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21 May 2015 - 14:37Amazing Hera in black nylons and barefoot

I love when Hera is relaxed. She sits on the bed almost undressed. Her beautiful legs are more gorgeous in black nylons. She wears black pantyhose and a black sexy bra. The white chemise seems to be put on only to increase the beauty of her body, to make her legs mysterious and sexy. Like a feline, she moves slowly on the white sheet, and the contrast between her feet and the bed makes me horny. She lies on the bed letting her soles to be kissed and licked. She rubs her red nailed toes against my face and I can smell the sweet perfume of her feet.


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13 May 2015 - 15:05Sexy brunette barefoot in short jeans

I don’t know how Celine does it but she makes me horny every time I see her dressed in short tight jeans. Her long legs are amazing, with beautiful, soft and silky skin. I love to put my tongue along these gorgeous legs. Her feet are just perfect and get wet just by smelling the tanned skin. She gives me her long toes beautifully white polished to be kissed. I’m crazy sucking her big meaty toe! She loves to rub her long legs onto my face and then she gives me her toes again and again.

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1 May 2015 - 15:04Hot redhead Elva with black toenails

As Elva sits on her chair she discovers her beautiful legs revealed by the blue long dress. Her silky leg skin wants to be touched. I watch her moving her sexy feet on the chair and I’m so into touching them. She moves slowly on the table as I asked her to show me her sexy toes. Her amazing meaty soles make me crazy. They are more beautiful than her big blue eyes.

Elva’s enchanting polished black toe nails are so beautifully contrasting up on the white table. Wicked as a fox, she feels that I long for her feet and she teases me moving softly her legs from chair to table.


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28 April 2015 - 14:18Beautiful Nerissa in black pantyhose and short jeans

From the very first moment I met Nerissa I noticed her long beautiful legs. She seemed as shy and delicate as a cat.
Entering the room she looks at me and she moves slowly to the white bed. Her long legs seem even longer dressed with the black sexy pantyhose. She rolls over showing her beautiful legs coming from the short jeans. Her red lips whisper to me:
? Come and touch my feet!
She crossed her legs waiting for me to worship her as my leg queen Nerissa.

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19 April 2015 - 8:54Sexy redhead Arielle in grey pantyhose

Arielle is a nice girl with red hair and a gorgeous body. Most of all I am attracted to her long legs. I admire her legs from short to shoes.
As she enters the room she sits on a comfortable armchair showing her legs dressed in grey delicate pantyhose. She raises her sexy shoes knowing that I like high heels.

I ask her to take off her high heel shoes so that I can feel her silky toes. It’s an amazingly sweet sensation to put my face along her feet. Her polished black toenails are so sexy and I can see them under the
smooth pantyhose.

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14 April 2015 - 7:01Shyla-Beautiful blonde in pantyhose – VIDEO

Shyla uses to wear leggings in order to emphasise her beautiful legs.I want her to wear jeans because I love how her body looks in it.
– I waited for her to come back from work.
– I’m so exhausted! I can hardly feel my legs.
– Lay down on the bad and rest your feet! I’ll take care of it!
She sits on the bad moving her sexy feet, trying to relax. Her amazing toes with red nails under the beige pantyhose are moving gently touching each other. I can’t resist just watching because I’m too excited and I begin to touch her feet.

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6 April 2015 - 14:43Beautiful Nerissa teasing with her sexy feet

Nerrisa behaves as if she is alone in the room. She knows she is beautiful and that I watch her waiting to come to me. I can see her beautiful long legs with soft skin and I ask her to show me more of her feet. She plays with the black high heels shoes taking them down and putting them on. So sexy and exiting! I can smell the flavour of her shoes, the taste of her toes. I’m so whet! Her beige soles and her meaty heels are an art opera created especially for me.

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