl has no imperfection. A kind of modern fairy. Looking at her perfect long, slender legs, dressed in stretched blue jeans, my mind runs wild and I can’t stop myself from imagining me kissing them. I’m sure she doesn’t mind my lips touching gently her soft skin. Most of all I love to take off her high heels and smell the scent of her beautiful feet. I love her black stripped sandals, I find them very sexy. Smelling them I’m getting horny and Tayla invites me to kiss her amazing feet. She puts her light blue polished toe nails into my mouth and my dick is about to cum.

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14 June 2016 - 14:18Beautiful blonde Inga barefoot on the bed

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I am looking at Inga: she is sitting on the bed, wearing black leather trousers and a sexy black lacy brassiere. Her interesting colored tattoos can easily be noticed on her back. She looks like a foxy cattish who is hunting for her catch. Only by looking at me I feel like I am hypnotized, I’m totally under her power. Her red hot lips and her red polished nails are also a kind of sexual weapons which are used to subjugate me. She is just standing there, barefoot, moving from time to time, rubbing her feet, paying footsie with me. She sees my hard dick on my trousers and she invites me show it to her. I obey and I put it between her big feet. My excitation is so big that when she starts to move her feet along my dick, my sperm pumps out instantly.

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8 June 2016 - 1:48Liza-Cute brunette with soft soles

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Brunette, long shiny hair and all dressed in black, Liza is a very cute girl that I love to spend time with. She is also very sexy and aware that she standing there barefoot, on the armchair, is very appealing to me. She uses to ask me for a relaxing foot massage and I am glad to offer her a pleasure that is also mine. She acts like a black cat that wants to be caressed. Her stretched pants are emphasizing the beauty of her small, cute feet. I am so anxious to touch her soft soles and to kiss her round meaty heals. Liza’s little toes are so sweet and love to suck them, sliding my tongue along her doll like little feet.

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6 June 2016 - 5:07Ida-Tall brunette with big soles

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She loves to command and to act like a goddess who is worshiped by her obedient servants. Yes, I am talking about Ida, the tall, brunette girl that you are looking at right now. You can imagine the way she is acting when she wants her big feet to be cleaned…She just looks at me and I am down on my knees, taking her feet into my hands. Her big, meaty soles are so appealing and they are smelling sweet and tasty. She orders me to lick her soles and I feel the rough skin when my tongue is sliding along her feet. She is looking down at me, and, from time to time, she pushes me down on the floor, pressing her feet on my face, making me horny and wanting even more of her mistress attitude.

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29 May 2016 - 3:02Zia-Sexy tattooed girl with soft soles

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Interesting girl, Zia. Although she is not the top model type, she is very charismatic and appealing. She is a rebel and an original woman, who doesn’t care too much about what people are saying about her. That’s why she finds very sexy a man’s special pleasure for a woman’s feet. She was used to catch someone’s attention through her tattoos or by using her feminine curves. When she met me she realized that her soft soles are the parts of her body that I enjoy most. Now, she is used to buy interesting shoes only to emphasize the shape of her feet. Today she is wearing some colorful high heels sandals that are making me horny and willing to kiss her soles.

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24 May 2016 - 14:41Tayla-Beautiful girl with green pedicured toes

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Tayla came home from the park where she went with her friends to take a walk. She is relaxed and she is telling me how great it was, that she stopped near the lake and they enjoyed the warm spring sun. Indeed, the weather is so appropriate for flip flops, as the summer is near, and my eyes were caught by this pleasant detail. These black sandals are making her cute feet look sexy and appealing to me. That’s why I get closer to her, in order to feel the odor of her almost perfect feet. Tayla, sitting on the comfortable sofa, allows me to taste the sweet sweat of her soles. Then, she takes off her sandals and she makes me suck her long toes. Her green polishes toenails are so perfect and sexy and when she touches my cock with her feet I feel like I am about to cum.

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