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8 October 2015 - 12:46Cute girl Amy with high arches

Young Amy is so cute and smiling! Although she is very delicate, almost fragile, she looks very sexy in her black stretched jeans that make her legs seem even longer. She knows exactly that I’m interested in her gorgeous feet and that’s why she’s barefoot on the bed, sprawling and exposing her soles. Her toes are so long and meaty, so good to be licked and sucked. Today, her black polished toenails are even more appealing than usual, so sexy! My tongue can’t get enough of it! My mouth is busy on the wrinkled soles and my cock is getting harder and harder. Amy catches my cock between her high arches and rubs it quickly, using also her long slender toes and her large soles. I’m so grateful for such a perfect foot job!

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6 October 2015 - 4:29Hot girl Natasha with french pedicure

Natasha is wearing a short white dress with sexy black accessories, perfectly matched with the black fashionable boots. I love to watch her slender long legs while she is walking around. Taking off her boots, her warm bare feet are expecting a special treat. I’m already down on the floor sniffing the amazing odor of her arched soles, while she lifts her legs on the chair, telling me to clean her feet. As I am very obedient, I start licking her smooth soles and Natasha watches me carefully, in order to give me new orders if I am not doing something right, as she pleases. In fact, I love it when she gets upset and punishes me by pressing her large feet on my face, sticking her toes into my mouth. The look and the taste of her perfect French pedicure toes make me so horny!

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27 September 2015 - 12:58Hot Karly kicks off her sandals

Looking into Karly’s beautiful blue eyes I’m always feeling good and calm, and her warm smile is a real medicine for me. I must accept that she has a total control over me, her special charm always succeeds in making me happy.
Seeing me upset, Karly smiles and gets dressed in her stretched jeans, putting on my favorite flip flops, some black leather sexy sandals that are emphasising her feet’s beauty. I love the smell of those flip flops, the warm leather wearing the scent of Karly’s sweat. I could sniff those sandals all day long because they suddenly make me happy. Karly’s rough soles are a special delight for me, and I love to play with my tongue along them, tasting the sweetness of her perfect long toes, also.

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23 September 2015 - 7:39Beautiful Nerissa with smooth soles

Long tanned legs, a perfect body and a beautiful face are the key for success for a model, and she knows that she has more than that: her smooth soles are absolutely amazing. She has always known about my passion for feet and know she tries to make happy with every appearance. She has total control over me and she acts like a goddess, I being her loyal happy servant. All I want is to feel her soles over my face, and when she orders me to clean her soles, my tongue is happy to touch every pores on her great smooth skin. Being a goddess, she carefully watches me doing my job, ordering me to pay attention to her perfectly shaped legs. When she commands me to take off my pants I’m in heaven and I let her do whatever she wants with her feet on me, because I know she is in the mood for a great foot job.

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19 September 2015 - 0:14Natasha-sexy feet on bed

A large white sheeted black bed is a perfect setting for a languorous vixen like Natasha. She loves to pose with sexy attitudes, exposing her long slender perfect legs. She is perfectly aware of her sex appeal and she teases me rubbing along her wide soles. Seeing her barefooted on the bed makes me instantly horny and I can’t concentrate on anything else but Natasha. She is smiling at me watching every reaction that I have. Getting me at her feet is her purpose and my pleasure but it is not very difficult for her to make me kneel and kiss her feet, because I am already sniffing her wide soles. Her big meaty toes are like special delicacies for my mouth, and I can’t get enough sucking and licking on them. I won’t stop until my dick gets so hard that Natasha wraps her soles round it, offering me a perfect feet job.

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11 September 2015 - 12:50Cami-Sexy girl with wide soles

Sitting on the large bed, balancing her long tanned perfect legs, Cami is aware that she is a temptation to me. Her short jeans are incredible sexy as her legs and bare feet are beautifully highlighted. She acts so innocent and sexy in the same time, playing with her feet, rubbing her toes along the legs and feet, as casually. So, she is not surprised to see me stare at her wide soles, while rubbing my trousered cock. Carried away by these hot sensations, I find my tongue sliding along Cami’s bare feet. She moans of pleasure and presses her long toes on my lips. Sucking these meaty long toes creates me an unbelievable feeling and my hard cock is about to come off.

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8 September 2015 - 13:15Beautiful brunette Martina with wrinkled soles

“I want you to worship me! Kneel and kiss my gorgeous feet!” She said looking at me, high and mighty like a real goddess.
Hot like fire is Martina dressed in her red sexy dress, and with her astonishing red sandals. Brunette, with perfect curves and sexy hot red lips, she can say anything to me and I’m at her feet. But what feet! I can’t stop looking at those red stiletto sandals with sexy straps around the fine ankles. As she ordered me to stay at her feet, continuously kissing her feet and toes, I have to keep my nose on her feet, and I smell the odor of her refined shoes, combined with the flavour of the sexy wrinkled soles.
“You pay attention to my toes! I want them perfectly clean!” I am even more aroused hearing another command because my impulsion is to keep my mouth full of her great sweet sweaty soles.

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