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30 July 2015 - 16:35Devon-Sexy-brunette with sexy small feet

Devon is perfect and she looks like a panther: brunette, elegant and gracious. Her shiny black straight long hair on her shoulders, her classy little black dress and the sexy golden yellow shoes are composing an unforgettable picture. Like a feline, sitting on the chair, she is slowly moving her long legs, showing me her sexy feet wearing these incredible high heels shoes with wild golden spikes. Balancing her shoes, I can see the soft and chocolate like skin on her small and cute feet.
My tongue is eager to lick these shoes, the sexy high heels and the big platform as Devon’s soles are on my face and I feel the great warm scent of her skin. Sucking her red polished toenails while caressing her soles with my hands is very arousing, my cock is about to burst through my pants. She is a goddess and she deserves to be worshiped.

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27 July 2015 - 16:45Hot Dorothy with big meaty soles

Dorothy is sitting on the black coach, so relaxed and cozy. Dressed casual in long flared jeans and a silk flowered skirt, her barefoot are sitting up on the comfortable sofa showing the wrinkled soles.
She is smiling while I am watching her rubbing her feet on each other. Her big meaty toes are so sexy and I’m already down on my knees sniffing the sweet odor of her feet. Dorothy spreads her toes so that I can stick my tongue between them. Rolling over, Dorothy offers me a special view: her sexy ass and her gorgeous sexy soles.
Sucking her big meaty toe is the greatest pleasure and soon I come to the climax as I stand up with my cock between her wrinkled soft soles.

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barefoot women

22 July 2015 - 16:05Sexy redhead Athena barefoot on the bed

I have always considered stretched pants as very sexy. A woman’s legs look so slender and fit dressed in such tights. Athena’s legs are always sexy but dressed like this, in the smooth black leggings she seems to present a special exciting show just for me.
I’m watching her barefoot and I become anxious to kiss her soles. Athena smiles and orders:
– Come and clean my dirty soles! But be careful! Don’t you dare to miss a spot!
– My tongue is in your service, my lady Athena!
I’m licking her wrinkled soles not missing a single spot, up and down, swirling my tongue around.
– Don’t you think you should clean my nails, too? I love my pedicure to be perfect.
I do not have time to answer because her big meaty toe is already stuck into my mouth. Then, I suck every blue polished toenail so that my pleasure is indescribable.
– Take off your pants! She orders.
She puts her soles around my dick and then she rubs first gently and then harder, so that her curved bare feet make my hot cum out!

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16 July 2015 - 15:33Sexy Joy showing her dirty soles

Relaxing afternoon, Joy is sitting on the balcony dressed casual in jeans and an easy blue shirt that allows me to see her big, round tits. Her barefoot are also relaxing on the small wooden table, her legs dressed in tight sexy jeans are outstretched and I can watch Joy showing me all her beauties.
We are just having an easy conversation and I can’t keep my eyes from her dirty soles. First I am touching her feet with my fingers, talking nonsense because I am already aroused imagining myself cleaning her wrinkled soles with my eager wet tongue.
Joy feels that I am anxious and she rubs her barefoot on my body encouraging me to kiss her unbelievable sexy soles. Rolling on the chair, she lets me see her round shaped ass and she offers me her hills to clean them. She cuddles as I lick her soles and she wants me to suck her every cute toe in order not to miss a spot of her dirty barefoot. Such an exciting, knockout experience!

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10 July 2015 - 13:22Cute girl Cami with sexy sandals

Cami is a sweetie! A common friend introduced her to me, telling her that I love shoes and that I am an excellent foot massager. This brunette young girl has everything in the right place, her body looking just perfect. Tall and slender, she works as a model for bras, bikinis, and swimsuits.
Although she is very cute, a darling, she is very sexy when she wants her to be. Her jeans look perfect on her hips, her perfect behind and on her long legs that seem to be lengthy. Cami loves sandals on summer, and now she is wearing navy inspired flip flops, with an interesting anchor attachment on them. She is almost barefoot with these sandals on. Her black polished toenails, her perfect toes and her soles can be easily be admired.
She takes off her sandals in order for me to massage her feet and I start to rub first gently and harder. I love how her rough soles feel, her perfectly shaped toes are spreading into my hands. I’m playing with her feet and she giggles watching me getting so excited. I ask her if I could kiss her soles and she is more and more interested, letting me even such her beautiful toes. She tells me that she is open to find out more about my passion for feet. I tell her that next time I am going to teach her to give me a massage with her feet. “I can’t wait for the next time!” she says and she puts her feet into my lap. ”Teach me how to make you happy!” I thought she was a shy young girl but she is bolder than I have considered her.
I use my hands and I put her soles around my crotch, moving her feet up and down, slow and then faster. She is so interested watching every move that I make and it is even more exciting. I try to lengthen the moment but I’m so excited and with her feet’s help, I cum.

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6 July 2015 - 15:53Sexy blonde with big rough soles

In a Sunday afternoon I was bored watching movies and news on TV, the same actors, the same faces, nothing too challenging. I didn’t expect anyone but suddenly my phone rang. Finally, something was about to happen to me that day. My girlfriend was tired and she asked me if she could come by my place in order to give her a foot massage. Always a juicy job for me and she knew I couldn’t refuse. When she dropped by she was wearing black sexy high heels shoes, some of my favorites. She sat on the sofa and sprawled her long beautiful legs, dangling one shoe.
– I’ve had a busy day wandering though the town and my feet hurt. Come and give me a massage, please! I think you still have some massage oil, isn’t it!
Oh, Noelle knew me very well; I always keep oil in my house because you never know when an “urgent” feet massage is needed. I took off her shoes sniffing the odor of her warm feet and then I start pressing gently her soles. Indeed, her big rough soles needed my massage. My fingers were slipping down along her legs and feet and she became more and more relaxed giving me her barefoot in possession. She was looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes, swaying her long blonde hair, encouraging me to go further. Her perfect body was shivering and I knew she was ready to give more pleasure: I kneeled and I started to kiss her soles, I felt every single wrinkle of her feet on my tongue.
Her blue polished toenails were so delicious and I sucked every each toe to increase our both pleasure. When she felt that I’m horny enough, she stretched her legs and caught my dick between her feet, watching all my reactions. She rubbed my crotch until I was ready burst out. Oh, what a Sunday!

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2 July 2015 - 4:04Aurora-Sexy tall girl with big feet

My neighbour is a tall very sexy redhead. What I love about her is the fact that she wears jeans and sexy shoes. I have complimented her a few times and she seemed to be flattered. Yesterday she rang on my door bell, anxious to show me her new red high heels shoes.
– Oh, my God, Aurora, you’re so sexy with these red shoes on! I said.
– I was sure you’re going to love these winkle pikers! The golden spikes and the platform are extremely sexy. Just watch! And she took off her shoes in order for me to see well.
I couldn’t help myself and I took one of the shoes and I started to sniff it.
– It’s ok! She said! And she lifted her feet on the sofa so that I could see closer her big feet and her blue polished toenails. She pressed her big meaty toe under my nose and then she pushed it into my mouth:
– Suck it! I know you love it, she ordered.
I was under her spell, sucking her sweet toes and licking her large soles. She made me cum and then she said:
– You must worship my feet and obey my commands if you want something like this to happen again!
I promised her that I would be her own slave.

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