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A foot fetish blog dedicated to beautiful girls showing their feet. Foot photos, bare soles, foot worship, footjobs, wrinkled soles, nyloned feet- everything is here for you!

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6 December 2016 - 14:28Josephine-Sexy brunette in lingerie

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Josephine was smiling at me happy to impress me. She has been expecting me home from work, with a special surprise: she laying on the bed, dressed in a sexy lingerie, ready to make me feel special. That’s why, as soon as I entered the door she ordered me to come quick into the bedroom. I considered the gift as very appealing and exciting. Because she was barefoot on the white sheets I started to caress her soles and obviously my tongue started to slip along her silky warm skin. The red painted toenails were very sexy and that’s why my mouth was willing to taste them. Josephine was continuously smiling pleased and intending to make me come by putting her soles around my hardened cock.

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27 November 2016 - 12:00Josephine-Beautiful girl with soft big soles

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I love the way Josephine looks in the morning light, just before going to work. Today, she is dressed in a pair of light blue ripped jeans and a simple large white shirt. After taking a shower she came out on the balcony to drink a cup of black coffee. I have noticed that her make-up is prefect and that she chose a pair of interesting sandals to wear today at work. I tell her that she smells great, her perfume is absolutely astonishing, and her skin is irresistible. She smiles at me obviously exposing her perfect feet in order to tease me even more. I start touching her soles, feeling the curves of her feet and the perfection of her meaty long toes. I’m sure this morning is going to be great!

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21 November 2016 - 15:23Ronna-Tall girl in grey pantyhose

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Hi, I am Ronna! Stop looking at me and come here! I want you to give me a foot massage because these high heels have killed my legs. Get closer, you can touch my shoes, I know they are very appealing and sexy: beige, high heels and high platform. Smell them! Can you feel the scent of my feet? Well, you can now take my shoes off and fell the warmth of my tired feet. They are still pulsing through the grey silky pantyhose. Don’t you want to taste my wrinkled soles? I’m sure you are going to love their taste. Getting excited? Do you want to feel these pantyhose on your aroused cock? Now, my long meaty toes are going to offer you a special treat: the most pleasant toe job you’ve ever had.

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14 November 2016 - 15:31Cute Amy with white socks

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Amy has just came home from a friend. I told her that I love her outfit: jeans and a black sexy undershirt. I find it very appealing, but most of all I am anxious to touch her feet. I am sure her soles have a great taste, especially after taking off her white sneakers. A pair of perfectly white socks are exposed in front of me and Amy wants me to give her a gentle massage, feeling her soles through the fine texture of the half-hose. After rubbing her soles, I take off her socks, feeling the warmth of her skin. I am getting more and more excited and Amy can easily see that I need a little help. That’s why she asks me to take off my pants in order for her o touch my hardened cock with her meaty feet. I am so grateful for such an amazing foot job she offered me.

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5 November 2016 - 2:14Josephine in nude pantyhose

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Josephine in nude pantyhose and a short white flaring dress seems to be so girlish and playful. If you are looking at her face, Josephine looks like a serious and classy lady. Her superb long brown hair shiny and silky offers her a princess look, even a kind of White Snow I might say looking at her perfect skin and her red meaty lips. So, it is obvious that any man who looks at her would be in a serious danger of falling in love. I definitely fell in love as soon as I saw her long legs dressed in that silky and smooth pantyhose. I touched her feet and I felt the warmth of her soles. She allowed me to taste her long toes and it felt amazing.

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31 October 2016 - 23:57Ronna-Sexy model with red toenails

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I am Ronna, and I am going to be your mistress for some time. I must say that I am going to keep you in my service as long as you satisfy all my needs. You are not allowed to complain or to request anything. All you have to do is obey my orders. It might sound a little harsh but I don’t like whinnies. You also have to satisfy my special need for relaxing foot massages. You should not be surprised when I am going to ask you to clean my large soles with your tongue because I adore how a tongue feels on my feet’s skin. I know I am beautiful and love to wear red. As you can already see my red jeans, my lips and my red toenails which, by the way, are expecting some kisses.

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24 October 2016 - 14:23Sabine-Hot redhead with white toenails

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Today I feel very hot and sexy! I want everyone to see my perfect body in an outstanding outfit. My body is caressed by some black smooth underwear. My yellow leather jacket is very rock and modern, emphasizing the shape of my thin waist but also allowing a perfect view to my generous breasts. Well, but the center of attraction of my gorgeous look are my black sexy sandals, similar to a pair of cut boots. The high heels and the steel buckles are details which are making my portrait look even sexier, especially to feet lovers. As I take off my sandals, the straps have left traces on my wonderful skin. Don’t you want to help me with a massage on my perfect large soles?

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