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A foot fetish blog dedicated to beautiful girls showing their feet. Foot photos, bare soles, foot worship, footjobs, wrinkled soles, nyloned feet- everything is here for you!

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27 July 2016 - 6:50Cute blonde Danika with smooth soles

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Danika came home from work, she took off her skirt and she sat down in order to rest her tired legs. I immediately noticed that she was wearing some nude sandals, with a lot of strings around her feet. Coming from work, her feet were warm and a bit dirty. I offered myself to take off her shoes and she appeared to be pleased of such an idea. I got closer to her legs and I felt the sweet smell of her feet. Taking her sandals into my hands, she watched me sniffing them. Smiling, Danika put her both soles onto my face and then she asked me to clean them because she would surely feel better with my smooth tongue sliding along her feet.

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23 July 2016 - 8:04Beautiful Tayla barefoot on the bed

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Tayla looks like a big doll, sweet and beautiful, beautiful body, and long curly hair. She is dressed casual in a black singlet and grey casual trousers. Her intention was to take a nap after the evening shower. Obviously she is barefoot on the bed and I am looking at her, admiring her perfect pedicure, her beautiful arches and her long meaty toes. Her skin smells great, perfumed and appetizing. Seeing me excited, Tayla starts playing with me, exposing her sexy wrinkled soles, and rubbing her feet. I feet a keen need to put my nose near her feet in order to smell the intense odor of skin. She is pleased and she asks me to kiss her soles. I am satisfied by such a desire, and even more excited when she wants me to put my dick between her feet. I am watching her moving her feet along my cock, and she smiles when I bust my cum out.

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18 July 2016 - 13:29Beautiful Edna with amazing toes

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I’m down on my knees, looking up at Edna, my beloved mistress. She is standing there on her chair like a goddess on her throne, teasing me with her amazing feet. Her long legs are beautifully emphasized by these stretched blue jeans, but all my attention is on her high heels shoes. She is wearing some beige sexy winkle pikers that are making me very horny, wanting to kiss her feet. Edna orders me to lick her super hot heels and I obey instantly. My tongue is also touching the soft skin of her feet and she seems to want more of it: she takes off her shoes and she makes me kiss her soles, feeling the taste of sweet sweat, and then she makes me suck her long, amazing toes.

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12 July 2016 - 13:44Beautiful Dena with black toenails

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Blue eyed Dena is young, interesting and delicate. She loves dresses and now she is wearing a tight black dress. She looks very feminine and tetchy and she teases me by playing with her legs, sitting there, barefoot. Her whole body is absolutely amazing with curves and all the sexy shapes a woman needs. She is rubbing her legs on each other as an invitation for any foot and leg worshiper. Vixenish she invites me to come closer so that I can feel the sweet smell of her soles. It’s so appealing! I can’t stop myself from licking the worm soft skin of her soles. She moves slowly, pressing gently her feet onto my face, like a big petted cat. Her big black painted toenails are feeling great into my mouth and then, satisfied she’s rubbing my big dick with her soles.

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10 July 2016 - 5:58Ida-Tall brunette with big meaty soles

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Ida is a real goddess who doesn’t accept no for an answer. She is so imposing sitting there on the armchair as a queen sitting on her royal throne. Very confident and sexy, wearing stretched long jeans and flowery high heels, she orders me to take off her shoes and to give her a foot massage, knowing that she is going to feel better this way. I obey and I take her feet into my hands, not resisting and starting to smell her shoes, touching them gently and then, encouraged by her smile I start to lick the sexy heels. Having enough of her shoes, horny and wanting more, I move to the next level, taking her high heels off and kissing her big meaty soles. It feels absolutely amazing!

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6 July 2016 - 4:49Hot Robin arching her sexy feet

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Yes, Robin looks exactly like Angelina Jolie! In my opinion she is even prettier, because I have the opportunity to kiss and touch her, besides the fact that she is younger and her skin is soft and perfumed.
Today she is posing for me because I want to keep some great pictures of her. Her perfect body is well dressed in this brown feminine dress that emphasizes her boobs, her waist and her legs. As she is sitting there, raising her legs, I am very attracted to her sexy feet. She arches her feet and I find them appealing, that’s why I stop taking pictures and begin to kiss her dirty soles, wanting to clean them, to feel every spot of her skin. She tastes great and I feel like I’m in heaven with her both large feet touching my hard dick.

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1 July 2016 - 23:29Sexy curly Imelda girl with rough soles

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Imelda with big brown eyes wants me to come to bed with her. She acts like a master who wants to be obeyed. Her jeans are sexy, flattering her long legs and her bottom, and her bare feet are beautifully exposed. A sexy foot bracelet is on her right ankle and she orders me to kiss her feet. I know that this is a great pleasure of hers but she also knows that I am getting very horny when she makes me kiss her rough soles. As she mourns with pleasure my cock is getting harder and harder; she notices this important detail of my excited body and she asks me to put my virility between her soles. I am getting an amazing feet job and curly Imelda is also satisfied.

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